Aquarius Festival 2019 Meditation ~ Audio

And then ... at the end of this infinite journey,
at the beginning of this infinite journey ...
Aquarius will no longer be just an Era, nor just a Constellation or a Full Moon:
It will become a Presence, a Living Temple in the Heart of Humanity ....

- Maurizzio Modaffari

Aquarius Festival 2017 Meditation ~ Audio
Sunday, January 20 ~ 9:16 pm PST / 05:16 UT Monday, January 21

The Full Moon Festival during Aquarius 2019 is on Sunday, January 20 ~ as we utilize our meditation focus theme for the annual cycle, based on "Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation".

For this guided Aquarius Festival Meditation, the audio player at the above link provides a spoken, produced version of the meditation with music, so you may listen while meditating, uninterrupted.

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages

We link up with people of goodwill everywhere, creating a united group channel through which the spiritual forces can become available.

Affirming this channel, "We stand poised united as one soul with our Spiritual Hierarchy." We hold the focus.

We now visualize ourselves as the Chalice ~ the grid of light all over the earth that connects the light of every Light worker and each sacred energy vortex. This network serves as a conduit through which the heavenly blessings may flow through each and every one of us and to the planet Earth.

When we have achieved this ...

We rise as one to meet the light. In response, the great gateway that is Aquarius opens wide and the light pours into and through us. We welcome this river of light and its cleansing and healing energy, for it illumines any darkness within.

The Aquarian energy is the Living Water of Life flowing from the very throne of Heaven. We invoke the example of Christ, the World Saviour, who demonstrated this revelation through the miracle of walking on the water, and offering the Water of Life to all of Humanity.

Each, in our own way, is asked to bring this Life Spring into our own lives to move from personal consciousness to group consciousness ~ opening to the Love and Service of all Humanity.

We, united as World Servers, are further transformed by the Waters of Life Divinity shares.

We shine Light upon the seeming chaos and disturbances in our world. We know the Spirit of Humanity to be sound and true. We're willing to move from the mountaintop back into the valley of experience to serve ~ no judgment, no separateness, no envy, no anger ~ for all we see is Unity.

Here now, we align with our Spiritual Kingdom to receive the incoming Divine energies. We are preparing the way for an extraordinary happening ~ the World Saviour emerges again.

We drink from the Communal Well and we offer ourselves as fountains of Truth. And in this, we take yet another step toward Our Divine Destiny.

The Rivers of Love and Life Converge
We Share, and in Divinity, we Merge.

As we emerge from meditation, we are joined in this stream by Light workers everywhere on the planet and from on high. With focused mind, heart and will, together we say The Great Invocation.

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