Sharing Now ~ Each & Every Day ~ Week of July 12 - 18

Earth Sharing

The primary duty of every individual, as a messenger of God,
is to practice and propagate the principles of truth, love, and peace
and to experience the bliss within and share it with others.

- Sathya Sai Baba

Sharing Now ~ Each & Every Day in Our World
What Goes Around Comes Around

The other day I observed the nice gentleman who helps me with the yard, coughing a lot. I took him out a throat lozenge that I have found very helpful. He thanked me. I noticed he stopped coughing right away.

The next thing I knew he was at my door asking what was that, it worked! I told him and gave him the rest of the package. He thanked me over and over and even did some extra work.

The next day I was at Kaiser waiting for a prescription to be filled. I had a little dry cough that happens sometimes because of some medications I take. It was very crowded, and I told the woman sitting next to me that I was not sick, it just is a little cough brought on by the medications I take. She said she had the same problem and gave me a lozenge. As she got up she pressed a couple more in my hand and smiled and said, for later.

A few days later, I saw someone in an expensive sports car looking to back out a parking space, as I was turning into the space next to him. I waved and said thanks. But in reality he was just moving his car over a bit. I said, I was saying thanks because not every one looks closely as they back out. He smiled and said I agree.

Despite my being on my crutches I said, let me get the door for you. We were going into a coffee shop, I was not going for a drink but to get my wife, her favorite tea. As I got to the cash register he was still there and said he was getting that for me.

I thanked him and said this is for my wife and I am going to tell her what happened, she will love it. I said I had to wait a long time but I finally met the love of my life. He smiled again and said that is the same thing that happened to him.

Later that day, I went to Rasputin's record store. I love to look through the used stuff and find treasures. I was in the classical section and there was a little white haired older woman who looked a bit confused. I asked her if I could help. She said, it is so confusing the way they label things and store them, I’m just looking for some classical Spanish guitar music.

I smiled and said you just have to search through them all. It’s part of the fun. But it just so happened, I ran across a couple of Spanish guitar CDs and pulled them out for her. She was delighted and even kept looking. The next thing I heard from her was, I found one! She then headed to the check out counter with her three CDs.

Everything is better when we take the time to acknowledge, and help each other.

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Kindness and Gratitude ... Priceless!

Your experience of sharing reminds us how simple it is to create a deLightFull and GraceFull world.

Thank You!