New Moon Meditations
2020 in Pacific Time Zone:
Jan. 24, Feb. 23, Mar. 24, Apr. 22,
May 22, June 20, July 20, Aug. 18,
Sept. 17, Oct. 16, Nov. 14, Dec 14
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From: Sharon Rose

I invite you to gather your family and friends together once a month at the time of new beginnings, the New Moon, to focus our combined spiritual energy to create this new world. Enclosed is a meditation I began fourteen years ago that is now being done by groups of people all over the world. Please join us. And pass it on to everyone you know.

Thank you for gracing my life with your Presence, and for being an uplifting force in the world.

With love and aloha, I send you blessings of peace and joy,
Sharon Rose

A Meditation to Create A New World

Purpose: To join together in heart, mind and spirit to create a better world.

How: By yourself or with a group of family and friends, offer a prayer or meditation for the creation of a more loving, peaceful, abundant world.

The following is adapted from Passport to Paradise copyrighted by Sharon Rose and offered as a suggestion. Add your own vision of heaven on earth.

Begin ...

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and breathe in the love deep at the center of your heart. Breathe love into every cell of your body.

Send love out from your heart to everyone you know and to the places in the world that need healing, until your loves reaches around the world.

Hold our precious Earth in your hands and send love and gratitude to this beloved planet that is our home.

Envision ...

Create in your mind's eye the paradise this planet was always meant to be.

Envision clean air and pure water, rivers, lakes and oceans...lush green forests and farmlands...people living in dignity and abundance in harmony with each other and the Earth.

Hear the sounds of forgiveness as old enemies become friends...the sounds of joy and laughter as communities formerly divided by hate become whole again.

Feel the warmth of acceptance and the safety of our homes and neighborhoods as our world becomes united with brotherly and sisterly love.

Envision peace beginning in the heart of every individual and spreading heart to heart across the land, finally encircling the globe.

See clearly this new world that honors everyone as well as the Earth, and feel how it feels to live in this new world. See it clearly and feel it intensely.

Release and Live the Vision ...

Release it to the angels with joy and gratitude and begin today to live it. So be it!


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