(Revised Meditation on Doubt from the "Gates of Prayer", The New Union Prayer Book.....Central Conference of American Rabbis)

"Cherish your Doubts, for Doubt is the Handmaiden of Truth.
Doubt is the Key to the Door of Knowledge;
it is the servant of Discovery.

A Belief which may not be questioned binds us to error, for there is incompleteness and imperfection in every belief.

Doubt is the Touchstone of Truth; it is an Acid which eats away the False.

Let none fear for the Truth, that Doubt may consume it; for Doubt is a testing of belief.

For Truth, if it be Truth, Arises from each Testing Stronger, more Secure. Those who would Silence Doubt are filled with fear; the house of their Spirit is built on shifting sands.

But they that fear not Doubt, and know its use, are founded on a Rock.

They SHALL Walk in the Light of growing knowledge;
the work of their Hands shall endure.

Therefore, let us not fear Doubt, but let us Rejoice in its help; it is to the Wise as a Staff to the Blind: Doubt is the Handmaiden of Truth.

You are just, O Eternal One, and so I must contend with You, therefore plead my case before You.
Why do the wicked prosper and traitors live at ease?

You have planted them, their roots strike deep, they flourish and bear fruit.
You are ever on their lips, yet far from their hearts.

....How Long must The land lie parched, and its green grass wither? So wicked are its people who say, 'THE HOLY ONE does not see the result of what we are doing," that there are no birds or beasts left!

Job 38

Then the Eternal answered Job out of the whirlwind:
Who is this whose ignorant words cloud MY design in darkness?

Where were you when I laid the earth's foundations?
Tell me, if you have understanding: Who settled its dimensions?
Surely you should know!
Who laid its cornerstone, when the Morning Stars sang together,
and all the Children of God Shouted for Joy?

Who watched over the birth of the sea when it burst in flood from the womb,
when I wrapped it in a blanket of could and cradled it in fog,
when I established its bounds,
fixing its doors and bars in place, and said:
"Thus far shall you come and no farther, and here shall your proud waves be stayed".

Have the Gates of Death been revealed to you?

Have you comprehended the vast expanse of the world?

Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades or loose Orion's belt?

Did you proclaim the rules that govern the heavens, or determine the laws of nature on earth?


Ecclesiastes 4

Again, I considered all the acts of Oppression here under the sun; I saw the tears of the oppressed, and I saw that there was none to comfort them.
Strength was on the side of their oppressors, and there was none to comfort them.

I counted the dead happy because they were dead, happier than the living who were still in life.
And more fortunate than either the one yet unborn, who had not witnessed the evil deeds done here under the sun.



I do not know how to ask You Lord, of the World, and even if I did know, I could not bear to do it.
How could I venture to ask You why everything happens as it does, why we are driven from exile into another, why our foes are allowed to torment us so.

But in the Hagadah, the father of her " who does not know how to ask" is told:

"It is for you to disclose it to him."

And, Lord of the world, Am I not your Child? I do not ask you to reveal to me the secret of Your ways~~~I could not bear it!

But show me one thing:

show me what this very moment means to me,
what it demands of me,
what YOU, Lord are telling me through my life at this moment.

O I do Not ask You to tell me WHY I LIVE,
but only whether I LIVE for YOUR SAKE!


I call heaven and earth to witness this day:
I have put before ME life and death,
the blessing and the curse.
Therefore LET ME Choose LIFE,
that Your children may LIVE
by Loving the Eternal Light,
heeding Divine Guidance,
And Holding fast to our INNER KNOWING.

Surely, if you do right, there is Hope.

In Peace I will both lie down and sleep, for YOU ALONE, LIGHT OF LIGHT, allow me to live unafraid.

Let the Glory of the Universe be extolled. Let the GREAT NAME be Hallowed in the World whose creation was Divinely Expressed.

May the Realm of Light soon prevail, in our own day, our own lives, and the life of all the EARTH, and Let us say: Amen."

Meegwetch. Maranatha

end of Doubt meditation

"Alchemical Union by anonomous:This symbol is in the form of the infinity sign indicating a shift toward conscious integration of the energies of spirit/Sol and soul/Luna."

" The story begins in Pisces, the sign of the Collective Unconscious, where the archetypal energies of life are stirring with new images and symbols, stories and songs. Pisces symbolizes the completion of the cycle of life, a return to the origins so rebirth can occur. This past year its' waters were energized to birth new archetypal images, new constellations of life. A few years ago when Jupiter passed over the Galactic Center (26*Sagittarius) with Pluto, I had a dream that I saw the Pleiades shining brightly in the daytime sky as another constellation disintegrated behind me. A new story was being birthed into consciousness while the old one slipped away."

"First, we need to understand the old story. And then we need to discover our part in the new story that emerging."

"Uranus in Pisces opened us to the archetypal energies of life.
Just remember -" archetypes "pick' you, you don't pick archetypes.
You need to be opened to the archetype that is working to manifest through you.
If your ego decides who you should be, you will never fulfill your potential.
If you allow your Self -" your inner Truth -" to guide you, you will discover a creative power within that will bless your life and bless the lives of those people you love and interact with."

"The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 30* Capricorn is: A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs. This symbol can refer to secret meetings of the power structures of the world or even the old idea of a White Lodge of benevolent souls which guides human destiny.

But that's the old story.

The new story might see this symbol as an opportunity for each of us to gather with like-minded individuals who hold one piece of the puzzle, which when put together, can help us see the bigger picture. Learn to work in groups -" this is the ideal of the Aquarian Age that we all seem to be waiting for. Work together for our future."


"....For example, last night I reached for a book called Unplugging the Patriarchy to pick up where I left off months ago. To my surprise, there was the image of the caduceus -- two entwined snakes around a staff, used by the medical profession as the symbol of healing. The author Lucia Rene writes of snakes as symbols of the power of the Sacred Feminine, wisdom, and the kundalini life force coiled at the base of the spine.

And then this morning, I came across Elizabeth Jones' article Ophiuchus, The "Sign" of Things to Come" in which she expands on the significance of its emergence now. Since Jupiter and Uranus both send us on quantum leaps into the future, I find that an apt title."



"If we substitute the Sun for the Son as the transmitter of this energy we can imagine a vibration coming from our star and illuminating the consciousness of the disciples, energizing and empowering them. Christian prophecy says it will be poured out on all flesh in the Last Days (Acts 2:16-21).


The idea that the Sun emits or ‘rains’ a ‘key of life’ upon earth is based on solid science.

The Sun is like a giant musical instrument. The entire Sun vibrates from a complex pattern of acoustical waves. It rings like a bell, and vibrates like an organ pipe. The National Optical Astronomy Observatory says we can learn a lot by listening to the Sun. In fact, it estimates that the sun has 10 million keys or notes.

Solar music isn’t usually the first thing we think of when we think about the Sun. That’s because we can’t actually hear it. The Sun's sound waves are normally at frequencies too low for the human ear to hear. Our Sun lies 93,000,000 miles away, surrounded by the vacuum of space. Sound won't travel through space, of course. But with the right instrument, scientists can "hear" pulsations from the Sun. Astronomers measure the solar music in order to determine what its heart is like. Music is the only way to learn about the heart of the sun because the light we see from the Sun comes from its outside. "


"Sacred Soul Sister
In another life
Your name was
And it resonates to this very day.


As You emerge into the Knowingness of
Your own Beauty,
To the Truth of Your Loveable Essence
May you too
Celebrate and Treasure
The Power of all
that is You.

Are Blessed Indeed
By Your Presence.

your Pure Loving Vibrations
Good Medicine and Perfect Truth,
Open us to the Light....
a perfect Emissary.

Thank you for being Divinely Guided
Into our Lives
Are Deeply Loved."



I come to you in Humble Offering....

I keep hearing in my head "Jesus did not count Equality with AVATAR something to be grasped at, but humbled himself, to the Way in which HE was CALLED."

I have tested myself to "see" if this Creativity, Connection, Life is a Deception....

I am realizing the gift of what I have to "channel" because do not know what is "supposed to be coming Through the stars" authenticates the TRUTH of what I am discovering in my Body and Thoughts.

I have been feeling the Tremendous Synthesizing Generating Energies of Betelgeuse at my though that is the Hump of SACRED BUFFALO....Pulsating through my very Blood and Bones....As well as this New Spiritual Body I am Learning to Live in....

I do not Understand this Mystery, that I would have such Powerful Archetypal Energies to Engage and Dialogue with through my VOICE....

I do not Understand this Mystery of My New Birth....

Dear Light, when I began this journey, I was looking for a "tent" making something....secular work to support my "Ministry....It has been clear to me that I am not to seek "work",nor Welfare nor am I to "Charge" for anything I offer....I am to trust wholly in you one step at a time....awaiting with THANKSGIVING, The Means to Live the Life to Which I am Called, supporting my family of Tulabere, Clair de Lune and Dream Catcher, allowing me to Heal On this Island of Fallen ANGELS.

I am realizing that While I want to Grant Peace of Mind on to all my dear friends,
who worry about my financial well being....
Who tell me "this isn't the way the Spiritual journey is done"....
I must be the Fool, the Monkey, and follow to Where Joy is FED, and leave the Economics to YOU.

Sovereignty means knowing where one gives to the Universe, and that the Table of Plenty will provide as I keep up My end of things, following your inner whispers.

I Hear you, GREAT SPIRIT, Inviting Me to Covenant....
to Commit, to GIVE VOICE TO THESE INSPIRATIONS, and INCARNATIONS that come to me....
now that I have an Idea of just How Outrageous this OPPORTUNITY is....

I Hear your invitation to
trust that It is Your Light AT MY BACK....
Nourishing Me, Empowering Me, Communing with Me
in this Adventure we are continuing here,

Me, Learning How to Commune, and to Work with THIS PARTICULAR HOLOGRAPH OF THE BODY OF THE RISEN CHRIST, until the next step reveals itself.

The Prayer you gave me at my 'first' ordination has only grown in my desire for Your Spirit to Use Me as Your Theophania:

Let my Hands be a Sacrament of Your Holy Love, let all that I touch Receive Your Healing Love.

Let My Voice be a Sacrament of Your Holy Love, Let all that I Sound, transmit Your Healing Love.

Let My Eyes, be a Sacrament of Your Holy Love,
Let all that I see, be Your Healing Love.

May My Mind, be a Sacrament of Your Holy Love,
Let all be a Sanctuary, for Your Healing Love.

May My Heart be a Sacrament of Your Holy Love,
Let All that I am Be YOUR HEALING LOVE.


Meegwetch. Ho.

"Let the River Run",Carly Simon, Album Working Girl