The Scorpio Full Moon takes place on November 16 at 00:59 UT.

The keynote is:

Warrior am I, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

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Festival of the New Group of World Servers

In our last newsletter, we said that we would devote two newsletters to discussing the coming Festival of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) taking place on 21-28 December 2005.  This is the first in the two part series.


·         What is the New Group of World Servers?

·         Who are its members?

·         What is the Festival week?

·         And why does it fall at this particular time?


In Esoteric Psychology, the Tibetan said, “In December, 1935, the energies of Capricorn were augmented by the pouring in of forces from a still greater constellation which is—to our zodiac—what the zodiac is to the earth.  This augmentation will take place again in 1942.  It must be remembered that, from certain angles, the circle of twelve signs or constellations constitutes a special unity which revolves within our universe of heavens as our planet revolves in the centre of our circle of influences.  By means of this augmentation—during the coming Aquarian zodiacal cycle—groups on earth can avail themselves of the tide of Capricornian influences which will flow into our radius of registration every seven years.  The one just past, gave a tremendous impetus to the work of the New Group of World Servers, and was the cause of the very good reaction in the world to their particular impulse.  This worked out in every nation and in every group as a marked tendency to good will.  In 1942, there will come another planetary inflow of which we all are begged to avail ourselves, and for which we are urged to make due preparation.  This "week of group impact" occurring every seven years, will run from December 21st till December 28th, and if this should at any time fall at the period of the full moon, the opportunity will be most significant.  This possibility must be watched.  This week should be regarded as pre-eminently the "festival week" of the New Group of World Servers, and after 1942 advantage must be taken of this period, and special preparation made”. 

This newsletter is designed to assist us in our preparation to take advantage of this period by providing some background information and the next newsletter will discuss the energies involved, especially those “augmenting” energies mentioned by the Tibetan.

What is the New Group of World Servers?

The NGWS is not definable in organizational terms. Although this seven-year Festival is always held during this week between December 21st and 28th, and during a Christian and a Jewish Festival, its membership is not exclusively Christian or Jewish, or even religious or political. It is not agnostic or humanistic. It is not essentially Eastern or Western, or defined by race or culture, or age. And yet it includes all of these and many more. It is essentially an effect of various inner causes, two of which are particularly important at this time.

The first is the fact that the human race is one race, manifesting through various nationalities, races, religions and ethnic groups. It is one soul, expressing itself through the soul principle in each and every human being. That is the first fact of fundamental importance responsible for the final emergence, approximately 60 years ago, of the NGWS as a group.

The second important fact is that there are beings on this planet who have evolved beyond the normal range of human consciousness and who, as enlightened and perfected, (that is, perfected in relation to the human kingdom only, but not yet perfect from the standpoint of still more exalted states of consciousness) possess greater understanding, insight and capacity than that possible to the human kingdom. This centre of enlightened and perfected servers, known in the Orient as the Society of Illumined Minds and in the Occident as the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the Masters of the Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion, or the inner government of the planet, works constantly to stimulate, impress and enlighten the minds of humanity. They can and they do work through those human beings directly associated with them and their work, who are conscious of that link— and there are many. These are the more evolved men and women in the world who, because they are in touch with their own souls, are also consciously in touch with the inner sources from which their inspiration stems.

The seven main groupings in this spiritual Hierarchy decided at one of their periodic conclaves in 1925, that in order to meet the needs of the world they would unify their own specialized activities and put the various members of their own groups of disciples working on the physical plane in touch with one another subjectively, intuitively and, in some cases, telepathically. So the NGWS came into being as a united force for good and for progress in the world as a result of Hierarchical response to spiritual opportunity and of human readiness for progress. All religions, all ideologies and all schools of thought are represented in this group. There is no separation between one field of service and another or between one teacher and teaching and another. All are needed to complete the rich tapestry of human experience and to encourage and promote the evolution of human consciousness.

Briefly then, this is the NGWS - a subjectively united group with no outer organization that works only through impressions received and self-chosen action. It is not directed, it is not told what to do. It is not under the authority of a leader or a president or a staff of officers. It is a loosely affiliated group of free souls who wish to serve the human race because of their love for humanity and because of their sense of need during this period of world crisis.

Who are its members?

There are three main groups within this larger group:

·         a nucleus of disciples and initiates who know what they are doing; they know of their inner spiritual contacts, they are open to the vision of the Plan, they are open to spiritual impression. They are capable of translating the inspiration they receive, in terms of ideas and lines of thought, into definite ideals and programmes of action. They are the inspirers, the stimulators, the potent, subjective influence that is always present and available to all members of the human family with any degree of openness of mind and heart.


·         younger disciples and aspirants to discipleship, those who may not yet have made the deep, essential, inner contact that characterizes the initiate but who are on their way, who are in touch with their own souls sufficiently so that they can be reached and touched and inspired, and so that they can respond to impressions from the Hierarchy. They are not in contact with spiritual energies simply to register a nice thought or idea and to leave it at that. They respond and act.

·         the third group consists of the hundreds and thousands of men and women of goodwill around the world, characterised by love of humanity, concern for human welfare, the ability to work constructively and creatively and, essentially, the capacity to carry and to use in all their daily contacts and relationships the energy of goodwill, which is love in action. And this is the group — because they do exist everywhere in their thousands in all nations, no matter what their form of government may be, of all religious, of all races — that can, according to their local environment and to the needs of their local condition, translate energy into action. So they serve to implement the Plan.

What is the Festival week?

As mentioned, one of the factors responsible for bringing the NGWS into existence was a decision made during the Hierarchy's 1925 conclave. Ten years later, in 1935, and as a result of the effect of forming this subjectively associated group of servers, there was the completion of an essential planetary alignment, which then opened the planetary life as a whole to a type of energy flow not previously available because the prerequisite of a completed planetary alignment did not exist. The NGWS appeared to be the last necessary link in the planetary chain, mediating as it does between Hierarchy and humanity. This opened up the consciousness of our Planetary Life to a source of energy and a power not previously available or accessible. In 1935, therefore, and during this particular week in December, we learn that the energies of Capricorn, which are flowing now into the range of the Planetary Life, were “greatly augmented by energies coming from a much greater constellation”, and that this augmentation from that time on recurred every seven years during the same period. The result of that first inflow in 1935 was to stimulate enormously the potency of the energy of goodwill in the human heart. Although we have no way of verifying that, as the years go by the practical goodwill strengthens as it increases and its effects in changing human attitudes becomes more potent and recognizable.

This is the origin of the Festival Week, and we are asked to give this augmentation of Capricornian energy every seven years all the support and cooperation we can, because its purpose is to make an impact on public consciousness so that the potency of goodwill, latent in many cases in human hearts, can be strengthened and brought to a condition of potency and active expression. This periodic Festival Week and what can be done to support its purposes is vitally necessary during the present time when humanity as a whole is reversing its evolutionary position on the wheel of life, with all the consequent suffering and turmoil.
Why does the Festival fall at this particular time?
There are many reasons why the Festival takes place in Capricorn with one important reason being that Saturn, in both the exoteric and esoteric aspects, governs Capricorn, and it also governs the first decanate of the era of Aquarius, into which we are moving. Saturn presents spiritual opportunity.

Other reasons include:

  • the energy entering through Capricorn stimulates the spiritual aspect in disciples and lead can lead them on to a new state of consciousness, or initiation.
  • Capricorn expresses that intelligent activity representing the third aspect of the Godhead, which humanity is destined to perfect.
  • Capricorn is one of the three transformers and catalysts (the other two are Aries and Taurus) opening the door into Hierarchy as the initiations of the threshold proceed.
  • Capricorn is an earth sign, holding in itself the seeds of death and finality. When the crystallisation of obsolete forms is dense enough they can be easily shattered so releasing the life in the form for renewed building along better lines.
  • Capricorn is the sign of conclusion, the conclusion of one cycle leading to the inauguration of another cycle of effort, towards a new goal, a new mountain top, a new vision, a new revelation.
  • Capricorn is one of the signs of the Cardinal Cross, so releasing the impulse of the spiritual will, creating a ferment within the little wills of humanity prior to a step forward in evolutionary development. When we will what is good for humanity, we will literally and without difficulty establish it.
  • Capricorn guards the secret of the soul itself, the secret of the hidden glory, as it is called. And the main task of the NGWS is to evoke the soul of the nations into functioning activity, so infusing national goals and policies with new vision.
  • Capricorn opens the door into the life of the spirit as one of the gates of the Zodiac. (Cancer, the other gate, opens the door into the life of material manifestation.)
  • Once more, because Capricorn is the sign of initiation and with the inauguration of the Aquarian era and the precipitation of the second great crisis, which is the crisis of initiation of the human race into “the mystery of the ages and into that which has been hidden from the beginning”, humanity can now experience the climax of two initiations, the first two which
    open a man or woman to the influence of his or her own soul as they open the consciousness of the human race to the fact and the presence of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, led by the Christ.


In our next newsletter, we will discuss the following:

  The immediate objectives of the NGWS

  • Extra planetary energies available to the NGWS and humanity at this time
  • A description of the cycles of the NGWS and how we can work with them to maximize our impact as we serve humanity,
  • A special meditation to use during this period

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