Spiritual Year 2017-2018 New Moon ~ Losar

Aries Festival

The Spiritual New Year 2017 ~ 2018
Commences on

March 20 ~ Spring Equinox

Preceding New Moon time ...
Sunday, February 26, 2017 @ 6:58 am PST / 13:58 UT
Losar ~ Year of the Fire Bird

Sea of Fire Meditation ~ Audio

Suggested Meditation during the new moon phase to
Achieve a Heart filled with Love and Compassion,
Igniting the Creative Spark of our Divine Essence ~

Great Path of the Clear Plane

Align Top of the Head, Sea of Fire,
Supreme Bliss, Nirvana
and Breathe in

Lungs Fill with the Breath of Life Itself,
Heart Expands
Embodying Joy

Outbreath ... Embrace Happiness
Expressing All!
Just Be It!

Happy Buddha!
Maitreya Buddha ... The Coming One Is Here!

Tag, you're It!


Great Path of the Clear Plane, Sea of Fire ... Bliss

Just Be!

- Living and Dying Are as One


In an Eastern scripture it says that the new moon is the gateway between the outer and the inner man, while the moon acts as a bolt. The moon stands for the mind. When at new moon the moon is with the sun, there is no lunar energy. Consequently sun (spirit), moon (soul) and body fall into line. Thus no moon means that there is no mind. It disappears into consciousness, provided we ensure the corresponding alignment. Without mind there is also no objectivity. It remains pure subjectivity, the experience of pure consciousness. The body, the symbol of earth, matter, doesn't exist for our awareness. Also in sleep the body doesn't exist for us. In the state of pure awareness or of yoga, however, we are fully conscious of ourselves, but without awareness of the body. It is the state of Samadhi, the merging of the soul with the super-soul, the union of spirit and matter.

- from Circle of Goodwill Taurus 2010 (VI:10) newsletter


With the upcoming 2017 Spring Festival cycle, SouledOut's Spiritual Focus aligns to provide an opportunity for a deeper and more interactive experience, invoking an enriched alignment to the very highest aspect of the Plan and Purpose.

Cycles and Rhythms of the New Group of World Servers

A magic dwells in each beginning.
- Hermann Hesse

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Top image is adapted from Chart VI "Solar Septenary Chart"
depicting the Dense Physical Planets, based on A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 373