The Sacredness of Matter

We are Particles of Light
Vibrating with matter
Embodying form
Here to experience Love

~ Keith Allen Kay

Materialism and Spirituality

The relationship of Spirit and Matter is a theme enacted in the marriage between the First aspect of Divinity ~ the Will of Deity as represented by the Father, or Male Principle ~ and the Third aspect ~ Divine Intelligence, or the Female Principle.

Spirit is cyclically imparted by the Will of God to impregnate Matter, the Divine Mother as custodian of the spiritual life which lies hidden until it is revealed in physical manifestation.

For perspective it may be helpful to realize where we presently are in the greater cycles of evolution.

According to the Ageless Wisdom, it was in the previous first solar system that substance was fashioned and perfected, insofar as being made available for use in this, the present second system: "Matter is energy in its densest or lowest form." (1)

In this current vast cycle the substance is available to be utilized for the purpose of being informed with consciousness: "Spirit is ... Energy in its highest or most subtle form." (1)

Effectively the material is being prepared for consummation during the third solar system, in which synthesis will have resulted from the infusion of consciousness into all forms, and complete unification via unity consciousness will have taken place: "All is One."

Virgo’s valiant contribution is to nurture substance itself, preparing for the manifestation of a Divine incarnation through the blending or synthesis of life and form.

“Virgo hides the light, which irradiates the world in Aquarius.” (2) As the cosmic mother, she shields and protects the seed for its birth following the gestation period she oversees.

Later, through Aquarius the water bearer, the Light which has been adequately prepared is made available to heal through purification.

For more insight on the relationship between Spirit and matter, the insightful teaching is included below since the above link is temporary. In Joy!

Materialism and Spirituality
Satsang by Swami Amar Jyoti

Master, you have said that God created both the spiritual and the material.
How can that be harmonized?

ULTIMATELY THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between the spiritual and the material, but until we reach that stage there is a distinction on the mental level. Since ages seers and seekers have aspired to harmonize both spirituality and materialism, but in our dualistic, relative thinking we have separated them. The Sanskrit word for materialism is jaravadha -  jar: inert, vadha: ism - inertism. Offhand we could say that materialism is that which pertains to matter, that which is gross, which you can perceive with the senses, pertaining to the three-dimensional world. Physically we live in the material realm: the body is material; food is material; air is material; water is material; the house you live in is material; the communication modes you use are made of matter. Except our thoughts and feelings, we primarily exist in the material plane. So can we live without using matter? No. Therefore if we condemn material life we condemn the whole physical gross world, and that will be ridiculous.

If we speak of materialism versus God or spirituality, then what does it really signify? Again we come back to mind. This is within our mind. When we set goals and values in life based upon the material plane - obsessions and possessions, acquiring and using -  then we are materialistic. It is not using matter that makes us materialistic. It is where our mentality gets stuck in materialism, whether it is money, success, acquiring more and more things that our focus is materialistic. There is nothing wrong with having or using material things, but to use them selfishly is materialistic. When our focus or purpose of life is based upon materialism we can only create disharmony with our fellow beings and within our own mind. Materialism creates competition, jealousy, quarrels, agitation, tension, domination and other games of mind. Therefore the result of materialism is disharmony.

When we speak of living the spiritual life, what does it mean? One way is to renounce or reduce your dependence upon material things so that your mind is lighter. This allows you to devote your concentration and consciousness to the higher pursuits, the realm beyond materialism. When you depend less upon things in order to devote time and energy to spiritual pursuits, you get joy and fulfillment of life in the higher sense. Even then you are using some matter. So the spiritual way is not against using matter as a whole but for reducing our dependence on it.

But there is another way. Material life may remain in fullness but you do not use it in a haphazard manner according to what you want and like. There is a way to use things according to spiritual or natural law, which is dharma. To have the material life in fullness we have to use matter according to dharma, where there is respect for everything in nature, which is Mother Divine. But your aim and purpose do not end there. In your mind you hold to the purpose of joy, of the Spirit, of God, the highest in you, and then live the material life proportionally, where it belongs. That is what in America you call "God first" or doing for Number One, which in Sanskrit is Brahmasatyam.

If you are looking only to the material plane in varying degrees and ignoring the spiritual, then you are not only subject to life and death but also to misery and pain, because the material has a heavy or degrading tendency. By its very nature it pulls you downward into what has been called tamas, inertia. The time comes when you complain, "Life is just boring." You are bored or lonely only because you want something. The counter-question is: how many things have you had and still you feel lonely? Are you not going on and on in the same circle of materialism?

If we want freedom from boredom, pain, misery, heaviness, worries, anxieties, fears, then the only solution is to change ourselves. Make God first again. It may sound like an old religious adjunct but it is perfect. After you make your focus or goal God, Spirit, your values change. You become charitable, forgiving, magnanimous, looking to the brighter side. You look upward, like a bird to the sky, to the Spirit, to God within. And that is your goal: to feel lighter, freer, joyful and peaceful, to attain higher liberation of the soul.

When you come to a spiritual outlook, you respect matter. Then you will understand why God created the material world in the first place. Therefore Prophets, Enlightened Beings,

Gurus or guides come to shake you up a little, to remind you of your goal, your dharma. Are you doing just sensuous play - all the time just what you want? That is a part of life, no doubt, but are you forgetting the whole aim of your life, what you should be and what it should be? Dharma does not deny pleasure - I will repeat it ten times - but pleasure has to be according to dharma. This is true of all areas of art, culture, poetry, prose, writing, handicrafts, music, or any talent. Dharma is the harmonizing factor between the material and spiritual life. Whether you become an ascetic or live in the world, it doesn't matter. But you have found the balance between spirituality and materiality.

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