Grow by Giving

The Tithing Tree

This excellent way of
with friends and family
~ at the holidays
or at any time ~
is a way to tithe
or "give back" to
where the need is great.

The Tithing Tree concept
supports the full and
complete manifestation of
the Principle of Sharing.


Christmas day can still be a time of feasting and abundance with only the gift itself being different. It is a joyful and fulfilling experience to sit together on Christmas day and to take turns speaking about your chosen beneficiary. This helps everyone to understand the positive impact created by each tithe.

How The Tithing Tree works ...

This holiday season you may decide to

  • Give your entire Christmas budget.
  • Donate an equal amount of money to organizations as you have spent on gifts.
  • Spend less on presents and tithe the remainder.
  • Buy one present each as a "Kris Kringle" exchange with your family, and jointly tithe to something you all care about.
  • Suggest a present that your family can buy "for you" that you can then pass onto the organisation of your choice; i.e., dog baskets for an animal shelter.
  • Ask your family and friends who choose not to tithe, to give you money instead of a present, so you can tithe it yourself.
  • Inspire your company to tithe some of their Christmas party money to a worthy cause.

A suggested message you may adapt for presenting your tithing gift:

This year I invite you to join me in experiencing Christmas differently. I have observed that we already have abundance in our lives, so I am going to be donating my present budget to an organisation that is enriching the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

This Christmas my gift arrives to you in the form of (insert description). As we already experience abundance in our lives, I have chosen this gift because it creates change where it's needed. Together we are creating a simpler, more humanitarian Christmas.


"Presenting your present when there is no present to present ..."


This very concept came to SouledOut from
The Tithing Tree website
Online from 2005 - 2012
Most Grateful for this Inspiration!


If so inspired, you may consider a Tithing Tree donation to to assist with our ongoing ministry through this website. We very much appreciate your participation and consideration.


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