Look Up! ... Saturn-Neptune Square ~ Spiritual Focus, February 14 - 20

Our walls of division do not rise all the way to heaven.
- Saint Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow

Greetings Everyone,
February 8, 6:39am PST marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle that peaks with the February 22 Full Moon, and ends March 8, 5:54pm PST. The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the Pisces Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio.

The February 8 New Moon inaugurated the Chinese Fire/Red Monkey New Year also known more poetically as the Year of the Mountain Monkey. "Monkey years ... [are] rich in the unexpected. A year of transformations ... great change ... of discovering your own resources." It's also a "time to address more serious concerns. Play is good, but only in its proper context. Final acclaim comes only after renewed effort."

Lunar Theme: Fortuity & Serendipity "The New Moon lies under the auspices of Delphinus, the Dolphin star system, and over Gruis the Crane ... Delphinus' influence invites us to breathe and trust in higher principle, and to allow ourselves to be guided by higher forces into opportunities or directions that would not occur by our efforts alone ... Gruis the Crane [is] of resolute verdicts, decisive decisions based upon bodies of knowledge, and harbinger of fortuitous tidings, especially regarding legalities, business dealings, constitutional matters, and news associated with new life and new beginnings." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Saturn-Neptune Square 2015-2016

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"The square usually involves planets in inharmonious elements and thus calls forth significant effort in order to integrate such divergent energies ... A square aspect shows where energy must be released, usually through action of a definite sort, in order that a new structure may be built ... it represents what you have to deal with ... we are often afraid of dealing with whatever is symbolized by the square ... Fearing challenge restricts the energy available to deal effectively with whatever problem is at hand." - Aspects

Most of the following has been culled from a 2016 Predictions talk given by astrologer Elizabeth Jones on January 6, 2016. Some of the following has come from my direct experience with the Saturn-Neptune Square.

Understanding the Saturn-Neptune Square

By February 2016 it will feel as if something has shifted and the New Year has really begun to take hold. It's time to commit and recommit to one's evolution and spiritual growth.

The interaction of two great beings, Saturn and Neptune, is potently influencing humanity all of 2016.

From the viewpoint of the Earth these planetary beings are at a 90º angle to each other. If you raise one arm above your head and the other out to your side you have created a 90º angle, a square. In the heavens Saturn would be at one hand and Neptune at the other when they are in a square to each other. Their rare square aspect began in November 2015 and continues through 2016.

This square forces humanity to come up with new solutions.

Expressing at the highest frequency Saturn is stable, structured, grounded and practical. Saturn is Truth in the physical realm. Neptune is ethereal, imaginative, mystical and spiritual. Neptune is Truth in the cosmic realm. Their rare square interaction is bringing these two realms closer together. The blending of the physical and cosmic realities is in process.

Neptune can help us see what's on the cosmic/spiritual side of our reality and Saturn can help us bring it into manifestation. We have celestial support to bring the inner promptings of our guiding spirit into the outer world. Saturn the builder can manifest the dreams of Neptune.

Humanity, supported by the Saturn-Neptune Square, has the potential and opportunity of transcending patterns of the past, past lives and karmic cycles. Resistance to change can dissolve because there is a desire to know the Divine Spirit in ourself and others. Realizing what the soul and spirit want, opens us to retrieving gifts from the past, and experiencing magic and miracles in the present.

Note: Saturn can be seen with the unaided eye before sunrise in the south. (See The Planets below.) Neptune can be seen with a telescope in the evening in the southwest.

A Paradigm Shift Is in Process ~ What to do?

It's time to be really honest and see things as they really are. This can be frustrating and discouraging. Boundaries are in flux and unclear. Let go where and when it is needed, even though you may not know the next step. Saying "I'm sorry." or "I don't know." can move one beyond fear and doubt and open one to new possibilities.

One may know there is something more to do, but not know the next step. What is the next step? Ask the question just before you are about to drift off to sleep or as you are about to awake. Allow your spirit self to receive the question and show the answer, all in right timing. Ask the question while washing dishes or taking a shower or bath. Water helps one tune to the intuition, after all Neptune is the Roman sea god.

This is a time to ease up on what you thought was/is right for you. Entertain the possibility that something new is knocking on the door of your consciousness.

Build rest and relaxation into your routine. Honor your limitations. The Saturn-Neptune Square can be tiring on the physical body because it is stimulating a deeper interaction of spirit and matter, and requiring new actions and reactions from all of us. Make enough time to rest and recuperate. These planetary energies are better assimilated while resting.

Make a practice of speaking your truth with kindness and respect. Use your creativity to act and communicate in ways that open another's heart rather than closing it. An open heart bridges, blends and mends the polarization of spirit and matter.

Keep the faith in the guiding spirit. Know that you have changed and are evolving because of your commitment. Know that energies are still working their way through your psyche. Be kind to yourself and others.

Make the needed adjustments and tweaks to your life one step at a time. Stay open to change. Initiate change.

Throughout 2016 invoke the help of Neptune to deepen your spiritual connection and increase your intuition. Invoke the help of Saturn to manifest your Divine promptings on Earth.

Discovery of Gravitational Waves

The discovery of gravitational waves is a great example of the Saturn-Neptune influence. This discovery gives humanity the physical ability to see cosmic events/worlds that were previously invisible. This is truly a blending of the physical and cosmic realities, a remarkable manifestation of the rare Saturn-Neptune Square!

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Mark Your Calendar!

The Planets
Jupiter, shining at peak magnitude -2.5 March 8, is a must see two weeks before and after March 8. During this lunar cycle Look west to see the planet in the morning and east at night. It's twice as bright as our brightest star Sirius and it is the 2nd brightest planet after Venus.
- Predawn Morning Planets Map ~ See 5 bright planets at once
Jan.-Feb. 2016 is the first time we can see 5 planets at once since 2005. All 5 are up before dawn and all 5 remain visible until Mercury disappears in the dawn just after mid-February.
- Feb. 11-15, southeast 1hr. before sunrise, Venus and Mercury are close ... closest approach Feb.13.
- Feb. 21-23, east evening, Jupiter/Moon/Regulus Map (Full Moon Feb. 22)
- Feb. 27, east evening, Jupiter, Regulus point to the Beehive cluster
- Feb. 29-Mar.2, south predawn/dawn sky, Mars/Saturn/Antares/Moon Map
- More on the Planets
The Planets in Esoteric Astrology ... scroll 1/2 way down
Night Sky Info ... No longer current?! ... Look again in March.

Evening Sky
- The Great Winter Hexagon ... any night
This sacred Geometry activates your Divine expression on Earth.
Look Up! ... above your head around 8:00 pm.
- A Valentine's Star?
It's red, beats like a giant heart and stimulates our heart.
Look Up! ... above your head around 8:00 pm.
- Feb.15/16 Moon near star Aldebaran Will you see the Moon occult the star?
- Feb.16-18, South, Moon/Orion Map ~ Learn More
- Feb.17, south, Moon/Great Winter Hexagon aka Winter Circle Map
- Feb.18-19, southeast, Moon/Gemini Stars Map
- Feb.21-23, east, 3 Jupiter/Moon nights, see Full moon plus Jupiter on February 22 for map.
- Participate in the Pisces Festival Global Meditation
- Feb.25 Moon, Spica late evening in SE or early morning in SW Feb 26-27
Use the Big Dipper to arc to Arcturus and spike down to Spica. Map: NE Feb./Mar. Evenings
- Feb.27, East Evening, Jupiter, Regulus point to the Beehive cluster
- Feb.28/29 Moon, Mars from late night till dawn

Moon ... Evening, Morning, Daytime
The Moon's Phases help us grow in consciousness.
Where's the Moon tonight? Can you see it in the daylight sky?
Can you name its phase when you see it?

Next New Moon ... Supermoon total solar eclipse March 8-9
Seen mainly in a long narrow path over the waters of the Pacific Ocean.
"A much larger swath of the world gets to see varying degrees of a partial solar eclipse.
Hawaii and Alaska see the partial eclipse at late afternoon on March 8, while south and eastern Asia,
Korea, Japan, north and western Australia see it on the morning of March 9." Click link to learn more.

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.
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Charting the Heavens
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This lunar cycle takes us through the February 18/19 doorway into the seasonal sign of Pisces. It peaks with the February 22 Full Moon and ends March 8. A New Year of transformations and great change is taking hold now. Renewed effort determines ones final acclaim. This lunar cycle is calling us "to be guided by higher forces into opportunities or directions that would not occur by our efforts alone." This cycle is fortuitous and serendipitous, blending the physcial and cosmic realities.

Our sacred language belongs to no one group. This is Humanity's language, and it truly transcends all borders and belief systems. It is the basis for uniting us all.
Let us go hand in hand, heart to heart, Spirit with Spirit ~ to our Divine Destiny as One!

Together in the Holy Grail
We rise to the Divine Temple.
We turn back to Love, to Share
the One Life ~ our Service simple.

- Excerpt: 2016 Pisces Festival Global Meditation

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the 2016 Pisces Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio version.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky