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From: The Light Series #72:
It's All About Love, Light and Oneness

An email to Jean Hudon:

Michael Worldwide Events - #2 - Jan. 22, 2005
Put Your Light Into MONEY 'Movement'

Beloveds and Friends,

St. Germain's message through Mike Quinsey of 01-21-2005 has 'triggered' me to initiate a worldwide global movement that all Light Workers and men, women and children of good will, from any religious belief or stand can support. Share this widely with everyone, please!

Credo Behind and Within this "Put Your Light Into MONEY" Movement

Put Your Light Into Money...

"Let there be Light!" and "God is LIGHT" is no empty divine statement! When and where light comes, the DARK must retreat---and be no more!

Everything in the Universe moves and interacts through a vast vibrational field OF LIGHT. Each and every snowflake, raindrop, grain of sand, human, animal or mineral 'form' has it's own very unique vibrational Light tone, which self-places it at any self identified 'level' within it's part of the Light Spectrum of the Universe. This applies to any "form" of any kind, be it a person, a rock, a chair (even a coin or all kinds and values of dollar bills), including Euros, Pounds, Pesos, Yen, etc. etc. etc., etc.

As most folks in vibrational medicine or hologram, or quantum physics and virtual reality programs know, anything through focus, by a man-devised gadget or device, or the human mind itself--can be given a select constructive or destructive electric or electromagnetic "charge" into it!

Depending on the amount of 'charge' the newly charged form will "hold that charge" (or extra Light) for a given time.

Thus, as Great Teachers guiding our human race on Earth have pointed out, having been given free will, we can each place our "intent" into whatever we choose and thus bring about a higher, more uplifting reality, or a further greatly degraded reality in our personal world and through our shared worlds of reality. 

The creative power of the mind is awesome, and is much, much more so when a large group of folks stand strong in their hearts and minds about any given course of human or spiritual action or any joint, or unified project!

Now then think! Money flows like water all over the world non-stop, and is mostly now greatly tinged or "shaded" if not colored with greed, lust, and evil diabolical power over others (even over nations). Most money today is loaded with the heavy feeling of drudgery, of hard "work" or sheer 'heaviness,' and in seeming greatly LIMITED personal supply!

MONEY - is greatly desired for what it can do to relieve the pain and suffering and hardship of taxes, slavery, ill health, and everything else that blatantly ails humankind on Earth today! 

Money only carries a 'light' or joyful vibration when we each personally have plenty in our pockets or purses or bank account to meet our own and our family's seeming never-ending daily, weekly or monthly bills and debts or personal obligations! The momentary upliftment of money is fast gone, for almost without exception, for us masses, it soon disappears from our hands.

THINK now, in light of this, what a grand loving, thrilling Light-filled movement we can initiate together (in joy and powerful unity) - IF from this moment on---every time we have a coin, a dollar bill, or any amount or kind of "currency" in our hands (receiving it or giving it) we each FEEL and mentally project as much white, white or gold dazzling Light as we can imagine into that money? Be assured, soon---the money of the entire world will suddenly or eventually all be CHARGED WITH GREAT LIGHT!

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