Advent Ponderings: The Divine Feminine and the Archetype of Birth

The opening letter was written for a group of women to whom I send Full and New moon research articles for reflection......this was written on the First Sunday in Advent......

Preparing for Solstice......the Longest NIGHT.......

Dear Friends….. We are moving into a Season of growing darkness where we are invited to move into our depths like a Seed, and to wait by nourishing ourselves for a significant Healing/Transformation/Vision/Implementation of Vision that will organically evolve…….

I have always loved what I call "Advent" the time of preparing for the "new birth". I have found it interesting this season is characterized by
Uplifiting Movies/tv specials
Spiritual Traditions of Rebirth,
Candlelight for Hope;
an Openness to Transcendence and Miracles;
a general energy of Generous Heart;
where the Brokenness and LONGING
of our Globally Connected Heart
invites us toward Restoration and Wholeness.

As I began to discover the benefits of Living Meditatively with a Moon based Calendar , I began to take a closer look at stuff Astrological…….including the Mayan Calendar Hype around 2012., which of Course is to reach a climax on the Solstice of December 21, 2012.

Star Wise, December 21, 2012, will put the EARTH and our solar system in Direct Alignment with the Galactic Heart of our Galaxy……

And interestingly enough the Arrow of Sagittarius (quest for truth) and the sign that leads us to Solstice, points directly to It’s centre…..and since everything is a holograph of the whole, OUR HEARTS WILL BE ALINGNED TO THE STAR HEART OF OUR GALAXY

Each Solstice/Christmas Season our Earth Heart Aligns most closely with the Heart of OUR Universe...and thus OUR MULTI DIMENSIONAL HEARTS have more Access to NEW BIRTH ENERGY THIS TIME OF YEAR even as a NEW SOLAR YEAR is birthed.

On Thursday, December 2 is the Feast Day of The Goddess Arianrhood…….

The Celtic Version of the Greek Urania who is the Goddess of the Night in charge of the Star Energies…The One who Works to Keep the Star Canopy above us and within our selves and our auric field WHOLE

…….as though in the darkness of our Season we are to set The Intentions of our Heart on whatever Light Source we we need to Restore Us to TUNE INTO DIVINE LOVE and THE FLOW OF JOY BASED TRANSFORMATION......


For what its worth too, in the day's cycle of prayer in the Christian Monastic tradition, GRAND SILENCE is the NIGHT TIME…..THE TIME OF SINKING INTO THE SACRED ENERGIES OF WOMB AND EARTH TO LET GROW AND UNFOLD….Allowing the Great Spirit to Come to us as STARS in OUR REST.

As some of you may be aware, Astrologer, Kabbalist and Parapsychologist etc etc,, BETH HEDVA, Has VISIONED the next Decade as a one of BIRTHING A SACRED FEMININE CONSCIOUSNESS. [, from whom I stole the title of this post]

What I find interesting, is that one of the Sacred Feminine words to describe the Divine in Judaic Consciousness is the SHEKINAH….And the Shekinah is the GLORY OF GOD WITHIN….THE RADIANT INDWELLING PRESENCE OF GOD, taking flesh in each of us……EMMANUEL IN EACH OF US.

I am somewhat embarrassed that with all the years I joyfully participated in Preparing for and Celebrating New Birth in Light, I only today discovered that Advent is the Latin form of Parousia……I knew the Energy was there, but not the ACTUAL WORD……….

"Latin adventus is the translation of the Greek word parousia, commonly used in reference to the Second Coming of Christ. Christians believe that the season of Advent serves a reminder both of the original waiting that was done by the Hebrews for the birth of their Messiah as well as the waiting of Christians for Christ's return. The theme of readings and teachings during Advent is often to prepare for the Second Coming while commemorating the First Coming of Christ at Christmas. With the view of directing the thoughts of Christians to the first coming of Jesus Christ as savior and to his second coming as judge, special readings are prescribed for each of the four Sundays in Advent." [wikipedia]

I see the Second Coming as the Sacred Feminine in the Birthing of the Spirit Within....The Alignment to Divine Source that Restores us Wholly to Ourselves and thus in Alignment with Compassionate purpose and living….an awakening to the Shekinah within our Planetary entity which is the consequence of Awakening to the Spirit Within ourselves……

Presently ,The Planets in our solar system are all located in the more Transcendent signs…We have big transformational energy available to us this "Preparing~for~the~Light~to~be~ Born~in~us~more~Fully~Season….The STARS that reflect the Goddess of the Night remind us to Dwell in the Center of the SACRED HEART/Compassionate consciousness that resonates in all our multi dimensions...…the Womb out of which Christ Consciousness is Born…….The Transformation of Spirit comes to Us in Our Rest and Trust of Divine Timing and Unfolding ... ....after all the Stories tell us to look to the Stars for Hope and Divine Messages of Birth..................

In the post Scorching Ground Builds and Contains, the Dialogue discussed Moon Body and the Feminine Story Telling Consciousness.

Herenow wrote:

Perhaps you're familiar with the materials by Lucille Cedercrans. Your ideas seem associated more with her approach than with Bailey's, while both address the essential truths dating back beyond the Upanishads and Gitas. Indeed it's wonderful to see these strides forward as humanity evolves.

This Triggered a "Something".....

And in this Advent Season, that allows for Stars as Center Stage for the Sacred Story, People are more receptive to the the energies than any other time of year........A vulnerable time as memories of Those Beloveds who have past on invoke an opportunity to Transform and Transmute our sorrows into our JOYS.......

A time when there is a tangible attunement to the Raising of Humanity's Frequencies .....So in this Season, with the Planets in the Higher frequencies, the Planet is moist with Spiritual Fertility......

A few years ago I was asked to be a "helper" at a level one Healing Touch course. An ancient 'sanskrit' "Sacramental ritual" called the Chakra Spread is included in the course. [If any one is interested I can post the actual ritual.] It is a passing into the Next Frequency kind of ritual......for going to "the other side", "transition in Life", "shedding energetic skin" get the picture......

There is music that goes with this ritual called the "BELOVED"by Beverly Rieger and a story with how the music came to be. Apparently the Chakra Spread was being taught in a circle of healers with Beverly and her husband providing the music. AS the healers began this Sacramental Ritual, Beverly and her husband channelled this Music for the the First time.....the BELOVED was BORN THROUGH THIS RITUAL OF TRANSITION OF FREQUENCY..........

This first time I had heard the Birthing Story of the Music.......

As I was a helper, my function was to be "ENERGETIC OBSERVER" language is Sacred Story.....As I watched these amazing first class beginners work with one another, I saw a globe filled with Energetic Midwives being called to Birth a New Consciousness".....and these People WERE SPIRITUAL MIDWIVES USING SACRAMENTAL RITUAL TO BIRTH A NEW WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS........

Around the time of this Aquarius New Moon I had gotten in touch with an aquaintance and Teacher of mine. In the process of us exchanging addresses once again the Haiti Crisis occured. Beth Hedva has a Spiritually Centered Practice based on MASTER teachings and has done profound "full Spectrum Healing" in Indonesia, and had been asked to go to Haiti. I felt immediately I was to be on Prayer Vigil Mode for her time there......

Within this Vigil time I read Cathy Lynn's Pagano's challenge for the New Moon: to VISUALIZE the AQUARIAN AGE that is in our own Beings.

One of the things that I have found Healing in my process is to Scry images on the Net to get in Touch with AVATAR/Star energy on multi layers. And then I put them on a little Mac idvd

So for Aquarius I went to net images and looked at all the artistic images for Aquarius...... to the Nasa star site to find the stars and nebulas in the constellation......And then I explore the of the actual planet as well as Archetypal images, and reading the characteristics of both.....

....As I was scrying Uranus, I came across Urania. I had never heard of her before.....Yet I met HER ENERGY...I had a deep sense of Encountering the FEMININE VERSION of Aquarian Energy..........

As I began to "scry" the Urania images of The Sacred Starry Astrological Circle,....the GODDESS OF THE CONSTELLATIONS......there was a real sense for me of
rather than the SHATTERING kind......

And where Uranus's Electrical energy Shocks and Shatters, Urania's Electrical Energy is in the Earth Magnetics....seen in the Aurora Borealis, the Energy of our own Electrical neverous System and its holographic reality in our personal Energy~Auric Fields....Kind of Spiritual Electrical Yeast giving a New life energy to shattered pieces. And it is worth noting here, that if the "EARTH" does not have enough Magnetic energy in its Metals and Elementals one cannot ground or efficiently use the energy available.

And remember,that part of the context of this vision was in Meditative support for someone doing Spiritual Healing on an Island after a Violent Earth TRUAMA on an INTERNATIONAL scale

I dedicated myself to a Peace Pilgrimage in 2004 that had a focus of taking Pictures of PORTALS TO THE HOLY on a PILGRIMAGE for PEACE. When I was praying for sacred purpose I was awakened one morning with the Sense of St. Francis, the Instrument of Peace prayer going through my head, and then these words coming through......:

Mission Statement

"In that I have participated in violent relationships, and live in a world that has used violence and violating control in the Name of God, this journey I make is a Transformative journey. Every step I take I take to transform myself and the world's history of violence. Violence comes in dfferent forms: emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, energetic, verbal. Violence exists in our lack of integrity, our unkindness, our taking life for granted and our "not putting to right" that which we have violated. Violence exists where Grace is Scarce and the need for control is great. I want to walk and breathe a prayer for forgiveness and transformation for us all.

With every step I take, I pray that the Spirit of Shalom--the peace that is created by true righteousness, kindness, justice, compassion, trust, joy, and love for God, self and neighbor--Will infuse our universe. I pray that the planet, all living creatures and the whole communion of saints may offer up their prayers with me as I walk with the intention of increasing the universal vibration to one of Holy Shalom -- Wholly Peace. I pray that loving peace will replace fear.

I am called to walk for peace--to be a Peace Walker. I am being called to take this journey trusting in my own Sacred Self, Calling forth the Spirit of Shalom from the hearts of people, the animals and environment by trusting the Spirit to lead me to my daily bread and shelter. Like Jesus, Hildegaard, St. Theresa of Liseux and St. Francis I am being called to journey in faith, sharing the vision and intention with whoever crosses my path. I look forward to welcoming the companionship of anyone who wishes to join me for part of the Journey."
To make a long story short within a month I ended up on a remarkable Island, and three years later went into Solitary Prayer Life to, as a Friend said, "BUILD UP MY AURA".

World Peace begins in me.

My Intention on discovering PORTALS TO THE HOLY
has led me to the realization that the amount of
that is ROOTED in our Mother Earth Soil
and thus holographically emerges in
Diseases of Human Relationships and Anatomy
To occurr.

A Friend has marveled that, in the SIX POINT star
that I claim has my energy,
he saw my whole development had been the upper triangle of the star.
He marveled,that I had so little "earth". He often shakes his head at me How my emotional body has taken me out so often when I have the Strength of Mind that I do......

In a world that grows peace, one needs to know how to heal PSTD IN OUR BODIES FIRST....Trauma is SPIRITUAL Shock THERAPY..It shatters our ELECTRICAL ENERGETIC FIELD...and you can go dark or light in your path........look at our first nations.......they too were Traumatized as they were spiritual and psychically cut from their mothers and the Earth where their Spirit's were Rooted With Christian Rituals......

My life, like theirs was dominated by Institutionalized Religon Community, Life, characterized by the VIOLATION AND DESECRATION OF OUR INNATE TRUTH....And while I am grateful for All My lessons from my "EGYPT".......The last three years of a deep reversing of brainwashing conditioning has profoundly shown me what patriarchy has done with the Spiritually Sensitive.

Up until I was 52 I HAD NO SANCTUARY for the SPIRITUAL HEALING I NEEDED TO FUNCTON....what I was coping with was energetic overload, not just psychological........sad thing to say when one works in an Institution that promotes SALVEation.....I was constantly in Profoundly violent situations........I had no security but tuning into DIVINE those living in any war zone......
I had never found a place to master my extreme SENSITIVITY TO ENERGIES yet parish work was Ideal because the Sacred Celebrations were a place I could use my sensitivity for self and community Tranformation.

When I left the church, within 6 weeks my lower back went out. That was my first clue of the Institution//Patriarcal thought forms as a kind of Spiritual Corset....As I have rebuilt my body a few times since then, I am still trying to develop my PERSONAL POWER MUSCLES that I imagine akin to Spiritual Keigel (sp) exercises for women....

As a Woman one of the Central themes that has emerged in my quest for inner peace is REGAINING SOVEREIGNTY...Trusting that The EARTH AND MY OWN BODY DO INDEED HAVE DIVINE INTELLIGENCE ...THAT THIS TRUTH IS MINE MORE THAN ANOTHER'S INTELECTUAL WORDS TO ME.... For me the Shamanic old Prophetic way, of TUNING INTO to the Earth and Stars and saying "Spirit what are you saying to ME"...

Back in 1 st year theology, I chose to do a paper on the Amphictyony of the 12 Hebrew tribes. I am getting more out of that research today than I was then....TRUE SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY is Listening to the DIVINE AND THE LAND for Guidance as A community ....IT IS A WORLD lived SEPARATELY TOGETHER where Divine Consciousness thrives....When one abdicates REsponsibility for SELF Mastery for a King or External Form, one begins to disengage from the Inner connection to Divine Truth.


The COSMIC Body of Christ as The Shekinah made Manifest Together is Reflected in the Holograph of our Sacred Birthright of Right Relationship....Sovereignty ........We are each responsible to Listen to Our Own RESONANT TRUTH ABOVE ALL OTHERS. It is as we ATTUNE to the Divine Energies, discovering our own Unique Language to Express our Connection, that We can Live within the flow of Divine Consciousness....that place where so much communication occurs without words as thoughtforms....the place where we intuitively connect with people and opportunities all part of the Divine Plan....

AA Bailey Channled Energies in away that We could access their frequencies......World Religion is not what those energies meant to convey ..........we are looking for a Humanity that is Attuned to Divine Consciousness separately and together...Honouring the Sacred Energies, however articulated, at MOON Meditative Times.

In this Advent....this time of Midwifing a New Consciousness......I hear an Invitation of the Angels of Peace on Earth, Goodwill in Humanity......

I hear an invitation to move into centered Pregnant Waitfulness of our OWN BECOMING ...Waiting in the Center of Mystery......Of interconnections.....Of Divine Consciousness

For the World to move into Peace, it is OUR Physical AND
Emotional BODIES that need to be restored so that we can LIVE IN OUR COMPASSIONATE THIRD EYE. Our old Wine skins need to be replaced to be The Sacred Chalice of the Elixir of Life. It is Healing the Wounded Mother and Abandoned Child of our Collective Unconscious....... It is our Sacred Mater that needs to receive the Healing Sacred energies of Ritual and Sacred Play and It involves the WHOLE BEING...not Mental Body only......

What is interesting, looping this Spiral Path path back to the Shekinah... is that in some writings, the Shekinah is Represented by the 6 point star.

For the Cosmic Radiant Indwelling Presence to Awaken within within Us, requires a lot of deprogramming and rebuilding from the earth up.

With my Focus on working with MoonBody, it is as though only now am I developing an Energetic Field that Can Sustain and respond to my Compassionate Third Eye Frequency.....MoonBody is rebuilding a kind of energetic bufferzone that helps me filter out the intensity of psychic/spiritual information that I pick up.....thus it allows me to contain my Energy/Emotional body. PSTD leaves one without any Spiritual Body Protection or abilitiy to Spiritual Regenerate. I have learned that only Sanctuary, Healing awareness and Solitude to an intense degree is what it takes to truly rebuild One's Spiritual self, It IS ITSELF A SPIRITUAL SERVICE....Focusing on healing our Own Holograph of the Comsic whole..... . It is not just Mind over is Consciousnes IN Spiritual Yeast creating a Living entity of Bread through the Shattered pieces of my Being.....

And IN a Patriarchal Culture of Violence, these are the Spiritual Energies that need to Be Grounded and Integrated into the Human Essence.....within a RESTORATIVE WOMB, building A New Spiritual Body for Us ALL with Which to Hold The Sacred Presence.

This Solstice The Mutable Cross is activated....I'll leave this post with's writing for this particular Transformational Opportunity before us keeping in mind that

The Six Point Star of Shekinah...
Upper Masculine and Lower Feminine Triangles Intersect
To create A whole.......

"Mutable Cross Ponderings

This Cross produces the conditioning circumstances which transform the animal human into an aspirant.

This cross relates to the personality ~ of the steadily developing, and finally the steadily integrating human being. At first this takes place in response to circumstance, and later to soul inclination.

The Cross of temporal and temporary change, of fluidity and of those constantly altering environments driving the soul within the form from one extreme of experience to another, shuttles the life between the pairs of opposites.

This Cross of the Holy Spirit governs the form or body nature, organizing substance and evoking a sensitive response from substance itself. It controls the stages of the lower experiences of humanity, slowly reorienting the individual to a higher vision, a wider horizontal and vertical grasp of reality until that individual becomes an aspirant.

This is the Cross of the responsive form, nurturing and developing the life of the indwelling Christ, the hidden Soul or Lord of Being.

It is sometimes called the Common Cross because it conditions the common herd, the mass of humanity.

The secret of Gemini has to be grasped at the first initiation of Awakening (*) because it is the mystery of the relation of Father, Mother and Child. The birth of the Christ-child upon the physical plane is the consummating glory of the Gemini force. (**)"

Blessed be.