Antiphon to Betelgeuse

Attunement Music for Betelgeuse: album: "Beloved' by Beverly Reiger

A couple of years ago I received an Attunement for the "Great Spirit Star Mother" through a Channeled work of Christmas gift from an Australian Healer/Artist.... She had suggested that I could contribute to the channeled written material as it hadn't been written yet, so I embarked on a Whole Advent Journey to discover "The Great Spirit Star Mother".....

I had fun....I thought, how do I get to know a Star Mother....I check in with her that journey I found amazing pictures of Star Women and met Amatserasu, Nix/Nut/Nuit, Guadalupe, as well as discovering that an 8 pt star Quilt has replaced the Sacred Buffalo Robe with 1st Nations who Honour White Calf Buffalo Woman....and I matched them up with Star photos....I remember St. Teresea of Liseux coming through the Rose nebula.....

As I was attuning to Betelgeuse yesterday, with the incoming Blessing of the Rays, I "saw"/"felt" the Rainbow Warrior energy coming through for myself, and a sense of an awakening of that energy around me....

It also reminded me of my journey to find the Great Spirit Star Mother...and I realized, Betelgeuse is MY Great Spirit Star Mother..many of her characteristics, I discovered yesterday are my own........

At the time of the attunement my responses came as an Antiphon of my Encounter with the Energy coming through.....a kind of Heart Adoration....I will share them here....As I re discover them myself, I am amazed to now gaze at Orion's Shoulder and See how far Spirit's ONE Consciousness can be Heard in Star Dust.....~_~

The Blessings of Betelgeuse, Great Spirit Star Mother be with you:

Dearest Great Spirit Star Mother

Blessed is the Light you Shine…

Blessed I AM…
Existing in one of your Angelic Cellular galaxies
Learning to open my heart to the
Dancing of your Angels and Guides….
Leading us By a Star to our Own Birth…’
Teaching us again to Sing with the Heavens
Seeking the Harmony of My Heart
as You guide my Path in the Way of Peace…

Great Spirit Star Mother….

You awaken in me the Places of the Rainbow Warriors,..

You bring me back to my Fey Blood and Star Cells
Awakening Angelic Energies
and Avatar Spirit
Breathing your Star Breath into my being…..
Blessed Mother of the Stars….

So many of the Images of the sacred Feminine among the Stars reflect
Your Glory, Compassion, and Joy of Dancing Veils…

Calling forth the DNA places in us
where you have left your imprint…

Awaken our Star Places…
Let us Receive the Star Dust Blessings of Archea Aurora…

Who Breathes Out
Your Star Dust Prayers
On the Gold and Purple Rays of the Northern Lights
Evoking the Green of Verdatis to Whisp
its Holy Ribbons through the sky……

With you gathers the Teaching Spirits…

The Wondrous Master White Wolf, who gathers us
to your knee for Presence
and the Stories of our 1st peoples…….
Those who recognize their connection between Earth and Sky Nations…

And Master Raven,
Shapeshifting master
who Vocalizes so many mysteries
with his Sacred Voice….
Avatar and Trixter our Raven…
Calling forth the Morrigans and the
Spirit of the North West….

Graced Mother Whose Breath is the Great Spirit
You Gather the Light of your Self….
Sighing Clarity, Peace and Silence
into our Sacred Spaces
Lifting our Frequencies
So that we May Sing With Angels
Sending Star Waves of Compassion
To Bless our Planet and all within.


This is such an awakening of the Shaman places…
the Great Spirit Star Mother
Calls again to her bosom
Those of the Heart Song
and Those of the Light…

Pouring out her Great Spirit Upon us
Breathing us into A Responsive Body
To Bring about
Avatar Births and Peace on Earth
To Reweave the Web
In new surges of Star Transmissions
We attune our inner ear
to respond to your guidance
to weave a web of Light
and Purity of Heart
so Humanity will once again find its Harmony
and its Belonging
in setting their intentions for Bliss, Healing and Celebration..

Blessed be my Mother….
As I feel the comforting padding of your steps
in the Heart Beat of Your vibration that encircles me…..
Your Consciousness
Whispers within…
granting me the Sustenance,
as any cell in the Body,
To be of Good Health
Seeking the Light in All…..
Abiding in you and you abiding in me….
Holograph of Divine Spark
Bursting in the Spirit Meridians
that have been newly made…

Alighting us with Star Crystals
to hear the Songs of the Universe
with less distortion than ever before….

Blessings of the One in Whom Our Darkness is as Light...



There's a rumor going around that the Earth will effectively have 2 suns within the year 2012. A star that is about 600 light years away, called Betelgeuse, is within the process of dying. It will go supernova when it finally collapses. The Planet Earth won't be in the line of fire, but it might get a spectacular light show.

Dear SamuelX and AndrewW

Just an interesting source that I discovered in the last week that offers another interpretation of these impressions....of double sun and lively magnetics.

I came across "The Prophecy of the Cradle board of Creation" and with the Solar flares, and Brigit's day of INSPIRATIONAL FIRE on the eve of a New Moon I thought it might be Timely.

From Sacred Path Cards/Jamie Sams

"The prophecy of the Cradleboard of Creation also says that Fire will come from the sky and hit the Earth Mother in the Water Nursery of Creation, or oceans. This comet like object will fertilize the ovum of the Earth, and recreate purity in all four Earth Clans. The Chiefs of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire will be whole once again. The condensation from this interaction of Fire and Water will give us back our ozone. These prhophecies will be fulfilled sometime between now and the year 2015.

Many persons who have disconnected from the Earth Mother and do not know how to grow food will need to learn. Many who have no knowledge of healing plants will need to rely on others who do. The ability to respond to the ensuing changes is carried in the understanding of the Cradleboard and each person's duty to share and be of service. It is time now to start the teaching process that will allow us to relearn Mother Earth's abundant lessons so that future generations will have the Knowing Systems needed for Harmonious life.

Many ancient plants and animals will appear in our new world as they have need to interact with us again. Some plants will be used for healing and others for food. We will understand the Language of Creature beings again and allow their instinct and wisdom to teach us how to take care of our needs. The Cradleboard will become a symbol of our first life support system and we will become a world commu8nity. Communication in unity will prevail over one thousand years of peace WHEN THE EARTH MOTHER WILL BECOME A SECOND SUN OR STAR IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. We will not burn, living on her surface for we will have immortal bodies of Fire. The races from the stars will come to assist the Children of Earth in recultivating ecological balance and some will go with them to learn the new, yet ancient, KNOWING Systems. Those who cannot accept the new Cradleboard of Creation will be removed to the body double of the EARTH MOTHER, which will house the memory of the devastation of her scarred and abused body. Many wonders will appear in the Time of the White Buffalo as governments will no longer control the actions of Earth's Chldren and the People to people connections will be made strong again.

AS we carry the Cradleboard on our backs, it will carry the child of future dreams who is becoming manifest through our LOVE. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE TOMORROWS TO COME. The Cradelboard is our reminder. We Can protect the Future by responding to the Now."