Universal Dreams in Leo

The centers of Cosmos are identical with the centers of man.
Man bears within himself all manifestations of cosmos.
Significant are the evidences in man of the functions of Cosmos.
When he reflects in himself all cosmic functions,
he measures through himself the possibilities evidenced in Cosmos.

The Agni Yogi ~ Lion of the Desert ~ bears in his heart all human lamentations.
He bears all explosions of Cosmos and senses all shiftings of consciousness.
He bears all the streamings of cosmic currents. He possesses that synthesizing knowledge
which attests the gathering of manifested spirits for the regeneration of consciousness.
When a synthesis of spirit is built, from the cosmic fires and the psycho-life of the heart,
then man can be told that the centers of cosmic fires show analogy to the centers of Cosmos,
that this parallel relation can grant a better life, and that the principle of creativeness is
established as infinite fire, as infinite vision, as infinite hearing, as the all-containing heart.

Strive toward attestation of the Fire of Infinity!

- Agni Yoga, Infinity I, 200

We meditate at the full moon during Leo, knowing that Sirian energy is impacting our planet and all its lives, reaching us through Leo and its star Regulus ~ The Heart of the Lion. We also are Lions, the divine and tawny orange Flames, come forth to help redeem and save.

The importance of entering into the New Age of Aquarius for the redemption and saving of the planet cannot be overestimated. One result that is becoming apparent is the harmonizing effect Aquarian energies have in balancing those of Leo, its polar opposite.

Leo ... the stage of human unfoldment that has to do with the integrated personality finally realizing it is part of a bigger whole than just its own separated life. For the masses of Humanity, it might be a recognition of the essential unity of the human family, or the Brother~Sisterhood of humankind. There are many different ways the spiritual realities will be perceived through an individual’s mental~emotional framework. But once perceived, the “I AM” of a separate individual becomes “I AM THAT, AND THAT AM I” (1) of the group aligned individual.

This is a most important step in the life of any evolving human being, and an essential prerequisite for the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart that occurs at the First Initiation. It is the stage many members of humanity have now reached, and the taking of the First Initiation by the masses has now become possible.

The timing of the Reappearance of the Christ in this cycle of our planetary history is no accident. Many believe this reappearance will occur around the year 2025, (2) although we are also told it is humanity itself, through united, invocative demand, which will determine the time of the reappearance. We know that Christ is not returning, because He has always remained with us, but He is to Reappear to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. (3)

Today, in the midst of this devastated, chaotic and unhappy world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish materialistic living and to begin to tread the Lighted Way. The moment that humanity shows its willingness to do this, then the Christ will come, and there is every evidence at this time that men are learning this lesson and making their first faltering steps along that Lighted Way of right relationships.
               - Alice A. Bailey, The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 21

This is an event of Cosmic Significance! For we know the Lighted Way leads from the First Initiation all the way to Christhood.

When the Christ Life is radiating from Humanity even in part, great steps can be taken that were not before possible before this radiation was present on Earth.

Humanity as a group is ready to take the First Initiation as the first steps on the long journey back to the Source from whence it came. The restoration of the mysteries of the Universal evolutionary process of the descent of Divinity into deepest matter ~ only to ascend back  to the Source, redeeming and saving the matter in each stage of the journey ~ is a necessary revelation for the minds and hearts of the present fifth root race, who can understand it as unifying truth, provable by Science with at least parts of the Truth to be found in so many traditions already.

Our essential Identity is THAT SOURCE. One day all of Humanity will know it is Divine Life in form ... and then the “I am That and That am I” will become "I AM THAT I AM” (4). This is true Liberation and Freedom made possible by the Sacrifice of so many, including the Greater Blue Lodge on Sirius and its reflection, our Hierarchy and the blessings they confer.

But it is not just humanity that will benefit, we are here to help Redeem Planetary Lives and help make the Whole of the Planetary Life a fit vehicle for the Cosmic energies that will eventually use this vehicle. All the Greater Lives in our planet and solar system, including Sirius, are assisting in this great process.

... When centralized, the group [Perhaps the New Group of World Servers?] can begin to reveal the hidden mystery.

All that I can tell you about that mystery is that it concerns the purpose and the reason for which our planetary Logos took incarnation and became the informing Life of our planet, the Earth; it concerns the necessity, inherent in His Own nature, to reach a point upon the cosmic ladder of evolution which would make Him—as a result—the informing Life of a sacred planet. Forget not that our planet is not yet a sacred planet, though it is close to that great transformation. The cosmic secret of this transforming process is one that Sanat Kumara is now learning, and when That which overshadows Him during this incarnation has wrought the needed changes through a process of transformation and transmutation, then a great Transfiguration will take place and He will take His place among those empowered to work through a sacred planet.
               - Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and The Initiations, p. 260

It might be added that our planet is ... on the inner planes and subjectively considered ... a sacred planet; the effects of this transition from non-sacred to sacred have not fully demonstrated themselves objectively.
               - Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and The Initiations, p. 414

Those who share the same dreams of helping to redeem the world are all connected with each other and are aligned, even in a tiny way, with the thinking and intention of those great existences who need us to bring the task all the way down into the lower worlds of the mental, astral and etheric~physical planes.

Pantajali tells us that the Heart of the World is Light (5) ... it is the bringing of Light into the world that is the task of all of us, and thus is helping vast numbers of humanity to begin "thinking in the Heart" ~ where the good, the beautiful and the true values reside. Humanity itself will then truly become the savior of the planet and allow this planet to fulfill its higher purpose. We ourselves are the Light of the Soul and are spreading that Light throughout our entire environment.

Light is contagious. As this Light spreads around the World the Global Heart is strengthened, the planetary lives are "quickened" and made ready to receive the huge impact of the Aquarian energies beginning to infiltrate our system, and as cells in the body of greater Beings, we each add to the light and stimulation of that greater Body so that Divine Purpose advances.

We can help in the redemption and regeneration of the world. We can do it ... it is why we are here! We shall not be deterred by circumstances, by passing thoughts or emotions, or by focusing on the seeming horror still present on the planet ... but by lifting ourselves above all this, first as the Soul and later as Spirit or Monad and finally as the Life which uses Spirit, Soul and Form so that Divine Purpose becomes manifest Reality.

We are Dreamers, and when our dreams are aligned with the Purposes of the Universe, we are the means for the manifestation of Universal Dreams. Blessed are the eyes that see, the ears that hear and the heart that understands.

... the new world religion will be founded upon a deeper spiritual perception of the Father or Life Aspect, in place of the rapidly crystallising vision of the Son or consciousness aspect.”
               - Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age II, p. 403

I rejoice at your prophetic possibilities for only through them can the best evolution in the future be secured, Knowledge of the past without foresight does not lead onward.
               - Agni Yoga, Illumination, II:III:6

Once a woman stopped between images of the Blessed Buddha and Maitreya, not knowing to Whom to offer her reverence. And the image of the Blessed Buddha uttered these words ~ According to My Covenant, revere the future. Standing in defense of the past, direct your gaze toward the dawn.

Remember how We labor for the future, and direct all your being into the future! In rays of knowledge We bring a Teaching strange to the world, for the light of the world is covered by darkness.

               - Agni Yoga, New Era Community, 95

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