We Play Our Part and Just Dissolve!

These are impressions following the passing of our spiritual teacher and friend. This initial impression came through to an individual a few hours after the actual time of our teacher's death and abstraction.

You don't pass over, you pass through. It's really weird. It is passing through your skin. Very strange to rise up.

As you leave, the energy body still has this distinct impression of the physical body that is not forgotten, but you realize you are more than the body. The body only shapes the existence.

Soon you are much more.

Interesting in being an energy body. All of the memories are still there, they just don't seem as important. The only thing that is important is the work. So get crackin'!

The next impression of his abstraction was experienced by another individual, a few weeks later in group formation, who relayed the experience as follows. This experience simultaneously included mental, emotional, and physical impressions, as if it were happening to them in present time.

When you move out of your body you're in this gel. It's kind of like Jell-O, it's in blobs, but of an even thicker consistency, kind of like tapioca, but without the little bits in it.

This is like one blob, then there are blobs here, and here, and here.

It's like the material when a volcano blurps ~ but more like Jell-O. The blobs are individual yet are attached to one another. You're in it and it's thick and gooey and you can hardly move at first, everything's in slow motion.

You can't move, and it's kinda stuck and it's sticky, but then something happens and it gets warmer. And after it gets warmer, it begins to loosen and become not so thick, just like Jell-O would it becomes thinner and thinner, until it's almost liquid. Then you just emerge from out of it. No longer are you contained in these blobs.

Then you go into the astral from that blobby, liquefying process. The astral consists of rosy pink and gold, there's lots of light, lots of swirling energy and colors ... but mainly, rose and gold. And there're these little sparkle-like things of a lot of energy, with a little light, and then it goes to white.

You find that you begin to appear places. At first, you don't know what's happened ~ you don't know that you've thought of something, somewhere or someone. You don't realize you've appeared because of your thinking.

Then, you recognize that you can focus and you can cause yourself to appear somewhere. If you focus on a place or a person, or whatever, it's what you're focused on that determines where you'll appear.

And when you do that, as you go from that one point to the next, there's this sucking noise, this suction. "Oh, I'll focus here." You can be anywhere, all you need to do is just focus, just think it, and you're there. Just like that. It's as if you're physically there, but now it's your astral body ... and when you go to that place there's a suction, and when you leave, again there's a sucking noise.

You can pop in and out ... and at first you were defocused, and you didn't know. And then you learned how to work in it. And once you learned to work in it, it was kind of fun. You gain facility, you've really had facility already, but now you're even freer and you can do it quicker, and you can gain more facility not having your physical body.

When you're popping around and doing those things, then comes, "Okay, guess what? You have work to do!"

And then you appear, you pop into this light, indigo space. It's not a cold indigo, it's warm and there's a lot of energy. There are silvery, scintillating lights in this indigo, kind of like when you close your eyes and you look at indigo but you also see energy in the form of vitality globules. There's a consciousness there, a life.

It feels really expansive, like it would just go on, as if there were no borders. But there is a border. It has a beginning and an end to this process.

The next thing is that you pop out of the indigo. When you pop out, all of a sudden you see this world, this perfect nature scene ... majestic mountains, a beautiful blue lake, green trees along with rich amber Aspen fall-colored leaves, everything is just perfect.

Then you pop out of this into another place, a beautiful nature scene ... the desert, with southwestern colored mesas, blue sky. There was yet another spring-like place with blossoms, a crystal clear stream, and green trees. These were Eden-like places.

These scenes were picture perfect. And then when I popped into one, all of a sudden it went "Oh, this isn't real! This is an illusion!" The pictures began to blend together, they were unreal. And when it did that, instead of it being like a picture you take a photograph of, all of a sudden it began to dissolve.

And the colors began to be one, until it all flowed into no picture. Once you recognized it was all an illusion that was what happened ~ that was the process. No pictures. No nothing.

Then there is a gold and indigo space that has no thoughtforms or pictures. It feels like the mental plane. It's alive like the other indigo was, but this one has a different vibration in it. That one had silver, and this one has gold energy.

This indigo space at first is very expansive but like a lens aperture to a camera, it begins closing down in a spiraling motion, focusing into an indigo point. The point instantaniously becomes a white-gold wormhole like tunnel to a white-golden luminescent plane which ultimately transforms to a clear, translucent space.

There's something about this that's hard to convey, there's no adequate language to describe the experience now. There's nothing, yet there's everything! There's so much energy yet there's no color, no feeling, no astral.

All the previous experiences had components of feelings, sensitivity and sentience. This one has a sentiency but not the feeling kind of sentiency like the others. It's translucent, clear ... the nothing.

The work is to gain facility in these realms.

It's a solitary journey.

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