The Maintaining of the Soul Connection

The Maintaining of the Soul Connection,
Even in the Most Difficult Times

The Soul connection and another helpful way to maintain it, despite challenges we face in the Life.

As I begin my day, I try and spend a moment in meditation or reflection, establishing that Divine Soul connection.

There are many inspiring words out there that affirm the power of Spirit, of how the grace of Divine energy can heal. They might say... If I am experiencing illness, I continue to affirm I am one with the Divine. I use affirmations and meditation to bring me back to balance.... or... I focus on my breath giving thanks for the Divine Life within. I breath in deeply filling my lungs with healing, I gently exhale... I feel cleansed and purified.

These statements and affirmations are both tested and true. But I have gone through some very difficult health challenges of late have a question. What about those days when you feel so sick, that you are in so much pain, that it is hard to imagine that Soul connection? What to do?

I pondered this question as I gradually came back to health. I was in meditation and like a bolt of Divine White Light it hit me.

We have, at, a practice/service called the Power of One. In this work someone is praying/invoking healing for you 24 hours a day. And, as well, after my last illness, I had someone come up to me and say... Ted you look so much better are you OK? I said yes. He told me his church group had been praying for me as well, something I did not know.

Back to that bolt of Divine White Light... It is so clear to me now, that when one is so mired in a place of discomfort and pain... it is those who are praying/meditating for us at that time, that can affirm and strengthen the Soul connection with the Divine. Even if you cannot sense or feel it.

This is an important and necessary partnership of great works, especially at this time when there are so many challenges in our world.

I can truly testify that the love, effort and Divine insight of my friends has lifted me back to a place of loving awareness and Soul connection.

I thank my friends for the gift of their service, and promise it will be returned in kind to all that request it.

In these thoughts, I offer of them as way to make our world a better, healthier and Soul connected place.

Love and Light,


Soul Connection

Thank you, Ted. This soul connection has really been felt in recent days, and even to the point of waking up this morning feeling happiness! So grateful for this blessing.

Soul connection

Dear Art,

We thank you for your connection, to the One Soul. You are a powerful and positive force in the Life!

Love and Light,