2018 Cancer Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio

Cancer Festival Meditation

Thou canst not travel on the path
before thou hast become that Path itself.

- H. P. Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence

Cancer Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio
Wednesday, June 27 at 9:53 pm PDT ~ Thursday, June 28 at 04:53 UT

Highlighting Sirius, the timing of the Cancer Full Moon Festival event in 2018 auspiciously falls between the annual summer solstice on June 21 and the Sun~Sirius conjunction that occurs every July 4.

Dog Days
Our Sun Dances with Sirius

The Cancer cycle emphasizes the form, as well as Humanity’s emergence into the world of form. Capricorn, the zodiacal deity residing opposite Cancer’s home in the heavens, is instrumental in Humanity’s eventual initiation ~ to be conferred upon the successful demonstration of creating the sacred form ~ as we’re called to do in Cancer.

Hence the full moon Festival in Cancer~Capricorn always brings opportunity to realign our vehicles to the Purpose of raising matter unto its true condition as sacred, divine expression.

In 2018, this theme is reflected in recent world events ~ the immigration crisis, numerous school shootings and many terrorist attacks, continued wartime massacres in Syria, the political divide in the U.S. and elsewhere throughout the globe, and many others.

Much as each of these developments exemplifies the dichotomy between spirit and matter, polarized and polarizing events offer amazing opportunity for transformation and transmutation.

Despite the devastation such polarity portends, we’re called all the more to rise up in furtherance of alignment to Divine Purpose.

The forces behind such events as these recent happenings are ever reflected in human endeavor. We as Light Workers may now invoke and wield the Light of Cancer, thereby imbuing our service with great Love and Power.

Such inspiration will bring about the needed change, whether sooner or later, and assist in the Earth’s transition from its present non-sacred status, to its destiny of becoming a sacred planet.

We embrace the vast significance of our relationship to Love ~ all the way from the atom to the infinite!

As we identify with Cosmic Love, we participate in bringing forward Humanity’s Divine Destiny ...

A Destiny known within our consciousness and prophesied by the Ancient Wisdom ...

A Destiny far greater than many of us have previously imagined ...

Where the Earth becomes a magnetic center, a station of light, a point of great radiance and vitality, beaming out into the universe!

As we work with the new, present time energies flowing through planet Earth in expression of the 2018 Festivals, now in Cancer, we each prepare ourself to participate in yet a higher spiraling of our united channel of the One Life ~

We pursue the rituals that take care of our form, cooperating with the cycle, the ebb and flow of Life. We remember to breathe in, breathe out.

During Cancer we may check in, in present time, and choose wisely, paying attention to the quality of energy that we are expressing.

Also, we remember to develop what is fun in the life. All this has a ripple effect in the world.

We express our truth with love and respect, and this inspires creative solutions and fosters peace.

Each may ask, how sacred is my life? What is my service, how do I serve the One Life?

We strive for consistency in our spiritual and physical plane practice.

Approaching our spiritual practice in a rhythmic manner brings integration in support of the full expression of the Purpose of both the individual and group soul.

Every person in the Holy Grail ~ the Sacred Chalice, planet Earth’s Light Grid ~ participates in the distribution of the Life and in turn we're restoring the Divine Plan on Earth. Each one is uniquely responsible for this manifestation. As the Life enters and flows through all individuals and their environment, this makes the whole world sacred.

Cancer relates to creation on the physical plane. Its ultimate result is the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth ~ the Sacred Form. The Life enters and flows through all individuals and into our world, and eventually this makes the whole planet sacred.

The evolutionary path concerns the liberation of matter in alignment to Divine Purpose, and this requires our orientation to be maintained on the level of higher mind, or Soul.

In doing so, we become increasingly conscious of the choices we make, where we put our energies and what we are manifesting.

It is from this purified space that we now create, going forward according to the Secret of Creation.

A point to contemplate ~

The teaching on the Lighted Way and of the Zodiacal Deities given to us by the Tibetan in Esoteric Astrology is included in the book's section discussing Cancer. Meditation on the relationship of Cancer to the Path delineated by the zodiacal ecliptic, as depicted in The Labours of Hercules, is altogether revealing in light of the initiatory journey.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer ... I state a basic truth — vaguely acknowledged by you — that in Aries the essential substance of manifestation awoke to renewed activity under the impact of divine desire, impelled by the divine Breath, by divine Life or Spirit. In Cancer this living substance assumed a triple differentiated relationship to which we give the names of Life (Aries) of Consciousness (Taurus, the next sign to Aries) and manifested duality (Gemini, the sign preceding Cancer) and these three, blended together, came into outer manifestation in Cancer, thus completing an esoteric quaternary of great importance. Here the first major fusion, inchoate and unrealised, took place.”
              - Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages

Sirius ~ The God*Dog Star

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We ARE the Path We Travel!

"The Distance Travelled"

"Thou canst not travel on the path
before thou hast become that Path itself."

- H. P. Blavatsky, /The Voice of the Silence

Seeing & feeling landscapes as metaphors for our Path,

and with that focus evoking the Light from Within the Forms.

We recognize their sacredness.