Harmony of the World

Dear Friends and Co-Workers:

The impetus for writing the following came from meditation at the Full Moon and also what one co-worker wrote recently: "I would propose to nourish in this time the fiery relation or formula that associates the Ideas of Purpose with Harmony..."

2011 Cancer Festival ~ Impressions

The Full Moon Festival during Cancer occurs on July 14 (PDT). For the 2011 annual spiritual cycle, our meditation focus theme is based on "Embrace the Unknown ... Fulfillment of Purpose."

Preparing for the New Moon....to "BUILD A LIGHTED HOUSE, AND THEREIN DWELL."

The Dweller of the Threshold has been alive and Tangible....within me....within those loved ones around me....

Illusions being challenged......disorientation....finding new language.....

Saturday i hit a place i haven't known in a long while....giving up....wanting to die......i can't live life for my own sake.......

calling in Angels and Guardian Spirits to pray with me because i don't know people to ask and i was feeling really isolated.....

Arizona Wildfires ~ Power of One Vigil

Please join SouledOut.org and others for a Power of One vigil for all those affected by the Wallow Fire in Arizona, the largest fire in Arizona history which has been going through the month of June.

May this service assist in supporting the efforts of those fireworkers endeavoring to control the fire, as well as the many realms of life being affected by this disaster.

Related links for more information and for relief fund donations:



Restore the Energy
Of the One perfect Love.

Restore the Balance
Of the Divine Feminine.
And Bring the love that can heal
All you are,
Into your very heart,
And Into your very Being.

This is the Light and Love
You can Claim from your Source and Maker.
This is the Energy that you Know to be your direct lifeline
Of your soul to God.

That is the Perfect Power
That leads you to call Forth
The truth that is Waiting to be revealed.

What is this mystery but Life itself
Becoming the Reality
Of how we hold the Gift of Love.

The Divine way we become

The next Level of Light

The Next Level of Light

Now the Next level of Light Comes.
Claim this point of Light as your Heritage,
Your entitlement, your entrance to this place of Heaven.

For your Soul is of the Son,
The Radiance of your Being
is born of the Love that is of the Creator.

That very Breath is Your Very Breath.
That very Life is your very life to Live.
That great Love is yours to Be and To know.

There are no limitations in the Oneness of God’s being.
In the Oneness that leads you to where you
can join in The Way, the Truth and the Life.

This is yours to Claim,
This is yours to choose,
And this is the salvation that is your lifeline,
That was given you by God.
Through his merging the Christ and the Love
That is Christ in Man,
Man and God,
God in Man.
It is your Heritage. Your Entitlement.
Your Enlightenment,
And your very Being of Spirit Eternal.
Of Life Everlasting. Of bliss Divine,
And of this Very Moment.
Here in you,
Alive, now and Forevermore,
Be it, Believe it!
And live It in Being it.


....For the Creation waits
with eager longing
for the revealing of the Children of God;

for the Creation was subjected to futility,
not of its own will
but by the will of the one who subjected it,
in hope,
that the Creation itself
will be set free from its bondage to decay
and will obtain the freedom
of the glory of Children of God.

We know that the whole Creation has been groaning in
labor pains until now;

and not only the Creation, but we ourselves,
who have the first fruits of the Spirit,
groan inwardly while we wait for adoption,


"When you look deeply, you
will know what needs

Pray for guidance."

Soulspeaks/Susan Sun


How does this Happen Lord,....
in the midst of Transcending
there are sparks of pain that activate....

Getting back to the Centre,
Back to the Light And Truth.

ah...the discharge ~ STATIC Ted is talking about.....

Back to the Centre by re-praying my prayers....

Participating in the Story Blessings as they NOW



Meditation Impression at the Full Moon of Aries Festival, 2011

The following is based on the Meditation and the SouledOut website materials for The Festival of the Risen One, April 2011.

As we rose up sensed the Light of the First Festival and my connection to it and all those present. Then I sensed we passed through a layer that was noisy, like static on a radio that is not on a station. It was something I rarely experienced during our monthly full moon meditations. It did dissipate, but it said to me, that it was about the level of anxiety, nervousness and even fear that was being felt by many on our planet. As we rose I felt an increasing calmness.


"The Moon Esoterically..... Submitted by Herenow on Tue, 11/30/2010 - 18:02.

Interesting perspective in considering fire and the fires of mind in relation to the burning ground of Scorpio. In light of your challenges with fear, the following may be something to consider in attuning the etheric body."


Great Buddah of the Blue Sphere...
ignite your Fire in My Mind....

Allow the Electrical, Transubstantiating
Energies to Enliven
the Channels and Distributers
of your Light
In my Brain and the Cosmic Consciousness....

With Our Mater the Earth....Let our Conscious

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