New Moon Outpourings ~ Leo to Virgo ~ Spiritual Focus for August 16 - 22

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
- Albert Einstein

Joining the Virgo Festival lunar cycle that just commenced at the Leo new moon Friday, August 14 (7:53 am PDT / 14:53 UT) ... SouledOut’s focus for the week ahead heralds the Birth of the Christ in the Heart.

Honoring present time new moon energies, we suggest utilizing the audio meditation at this link to create optimal receptivity. The meditation text, as follows ~

Sea of Fire Meditation ~ Audio

Suggested Meditation for the new moon phase this week ...
To achieve a Heart filled with Love and Compassion,
Igniting the Creative Spark of our Divine Essence ~

Great Path of the Clear Plane

Align Top of the Head, Sea of Fire,
Supreme Bliss, Nirvana
and Breathe in

Lungs Fill with the Breath of Life Itself,
Heart Expands
Embodying Joy

Outbreath ... Embrace Happiness
Expressing All!
Just Be It!

Happy Buddha!
Maitreya Buddha ... The Coming One Is Here!

Tag, you're It!


Great Path of the Clear Plane, Sea of Fire ... Bliss

Just Be!

In the wake of the new moon phase, we may become inspired and purified by the influencing forces of Light …

The substance of the Fire of Space directs the human consciousness. The sun ~ the life giver ~ saturates the entire Universe; but the realization that the streaming rays impart a conscious force of energy will afford the most fiery attainments. Sensing the vibrations of the currents, humanity will discover the multifold creative transmissions of the rays. Thus does Cosmos bestow its treasures.
          - Agni Yoga, Infinity II

Virgo Festival Global Meditation ~ Overview

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