Missouri Tornadoes ~ Power of One Vigil

Please join SouledOut.org in a Power of One vigil for all those affected by the storms and huge tornado that happened May 22, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri.

May this service assist in overcoming the losses of so many, and with the needed restoration.

The Power to Love

The Power to Love

Receive in the deepest realms of the Center of the Heart,
The Power to Love and Be Loved

To Love with the Sweet Grace of God.
To understand with the Faith of Divine Trust,
That this Love is your Purpose,
And Your Protection.
And it will Allow you to Be Open to
The Light that is the Radiant Energy that
Carries the Transforming Presence of All
that is the very Core of Life.

This Light combined with This pure Love
Is alive in the Eternal Christ
And is your Holy Connection to God.

Give Great Thanks by Sharing
This Light and Love


rec'd Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Winds of Change
of the Sacred Directions
Smudging the "AirWaves"
with LIGHT & LOVE.

Let their Etheric Whispers
of Streaming Wisdom
Enliven our Consciousness with
Divine Love
and "Uncreated Light".

From whom all Blessings Flow.

The Waters of Life
Are also those Waves of Solar Truth
In Moon Awakened Minds
Attuning to Starry Flows of
The Cosmic Consciousness Alive
in Us as
One Spirit
One Life
Birthing in Etheric Realms.

....the Nirmanakayas in Contemplation....

...out of the Union to Silence

Release the past

release the past
Lift all the veils of illusion
And Accept the life you have Chosen.
This is the foundation you have built.
Bless this foundation.
Bless this Life.

And release any thing that no longer
Serves the Journey onward.

Sweet dreams,
Sweet delusions,
Be released.
Be set Free.
Empty the secrets of the Heart.
So the Pure Light of the Master
Can come and redeem your reality,
So you can truly give yourself to God.
For all of the Life’s Choices and Distractions
Were only Preparation for the
Building of a New and brighter Way.

From Whom All Blessings Flow

The Evolution of my New Birth since the Capricorn initiation has been quite astonishing to watch, as well as experience.

With Venus moving into Aries, it is truly My Authentic Self Emerging.....Facing shadows of dualistic energies, sorrowing as I lift memories of harm making, to pray to God for ALL THINGS TO MAKE NEW.

Be Still

Be Still My Children,
within your inward places....
The Light is Here.

Drink it deep into your Mater....
the foundation for all Incarnation.

Allow the Light of Love to permeate your
Inner Galaxies and Interstatial places.

Guides, Angels, Masters, Brothers & Sisters
of every dimension Gather Together
To Sing Gaia into Resurrected Being
by transforming those passions
that otherwise invite oppressive energies
into the Life Force of the One Life.

Root deep into the Mystery of Sacred Silence
....the Pause
....the Breath
....the InBetween Moment

Bring All of Who you are to God

Bring the Whole of who you Are to God

Bring the Body, Mind, emotions and Ego
And Place them in the Light of the Alter of truth.
Bring them to the Chalice as an offering of your Life.
And Let the Light Allow you to see
All of Who you Are with Nothing Hidden.

Stand naked in the Love
that can Accept the Whole of Who you are to God.

Have the Great Compassion to understand
That your Life and all that you have created,
Will never be perfect.
Yet, without judgment,
Without separation,
You can bring your self
To engage your life and all of Who you Are with God.

While you are Here

The Power of the Energies of the Wesak Festival Is Present.
Thank You Davita for you inspiring Message!

Here's my Morning Message
While you are here

While you are here
Let the Fragrance of the Flowers of heaven
Fall upon your senses.

Let your Heart Be intoxicated by the Joy
That comes with the union
of God’s Love with Humankind.

Let your Self Know
That you were Meant to be here
Upon this Blessed Earth.

And that with the Guidance
Of the Divine teacher,
You may learn to have the Strength
It takes to walk through the World,
And while seeing the Truth

Expansion of Awareness at the Wesak Moon

This is the html version of the file http://astrojourneys.com/wesak.pdf.

“No cost is too great to pay order to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of the Full Moon of May, the Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain spiritual illumination which can be possible, particularly at this time.” The Tibetan DK

At this time the Great Ones are forming a great field of energy
in the Himalayas through Their meditation, contemplation, mystical and spiritual rituals, and through Their great invocations and Love
sent from Above to Earth.

The Sleeping Fire

The Sleeping of Fire Commitment

The Sleeping Fire of the Soul’s Commitment
Holds the Yearning Heart softly in it’s hands.
The Passion of the Burning Light
Beckons the life to awake to its true calling.

Oh, Sleeping Caterpillar,
It is time to emerge from your cocoon
And spread your wings and fly.

Only fear holds you back from giving
Yourself totally to God’s will.
Only false security tethers you to the life you have led.
And to be open to doing
What must be done to serve the will of God.

For complacency is a Block to be exposed.
And when you choose Not to choose

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