Moon Dances
For the Northern Hemisphere
February 2 - March 4, 2011

All times are local unless otherwise specified.

Night Sky Visitors ...

My 2011 sabbatical continues. In this abbreviated edition of Moon Dances I offer the following to keep you looking up and tuned to the wonders above.

Susan Sun

Look Up! The Moon, waxing and waning, impressively promenades across the dark sky, partnering with the sparkling stars and glowing planets. Who is the Moon dancing with tonight?

2/3 ~ A New Lunar Cycle Begins
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New Waxing Crescent First
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2 / 3 / 11 2 / 11 / 11 08:36 UT 23:26 UT
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Note: When the right side of the Moon is illuminated, the Moon is increasing or waxing. When the left side illuminated, the Moon is decreasing or waning. (Of course, this only works in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere the effect is just the opposite!)

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A New Lunar Cycle Begins
Wednesday, February 2 - 6:31pm PST (02:31 UT 2/3)
Reaching for a Higher Frequency with Willful Creative Action

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east–left, west–right, north–top, south–bottom

The New Moon can be thought of as a no Moon! Its sunlit side is facing away from Earth toward the Sun. The side that is facing Earth is not getting any sunlight, leaving it dark and invisible to us ... no Moon to see! A New Moon lies between the Sun and Earth. Helpful Image + Description BTW: The only time a New Moon can be seen is during a solar eclipse, when it passes directly in front of the Sun, visibly showing off part or all of its entire dark disk.

Note: For those living in San Francisco this New Moon takes place above the western horizon about 1 hour before sunset. The Sun, New Moon and planets are located in the same constellations for other parts of the world; these constellations, in differing time zones, lie in a different location above or below the horizon.

Reflections ~ New Moon

With every New Moon our soul goes into meditation and aligns with the inspiration of the Nirmanakayas; a potential is enlivened and a seed of consciousness is formed deep within. Take some time to create a sacred space. A new cycle is beginning.

The New Moon and Sun, in conjunction with Mars, are positioned in the constellation of "smiling" Capricornus. This constellation carries the seeds of death for the material life and awakens one to the higher frequency of spirit resulting in initiation. The mountaintop experience associated with Capricornus can also represent a new cycle of effort. Capricornus gives full expression of the earthly nature with immense spiritual possibilities. It opens the doorway to our divine head center and the immortal life of spirit.

The New Moon of February 3 GMT (Feb 2 MST) conjoins Mars in sidereal Capricorn. ... The stars in this area of the zodiak inspire us to participate and express from the intelligent maturity and truth of self-realized conscious beings rather than following whatever mass-propaganda happens to be in vogue. ...

Mars is often associated with the forceful or awry use of power. However, in its mature expression, Mars is an initiating force. Mars is of creativity, sexuality, vitality, life force, power and self-expression. Mars stimulates our ability to respond to life with creative assertive action. Mature Mars is of leadership, is self-reliant, and is of victory in our pursuits. Mature Mars is audacious, brave, instinctual, passionate and willful.

... Issues surrounding how we are using our creative power to emerge from antiquated patterns, behavior, and ways of participating in the world arise in this lunar cycle. ... This can be a volatile lunar cycle, but one stimulating new leadership driven from the laws governing the natural world and that are supportive of all people rather than laws designed to serve special interest groups or a select few. Nick Fiorenza: 2/3/11 Lunar Cycle

Note: The New Moon, Sun and Mars located in the constellation of Capricornus are also in the sign of Aquarius (Jan.20 - Feb.18).

Difference Between Signs and Constellations
And Why Both Are Important

... [T]his week marks a turning point - halfway between Solstice and Equinox. At this cross-quarter, the Celtic Goddess Brigit is our ally in weaving the precious webs of life and tending the bonds of community. Sun and Mars travel side by side in Aquarius from Jan. 25 (within 2 degrees), exact from Jan. 31-Feb 4, and still within 1 degree til Feb 8. This is an unabashedly bold, strong-willed and uncompromising aspect that fuels aggression, competition and fighting for ideals. Look to what is being activated in your life.

~~ Cross-Quarter New Moon Seeds of Inquiry and Action ~~
Where am I drawn to "break the rules" of my conditioning?
Is there a restlessness within me and what is that voice?
What is the vision that I wish to translate into my present reality?

May illumination, integrity and action be aligned within each one of us. Jacqueline Lasahn / Facebook AstroFlash 2/2/11

Lunar Theme: Reaching for a Higher Frequency with Willful Creative Action

Responsible Expansive & Mobilizing
Creative Leadership

Nick Fiorenza gives insight to this lunar cycle.

Aquarius Global Meditation
This meditation, which culminates at the
Full Moon during Aquarius, begins with this New Moon.
(The Full Moon occurs at the tail end of Aquarius,
4 hours before the sign of Pisces begins.)


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