Great Revolutions of Suns

The first image above is a painting-in-progress of an Arbutus (Pacific Madrone) combined with the Pleiades and Sirius.  It was begun a few months ago, and is relevant right now to a topic that has come up about Sirius, Alcyone, and our Sun.  Therefore I am posting this now, rather than waiting till the painting is complete.  This is the 6th "Tall Tree" image, that seem to be about the process of my existence here.  The series was begun quite a few yrs ago.  I am posting only #'s 4, 5 and 6 here.

Sirius had called to me a couple of yrs ago---the news that Sirius streams LOVE to the Earth.

However, the Pleiades had caught my attention consistently before then, and the feeling was always that SOURCE was somewhere off to the left of there.  Far, far, far away.

Yesterday I read that our Sun revolves around Alcyone! ---- Yes!  Over to the left of those Pleiades stars!

AND that Alcyone revolves around Sirius!

In this image, the tree is giving birth to Sirius.  Birthing into the Earth.

In researching about the Arbutus, the interpretation was that it forms a web of roots that hold up the surface of the earth.

Below is a Yew that was like building myself anew from the ground up and reacing for the stars.

Where the Yew was reaching to, this Spruce shown below LIVES!

This computerized version of the painting combines the tree with Sirius A and Sirius B, showing the spiraling that happens with the 2 of them.

It reminded me, also, of the spiralling of DNA.

After this painting, I'd felt it was time to come back down to earth, bringing the Pleiades and Sirius down to Earth, and that the tree had to be an Arbutus ---- the reason for that, unknown to me at the time.

Eventually, I am given the reasons. :D

Your art

Such lovely images, and so timely.  Thank you for sharing your work!