2018 Gemini~Goodwill Festival Meditation ~ Audio

Let Purpose guide our wills
The Purpose which the Masters Know and Serve

- The Great Invocation*

Gemini~Goodwill Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio
Full Moon Exact Time ~ Tuesday, May 29 at 7:19 am PDT / 14:19 UT

At the full moon during the sign Gemini, widely known among perpetrators of the Ageless Wisdom as the Christ’s Festival and as the Festival of Humanity, there tends to be emphasis on themes related to the 3 I’s ~ Individuation, Initiation, and Identification.

As Individual human units, we take Initiation into the spiritual kingdom through Identification with our Divine essence or spirit, within the Whole of Life to which we belong.

Each year at the full moon festival following the Wesak during Taurus, there is unique opportunity to further our commitment to Goodwill and Right Relations. Graduation ceremonies and June weddings are the external reflections of that inner initiatory process.

Rededication of Service

Through the 3 I’s eventuates Group affiliation on the part of each and every Light worker, through which expression the Soul’s Plan and Purpose comes further into focus.

In this Group alignment, we apply the 3 P’s ~ Plan, Purpose and Precipitation. These three focal points form a triumvirate of potency we may recognize as Directed Purpose, through which the Plan for Humanity comes ever further into manifestation.

Indeed, at the Gemini~Goodwill Festival comes the needed impression for the next step for the Plan to be perceived, so that we may plan collectively and individually to take wise, loving action over the coming weeks and months.

Our participation in the Purpose entails joining up with others to garner the Precipitation of the Divine Plan into daily Life, which will, eventually, bring about sorely needed change from ways of difficulty and discontent.

Wholehearted participation in the Purpose influences and uplifts all. Through envisioning the Divine Purpose, we’re able to align with the essential truth of our place within the greater Whole of Life.

World Invocation Day ~ Vigil

On the day of the Goodwill full moon, groups and individuals are invited to hold a meditative focus and for 24 hours, to sound The Great Invocation on the quarter hour over a period of time while spending the 15-minute interval in prayer or meditation for a world culture of cooperation.

We at SouledOut.org plan to be in meditation during three time slots in conjunction with the Gemini~Goodwill Full Moon and World Invocation Day, and all who wish to join in for this meditation are welcome to do so:

1. Monday, May 28 at 9:00 and 9:15 pm PDT / 04:00 and 04:15 UT Tuesday, May 29

2. Tuesday, May 29 at 9:00 and 9:15 am PDT / 16:00 and 16:15 UT
(the exact time of the full moon is 7:19 am PDT / 14:19 UT)

3. Tuesday, May 29 at 9:00 and 9:15 pm PDT / 04:00 and 04:15 UT Wednesday, May 30

We will sound The Great Invocation at the beginning and end of each of these 15-minute intervals. All are welcome to join us at these designated times, and as inspired.

I Dedicate Myself To Do All In My Power
To Bring About A New Age ~
Based On Understanding, Cooperation,
And A Sharing In Which Each And All Will Be Able To Unfold,
And Express Their Creative Power,
And Their Higher Spiritual Possibilities.

- Meditation Group for the New Age

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* adapted version

Goodwill meditation

Christ in Us

Thoughts during the Goodwill Festival, having listened to the Souledout Goodwill meditation ...

We take the time to create a Sacred Space ... interesting the space between the stars makes them all the more beautiful, speaking to us throughout the ages through their alignment... in the same way, the space between us makes our connections all more powerful, significant and beautiful as we acknowledge and create alignments.

Connection ... the Divine force that empowers us all, flows from the Three Great Spiritual Festivals. We Rise (Easter)... We Know (Wesak)... We Serve (Goodwill)

It is at this time, I sense, that we need to reach out further, to stretch ourselves in the name of Greater Good. It is not an individual reach but one of group, of Group Endeavor.

United in the ever evolving relationship of Spirit and matter, as beings of Light, we merge within the One Light, generating a new potent ray of light.

We shine throughout the universe a vision of Unity, and lift our voices in an invocation of that Unity, many voices, many languages, many ways of expression. The blending of many Spiritual approaches into one united act, an invocation of universal appeal!

Divinity is with us now and always, our light is met with a Divine response and a new Light/energy pours forth ... it is Love ... pure Love ... inspiring us to lift our Love to the high place ... Love beyond Love ... this Love cannot be contained it must and will be shared.

We are Love, we are Light!

We Rise!

We Know!

We Share!