We Are the World Group

As water in a fountain flows as one stream,
but falls in many drops divided by time and space,
so are the revelations of the one stream of truth.

- Hazrat Inayat Khan, Bowl of Saki

New Group of World Servers

It is we who shine the light and distribute the water through Aquarius, as we assist the Christ, head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, in this much needed service.

Of all the Aquarian themes ~ Freedom, Cooperation, and Selflessness to name a few ~ it is the Group Life which ties these together. As World Servers we function as a light among the greater whole, for this light is powered by the dynamic energy promulgated by and through our world service.

We are Light workers, above all, and in so doing we convey the Light of Life into and through our world endeavors and to all we contact. Our trip through the zodiacal energies every year brings unique opportunity in each monthly cycle, and our Aquarian message is one of Hope and speaks to dreams of world peace, of harmony, and inclusiveness.

The dream we all share is to overcome the darkness ~ this is why being a Light worker is the thread that ties together each one’s calling. Due to the nature of our Group alignment, and of the Group Soul we all share, we’re able to focus on our “Directions from Head quarters” in alignment with our monadic essence.

This challenge is to be accomplished only when there is plenty of Goodwill available.

In this day and age, it helps to recognize the importance of our meditative work, for it is through the clarity of our silent connection that we may receive the needed guidance for our unique, individual task.

The demonstration of this otherwise invisible work is apparent in the evolutionary progress of our communities, nations and civilization. With the increase of 7th Ray influence, which Aquarius transmits thanks to its ruling planet Uranus, we see the highest attributes of Divine expression being fulfilled in every direction.

We may each ask the questions ~ How do I work? How do we serve? ~ and can expect the response to arrive in all situations as needed. The answer to both of these questions is one and the same, just as we as the World Group are all One and thereby unified.

The truth of our physical existence is only as valid as the poise of our spiritual being in its expression. We invoke, appropriate and apportion the Devic Blessing of incarnation within the form Life.

For our service may be regarded as the Divine expression of the ashramic master aligned via hierarchical purpose to the Divine Purpose and Plan. This alignment helps to simplify our approach to service and to bring the Divine Light into the astral and physical-etheric arenas of human consciousness.

We strive, we seek, we choose not to yield to failure but instead to get back up on our feet as Light workers, whose orientation is aligned always upward in frequency. While this can be challenging at times, it helps to recognize that we have the support and upliftment of the World Group to assist in the choices we make to become ever more responsible to the One Life.

The demonstration is assured, what we can do in our day-to day-service both esoteric and exoteric is simply to Be Centered in Divinity. The theme of Striving is implicit in the Aquarian experience. The future is now, in that we see past, present and future are blended together in reality, despite appearances.

The Path homeward, we may characterize as the Way to Godhead, is commonly experienced as the Lighted Way ~ the trail homeward, upward and inward to the Divine Source inhabiting all of Life.

It is our duty and responsibility to find our way along this well-traveled path, to shine Light in the dark places and moments, and to remain centered in the Divine.

The sentient body of a human being is an atom of substance in the sentient body of the planetary Logos.

The sentient Body ... of the planetary Logos is an aspect ~ not an atom ~ of the sentient body of the solar Logos ....

The soul has no individual destiny, but is submerged into the One. Its destiny is the destiny of the group, and of the Whole; its desire is the working out of the great Plan, and its will is the glorification of the incarnated Logos.
          - Alice Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic

To the Glory of the One! 

Aquarius Festival Global Meditation ~ Spiritual Focus

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