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Greetings Everyone,
July 15, 6:34pm PDT marked the beginning of the Sirius~Leo Cosmic lunar cycle, which peaks at the July 31 Full Moon Festival and ends August 14 at 7:53am PDT. This is the time for our soul light to become aware of the evolutionary energies emanating from Sirius our spiritual Sun and brightest star in the heavens. This cycle awakens a soulful humanity to the extraplanetary Life manifesting through Sirius.

At this time Sirius and the regulator of its energies, Regulus the heart star of Leo the Lion, are being activated and enlivened in several different ways. The interaction of these cosmic forces and their combined radiant emanations are bound to deeply transform the way humanity sees itself and manifests on this planet. Keep reading to learn more.

Lunar Theme: Linking & Uniting & The Venus Retrograde "New Moon conjoins Pollux of the Gemini Twins ... The Twins [Pollux/immortal, Castor/mortal] work hand-in-hand for the betterment and evolutionary fulfillment of humankind ... Venus retrograde [July 25-Sept. 6] occurs under the auspices of the Head of the Lion ... an inward journey of the heart ... a time of reassessing and redefining our values, of evaluating what is of true worth in our lives, materially, spiritually, and in our relationships ... an exceptional opportunity for tremendous growth to expand and elevate our values, our capacity to be receptive, and to break trail into new realms of love and compassion, due to its triple conjunction with Jupiter [7/1, 8/4, 10/25] ..." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival Global Meditation.

July 17-19 at dusk in the west, be sure to check out the young Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Regulus.
7/17-19 Map
Can you see the Moon's earthshine? Use binoculars for a lunar treat.
Sunrise/Sunset Calculator ~ Rise/Set/Times ~ Major Bodies

Day Out of Time ~ Galactic New Year
Sirius, Vega, Pluto and NASA's New Horizons
Regulus, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury

An Artist's Impression of Sirius A and Sirius B

Image Credit / Description

The large, bluish-white star Sirius A dominates the scene, while Sirius B is the small but very hot and blue white-dwarf star on the right. The two stars revolve around each other every 50 years. The Earth lies in the stream of charged particles created from their close approaches. Note: Our Sun is shown as a small dot just below and to the right of Sirius A. The 3 brightest white dots in the image form the Summer Triangle, which humanity can see overhead during August nights. Annotated Image

Sirius reappears briefly and very low in the southeast just before sunrise, around August 8. Sirius rises higher and gets easier to see each following morning. When will you see Sirius? Orion's belt stars point southeast to Sirius. Helpful Image Note: Stargazers on Earth do not see Sirius near the Summer Triangle as depicted in the artist's image above. When Sirius rises in the southeast, Vega of the Summer Triangle sets in the northwest.

Day Out of Time ~ Galactic New Year

Annually July 25 marks the Day Out of Time, the last day in the 13 Moon Mayan and Galactic Calendar. July 26 begins the Galactic New Year. This date originally correlated to the first brief, visible rising of Sirius in the east. The July 26, 2015 - July 25, 2016 New Year is a White Planetary Wizard Year: "White Wizard ... powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the heart ... wisdom that comes from an alignment of mind and heart."

Sirius, Vega, Pluto and NASA's New Horizons

Esoterically Sirius our Spiritual Sun is the cosmic heart of our physical Sun. Sirius governs the spiritual evolution of humanity with its yearning for freedom and liberation, and its expanding initiations for membership in the Spiritual Kingdom. Some refer to Sirius as the Christ star.

Sirius and Vega are always opposite each other in the heavens. When Sirius rises in the SE, Vega sets in the NW. When Sirius is above our heads Vega is below our feet and visa versa. You get the idea. Vega is always linked to Sirius.

Vega, our once and future guiding Pole star, is the brightest star in the Summer Triangle and lies directly overhead about 3 hours after an August sunset. Its name of Arabic origins means "swooping eagle." It is a heavenly bird that flies down to the Earth. Vega is also associated with the lyre or harp invented by Mercury the messenger of the gods and played by Orpheus to tame all creatures. Orpheus has been compared to Christ because of his violent death, journey into the underworld and the school of mysteries, which he founded. Vega, symbolizing a bird and harp, is a link between Heaven and Earth. It is a star of mysticism, magic and invocation. Learn more about Vega in The Summer Triangle.

In 2015 Pluto the planet of death and rebirth is opposite Sirius in the heavens. In fact, 3 exact oppositions of Pluto to Sirius occur in 2015: Feb. 3, July 5, Dec. 9. Like Pluto, Vega associated with Orpheus and in turn with Christ has "death of the form" related to it. Both the planet and the star, positioned opposite Sirius, are having a combined and significant transformational affect on humanity.

[With Pluto] energizing the Spiritual Sun of our sun, we have major openings or rifts occurring between the 3d world and the spiritual, mystical, transpersonal experience. pluto rules birth and death- and so pluto opposing sirius can play the midwife or guide for us out of one mode of being (3 dimensional, ego based) and into another (transdimensional, Spirit based). this can come by way of intense experiences that burn away the dross- and whatever is left standing is what is True and what is Right ... this year can be one of alchemical fires of transformation- where we can turn base metal into gold. of course to do this we need to be keeping up with our Inner Work. and we need to be willing to question and take down the structures, limitations, dogmas and traditions that are not valid for our lives ... ~divine harmony

Since late 2013, transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been opposing Sirius in Cancer, creating a potent activation of Sirian force. ... Pluto will continue to oppose Sirius for all of 2015, so what does this mean for the world? As Pluto is the destroyer and Sirius holds the blueprint for the Greater Plan, we can expect further destruction of all the impediments to the realisation of the Planetary Plan ... The exposure of further corruption and revealing of secrets will continue unabated with transiting Pluto’s advance through Capricorn. Phillip Lindsay

... Pluto’s effect will be decidedly pronounced in the United States of America because its Cancer Sun (1776 Declaration of Independence horoscope), is exactly conjunct Sirius. Therefore, Pluto is opposing USA’s Sun, breaking up resistances to change. Phillip Lindsay

It is interesting to note that the USA's NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, in close proximity to Pluto after a 10-year journey in space, is now taking the first close-up images of Pluto's surface. Humanity through NASA's efforts is now intimately connecting to Pluto opposite Sirius! Humanity's added awareness of Pluto is adding fuel to the planet's alchemical fires of transformation.

And ... the Coronal Mass Ejections from our Sun conjoined Sirius on July 14 are predicted to affect Pluto!!!

Space Weather News for July 12, 2015

SPACE WEATHER ON PLUTO: As NASA's New Horizons spacecraft prepares to buzz Pluto on July 14th, space weather forecasters have released long distance predictions for the distant dwarf planet. A region of merged CMEs could be on the verge of hitting Pluto and compressing its atmosphere, but this is expected to happen well after the flyby.

Look Up! View Vega overhead in the night sky and sound the Great Invocation. Call on the "swooping eagle" to come down to Earth and place your invocation upon its wings and fly it up to the heavens. Imagine Sirius below your feet anchoring the Greater Divine Plan on Earth. During the daytime bathe in the light of Sol our physical Sun and Sirius our Spiritual Sun overhead. Open to new perceptions and directions. Below your feet, imagine Vega the Lyre sounding the notes that harmonize and unify the creatures of the Earth bringing forth magic and mysticism. Night and day be in awe of Pluto's current relationship to Sirius and humanity. Thank the planet for its alchemical fires that turn base metal into gold.

Regulus, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury

Regulus is the heart star and brightest star of Leo the Lion. Regulus, the Lion-Hearted Lawgiver, focuses the evolutionary energies of Sirius toward Earth and acts as a regulator for these liberating emanations. Regulus and Leo the Lion align humanity with the Law of the Soul, the Spiritual Law, and therefore with our essential divinity, the True Self, the expression of the Christ consciousness and the quality known as love-wisdom. Regulus and Sirius are intimately linked in creating a Spiritual Kingdom on Earth.

Venus and Jupiter continue to be in a variety of shifting and humanity-awakening alignments with Regulus. Look west at dusk. 7/17-19 Map ~ 7/20 Map By the end of July the trio descends into the bright twilight, setting within an hour of the Sun. July 25 Venus begins a westerly retrograde motion that moves the planet away from Regulus and Jupiter toward the horizon.

By early August Mercury joins Jupiter and both move closer to Regulus as Venus sinks on the horizon. Only twilight glimpses of these 3 planets are possible and Regulus disappears in a light sky. August 6 and 7 Jupiter, Mercury and Regulus are at their closest. 8/6 Map. Check out Mercury and Jupiter after sunset? to learn more about their close encounter, which favors a Southern Hemisphere observation. August 15 Venus is in inferior conjunction.

In co-operation, Venus the bringer of the love principle into our lives, Jupiter the one who expands our hearts and minds, and brings out the best in all, Mercury the divine messenger who links us to the soul and Regulus, the Lion-Hearted Lawgiver, prepare us to better align with the Sirius forces responsible for the manifestation of the Spiritual Kingdom on Earth.

Take time to ask these great celestial beings for help with your spiritual evolution. Be receptive to their emanating qualities as you ready yourself for the Sirius~Leo Cosmic Full Moon Festival.

The Night Sky ~ Sirius-Leo Cosmic Festival
The July 31 Full "Blue Moon" conjoins Altair the head of the Eagle.

The location of Altair and the Full Moon underscore the timing is right to make contact with the higher liberating, evolutionary forces – energies aligned with the cosmic principle of Love and Freedom.


Saturn Delight Nights
- July 23-25 Spica/Moon/Saturn
- July 26 Saturn/Moon/Antares
- Saturn predominates in the August 2015 night sky

Any Night
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- Use the Big Dipper to locate golden Arcturus and bluish Spica in the southwest.
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- View The Summer Triangle.

- Orion the Hunter: Ghost of the summer dawn
- Moon near Aldebaran before dawn August 8 and 9
- Aug. 12-14 Tips for enjoying 2015’s Perseid meteor shower

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This lunar cycle, which peaks with the July 31 Sirius~Leo Cosmic Full Moon Festival and ends August 14 establishes a heart and soul alignment. Nick Fiorenza reminds us that the New Moon energies unite our mortal and immortal "Twin" flames in a heartfelt cooperative effort for the soulful evolutionary fulfillment of humankind. During this cycle retrograde Venus takes us on an inward journey of the heart to evaluate what is of true worth in our lives. Venus and Jupiter together continue to break trail into new realms of love and compassion.

The heart of humanity, the heart of the planet (the spiritual Hierarchy), the heart of our solar system (the Sun) and the heart of the Sun create the channel, which extends to Sirius the cosmic heart of our Sun. This alignment evokes cosmic Love and Freedom, which flow through Sirius and Regulus the heart of Leo the Lion into our range of awareness.

Hmmm ... Even transformative Pluto our agent of death and destruction is showing us its Huge Heart!
And ... The Galactic New Year beginning July 26 is about the wisdom emanating from the heart.

The present Sirius Festival aligns the One Heart ~ the One Soul ~ and the One Life. We sense the unique relationship of Sirius and the Earth.

From Sirius, the energy of Love~Wisdom flows through our Spiritual Kingdom ~ and to us, Humanity. This Sirian energy pours through our Hierarchy and into our receptive vehicles, enabling us to tread the Path of Purification and Liberation.

- Excerpt: 2015 Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival Meditation

Take time to tune to Sirius and its co-operating energies. These forces within and beyond our solar system are now significantly influencing our spiritual evolution. What is the One Life flowing through the Universe asking of you?

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the 2015 Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival Full Moon Meditation.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky

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