Wesak Moon Impressions: May 9, 2009

The receiving of this was Inspired when I was sharing the Wesak Valley Legend with a group I am part of. I found "Wesak" celebration in the net as well. But it does not include words that are Exchanged with the Masters that "Arrive" for the Event. One of the participants had asked: What does Jesus say to Buddah? I didn't find it in my research....so I suggested as an Intention....go into the Valley and have a Dialogue...an Encounter with what ever Divine Personage you Want....its Sacred Space for Sacred Actions.

This is what I received.

Jesus..You Dwell within the
Intrastatial places of my Being
Where the Transforming Ruach Winds
Blow gently through my Essence
Tenderly Breathing away
that Which does not Serve the Light.

Let your Redemptive Presence
Metamorphize Humanity
That we may Incarnate
Your Healing Presence,
Creative Word,
And Celebratory Spirit.

Baptize us anew with the
Crystalline Blessing of StarLight
Connecting our Bubbling Springs
to Your Centre
That We May draw upon
The Crystal Energies
that Create Sacred Altars
Beneath our Feet.

Let me Gaze into your Eyes
Where Worlds and Galaxies Meet
Drawing me into Your Centre
where all is Peace.

Let your Sacred heart
Awaken the Compassionate Absolution
that Lies Asleep within
My Body & Soul....
Breathe your Breath upon me.....

With your Healing Presence
Clear My Eyes
and the Sacred Wheel
between my Ears.


Hildegard de Bingen,

You who offered the Chalice of Your Stars
& Body
& Mind
to the Virgin Birth
of Verdatis Vitality....
Let your Verdatis Flame
Within the Indigo and Amythest
flicker in the
Sacred Altar of my Mind.

I invite you to be
Present in my Field
Gently Aligning me
As Sacred
For the Living Waters
and Cascading StarLight
That Nourish the
Vestal Flame

Maitreya "speaks"...

...I come to you in Laughter & Mirth
Whispering Bliss Full Visions
& Feelings
that Lead to the Peace
of Your own Worlds
Inwardly & Outwardly.

In the Bliss Full play of
your Stories & Meditation
your Music & your Encounters
Accompanied with the
Celestial Host of LightWorkers,
We will Birth a World of
Peace that Passes all
Present Understanding.


St. Germain "speaks"....

I come to you in the Presence
of the Violet Flame
For words can Separate and
Breakdown "your" sense of
Vibrational At One Ment

Invite me into your Field
and I will Align you to
Sacred Mysteries
that have yet to Dance in
Your Consciousness.

Be Still & Present to the Silence.


Kwan Yin "speaks":

Beloved Heart,
You grow in Self Compassion...
the very Place where
the Spirit of Self Healng
Grows and is Nourished.
I gather the Child Heart
of each of You
to My breast for Comfort
To Emanate
Ease and Strength
in Gentle Vibration through
Your Incarnational Essence.

The World is in My Heart for I
hear your Individual Cry
for Nirvana, and the Sacred REalm
to be RE-Born Within
Your heart
And Gaia's Spiritual Body

No work or Effort is REquired
....Just the Invitation to
Rest in my Presence,
Letting Your
Healing Attunement to me
Heal the World.