"We return to an original state by rising."

The following series of "R" words and affirmations apply to the theme of the Aries cycle,
and are suggested here for use in observing the Easter Festival of the Risen One.

1. Remember We remember who we are, as we re-member with the whole.
2. Repent We turn away from that which no longer serves.
3. Renounce We say no, and seal the door where evil dwells.
4. Relinquish We give up: Thy will be done.
5. Restitution

We render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's,
and to God, that which is God's.

6. Reorientation We can see clearly now.
7. Rededication We see the light, we stand in the light, we are the light.
8. Regeneration We are healed.
9. Renewal Behold, we make all things new!
10. Rebirth We are born again, and again, to higher realms of service.
11. Resurrection We return to an original state by rising.
12. Re-creation The mysteries are revealed, the truth made manifest.
13. Restoration The Kingdom of Heaven is established on Earth. Site Map Home