Venus Transit ...

On June 7-8, 2004 the whole world focused on a rare astronomical / astrological event called a Venus transit. Venus was viewed crossing the Sun as its orbit passed directly in front of it. No one alive had ever seen such a transit, as the previous one occurred December 1882. Venus Transit / Gemini '04 Night Sky

Like a New Moon, there is a New Venus and it occurred with this transit. This new phase of Venus marks the beginning of an 8-year cycle of movement for the planet, which forms a 5-pointed star in the heavens when it is charted! Five makes possible the Ascension. The formation of this star pattern is completed at the June 5-6, 2012 Venus transit, and a new 5-pointed star, 8-year cycle begins! Ancient Mayan prophecy proclaims that this 2012 Venus passage gives birth to the new world of consciousness.

See The New Venus to learn more about the 2012 Venus transit.

Venus represents the Sacred Feminine. It is the planet of Love, human unity, beauty and creativity. It is known as the Bringer of Light. As Venus danced in front of the Sun and took center stage, the light of the Sun transmitted Venusian qualities to Earth. received a Venus transit impression in an email. This impression inspired further correspondence, and we share these creative insights with you here.


CATechISm emails 7/3/04:

amazing thinKs are happening

as the Venus Effect of the shift
near feel like a shower of blessings. . hailing
on us
golf balls of wisdom
like wouldn't each and every gent
who eye light up at speaking of his grandchildren
be willing to give
a golf course over to the children

time is. . .to take every back to where it belongs, or realize the why and what for's, it was let land in ya lap

and better yet that nailing the first boss we had with a rotten tomato in the back of his neck. .. while he was trying to sell them to the local cannery

hick up
as I did just now. . .with not comment. . .
without want. . . Responds:

Venus creates
the 8-year pentagon

Five makes
Ascension possible

Mayans end
time ... 2012

ThinKs are
happening ...

Ahhh ... Mazing!


CATechISm Responds:

Venus creates
VenUS, the only PLANet with Feminine name, The armless Goddess of Love through which the tree of knowledge leaves us palm the vains of nature's blooming show, MUMS are both the flower of and in Peace while our younguests are the stars of the Milky Way's spiralling arms let rock and cradle till they creep and crawl way to running and finally flying way in a world of their own

V en US. . V, in my book of life, has come stand for the V for Victory. . . as in the Canada Goose flying in V for Victory formations. . . at soon as the Head Goose tires and begin slack off, the next in line takes over. . without a squabble . . just a honk in Peace for letting us know how to save 70% of our energy for landing two with every bird that need time out. . . so when they take flight again, they can still take turns, whether the one they went down with survives, or not.

the 8-year pentagon
"pen tag on" the Five sided building for turning the military into the musical gift of the sand dollar donut and the stone starfish castle the iDeal , we put to our ears and listened to the music. . . magic
leaves me wish supply all in the military with penny whistles or harmonicas and kazoo's for easy packing and carrying the miracle of music in our pocket. . .

aSCENTiON, a scent ion possible through nature's blooming show. . . and wow, at my mind just been let journey through thinking. . . that 9 11 call for turning money into music and the military into the instrument of peace play and park . . the instruments of war while we make music music music to where it let meltdown. . all which once came trouble us with our own favourite hobby being blowing bubbles. . . and swinging our pendulum. . . now a Big Buoy float. . . and us through oceans changes, as still in store for us

its also had us read the Mayans end time ... 2012
as our being journeyed into a present, as in the ever lasting hear and now, where we no longer need keep track of time. . . be more like the Hopi, who have no concept of past or future. . . at a living in the hear & now

ThinKs are
happening ...

and the neatest is, that this journey through , as I see it, humanity's spiritual puberty, give this is a happen from the insight out. . . waking up with a knewfound sense of self. . .realizing, as I did once day, certain animosities . . . happenings, which had taught me to keep my distance from another, had melted away

Ahhh ... Mazing!
and yes, even mind boggling at just having been took on a journey through time and space . . . the revElations so we may relish in each blessed moment of life's Venus Effect snowballing into an avalanche of insights let dance bout nature's blooming show. . . all is well in control. Home