Call for Seasonal Donations

As a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, welcomes donations to assist our group service in creating and maintaining our online expression. Presently we are seeking donations for needed computer equipment and software upgrades to continue offering and WeCycleWisdom.

All Light Workers are encouraged to share with the organizations of your choice, as inspired and aligned, especially at this time of sharing during the Holy days cycle.

The combined contributions of many will bring most welcome change to our world. We encourage all to consider supporting worthy programs, to assist in activating and enlivening not only those receiving the financial aid by way of the chosen organizations, but also the Principle of Sharing itself.

In evaluating a broad spectrum of goodwill organizations ~ local, regional and international ~ you may find this website that tracks organizations in the US useful:

Charity Navigator - guide to intelligent giving

Honoring the Spirit of Generosity, Thank You for Your Heartfelt Participation!

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