Meditation For Evolultionaries
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These meditations are listed here in
service to Gaia and evolving humanity.
Craig Hamilton freely shares the
the practice of direct awakening
with our global community. He begins
each meditative gathering with a brief talk
about meditation, then leads the group in a
roughly 45-minute guided meditation practice,
alternating between periods of silent practice
and brief instructional interludes.
This is followed by a Q&A session where
Craig answers questions about meditation.
Craig is the founder of Integral Enlightenment
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Powerful Free Audios
Highlights from Craig Hamilton's
Free November 2018 Meditation Course
2018 Virtual Living Room Coaching Replay
"spiritual experience" and "spiritual awakening"
2018 Unleashing the Power of Meditation
The Keys to Living an Awakened Life


Opening to Spiritual Freedom (2hrs.)
2/5/18 Explore 5 inner postures
of awakened consciousness.
Also see Opening to the Infinite Blog


Are You Ready For Awakening? (16 mins.)
Receptivity - An intro to 1 of 8 Inner
Postures of Awakened Awareness
Awakening to Your True Nature
30-minute guided meditation
Meditation 2.0 Direct Awakening (90 mins)
5/12/17 Presumption of Enlightenment
Four Gateways to Awakening (1:46:33)
5/21/17 A Guided Meditation Workshop
Nov. 27, 2016 Meditation (90 mins.)
Presence and Easefulness:
The Two Pillars of Meditative Awakening
Dec. 18, 2016 Meditation (90 mins.)
Three Gateways to Freedom:
An Experiment in Direct Awakening

The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego
January 2017 Free Online Seminar (90mins.)
How to Make the Change that Changes Everything


Live Interactive Forum (90 mins.)
Jan. 26, 2017 - When 2 different dimensions
of spiritual awakening converge ... when those
close to us don't share our spiritual aspirations ...
Craig also shares his vision in practice for liberation.


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