We Purify the Chalice

… when the personality has reached a point of purification, of dedication and of illumination,
then the attractive power of the soul (whose nature is love and understanding) can function,
and fusion of these two will take place. This is what the Christ proved and demonstrated.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

Purification Meditation

As we align our vehicles in present time for the service to be accomplished, the World Server energies of Aquarius are available for our collective Group Endeavor ~ to share the Waters of Life in service to the One Life.

And now, heralded by this week's new moon on Monday commencing the lunar new year, the sun this coming month completes another round of the zodiac in Pisces. World Savior qualities are also here and present for our deepening service, towards the fulfillment of Earth's Divine Destiny.

This is a holy time of uplift and sacrament, when each year we become increasingly attuned to the spiritual energies available. Christianity has dubbed this phase of the annual cycle as the Season of Lent, and several other traditions also observe this as a time of fasting and rededication to the One Life we all share. Lent begins Ash Wednesday, March 6 and ends on Good Friday, April 19.

Lunar New Year 2019 ~ Year of the Earth Pig

The new spiritual year commences at the spring equinox, a time of renewal and reconsecration of our soul-infused vehicle. At this time, we are called ever more to purify the physical~etheric, astral~emotional and mental aspects of our individual instrument in the service of acting as the Chalice we collectively manifest in receptivity to Divine Love and Light.

Through the fiery purification of our meditation practice, we Rise above previous limitations to our highest expression. We Know we are dedicated to the service of the One Life we all share. We Serve selflessly and in ever greater alignment.

Oft an aspirant says to himself: "Of what real use am I? How can I, in my small sphere, be of service to the world?" Let me reply to these questions by pointing out that by thinking this book [Esoteric Psychology] into the minds of the public, by expressing before your fellow men the teaching it imparts, and by a life lived in conformity with its teaching, your service is very real.

This will necessarily involve a pledging of the entire personality to the helping of humanity, and the promise to the Higher Self that endeavour will be made to lose sight of self in service ~ a service to be rendered in the place and under the circumstances which a man's destiny and duty have imposed upon him … a renewal of the effort to bring about the purification of all the bodies so that the entire lower man may be a pure channel and instrument through which spiritual force may flow unimpeded.
                    - Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology I

To the Glory of the One!

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