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Divinity to everyday life in order to Cultivate, Educate and Inspire all towards Universal Truths.


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Ageless WisdomCosmologyEsoteric Astrology


Canadian Ashram of Occult and Spiritual Sciences
Promotes a modern synthesis of both the spirito-religious and the esoteric-occult traditions


Circle of Goodwill
Archive and current articles in English, German, French and Spanish featuring monthly Full Moon Round-Letters, in-depth synthesis on each of the zodiacal signs


Esoteric Advent
Devoted to the pure magic of an esoteric Christmas advent, and the spiritual seasons throughout the year


Esoteric & Spiritual Astrology
Synthesis on esoteric astrology indluding evolution of consciousness, the Rays, the planets, the asteroids, and message board.


Esoteric Astrologer
Essays, articles and newsletters including contributions from leading thinkers in this realm.


Lucis Trust
Promotes spiritual principles and values through world service including Lucis Trust Publishing Co. ~ 24 books of Alice A. Bailey, Arcane School, The Great Invocation, World Goodwill


The Lunar Planner
Educational resource including astronomy, sidereal astrology, solar and planetary cycles, asteroids, new planets and the evolutionary cycle of the soul and of human consciousness


School for Esoteric Studies
Nonsectarian school based in Asheville, NC whose objective is to help students prepare for discipleship who also pledge to serve humanity, cooperate with the Divine Plan and develop Soul contact, though creative meditation


The Seven Ray Institute
The Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays are vehicles for the presentation of the Ageless Wisdom teachings emphasizing the return of the World Teacher. Annual SRI Conference


The Shamballa School
Teachings, research, books and papers in the Trans-himalayan esoteric tradition ~ Blavatsky, Bailey, Roerich, Cedercrans and more ~ including a very comprehensive glossary of terms.


World Service Group
Current full moon meditation commentaries and archive of meditations for world servers





The Binary Research Institute
Archaeoastronomy Theory and Application: the Sun as part of a binary star system, celestial motion in our solar system, and precession of the equinoxes


NASA's home page, with many links to other NASA resources

Astronomy Picture of the Day
NASA Multimedia Highlights
Selection of images, video and interactive features


Moon Phases
Look up the moon phase for any date on the U.S. Naval Observatory's Time Service site.


Powers of Ten
View the Milky Way at 10 million light years away, then move through space towards the earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach finally into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons. Hold onto your seat for this one!
Science news and information about the sun-earth environment



Earth Care


Esoteric Earth Care
Working with Blue Mountain Organic Community Gardens, Esoteric Earth Care espouses 16 universal principles; site includes transcripts and audio of events and teachings


Earth Day ~ Online Resources
SouledOut's comprehensive list of online Earth Day resources, organizations and programs


Permaculture Research Institute
Greening the Desert (video) is its project near Jordan's Dead Sea to convert 10 acres of land in salty, adverse conditions into useful farm land through planning and an organic approach


Wonders of Water
Water sacredness as shared by Masuru Emoto and other water consciousness links



Fun & Creatively Inspired Places to Visit


BigPictureSmallWorld Movies
Quality educational programs to inform, inspire and empower: their mission is to turn information overload into sensible knowledge that leads to effective action.
In honor of Bunny Hollow, the sacred place on a hiking trail in Northern California where visitors share their appreciation of nature


Interview with God
Breathtaking photographic images and inspiring message


Look and Listen
Gallery tours of India, Thailand and Vietnam


Rumi poem "The Guest House"
Inspiring blend of words with slide show and music


Witrogen Photography
Bird life and nature photography galleries


Believe It or Not!


Harbin Ice and Snow World
Snow and ice festivals have taken place in China's Harbin for decades, featuring structures made entirely of ice blocks cut from the Songhua River just hundreds of meters away.


Sugar Bush Squirrel
Sugar Bush Squirrel is a real, live Eastern Gray Squirrel rescued as a baby and now living the good life. Sugar Bush loves to dress up in all kinds of current event settings and arenas.


Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
The magical relationship between a man and the flock of wild parrots that flies San Francisco's north waterfront    About the movie



Global Vision


The Association for Global New Thought
Holds the vision for planetary transformation, based on the conviction that there are universal spiritual truths representing the emerging spiritual principles for the new millennium


Create Global Peace
Shift the global paradigm from one of war and domination to one of peace and balance through weekly prayer and meditation sessions.


Darjeeling Declaration (PDF, p. 7–10)
Summary of impressions received in meditation at the World Service Intergroup conclave during the five day Wesak full moon period, May 4–9, 2001


Global Oneness Project
Films, media and educational materials that explore how the simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in today's complex world


Goi Peace Foundation
Dedicated to promoting world peace, transcending boundaries of race, religion, or politics, with the belief that peace begins in the individual mind


Humanity's Team Worldwide
Global grassroots spiritual movement based on the truth that We Are All One, dubbed a "Civil Rights Movement for the Soul"


International Institute For Global Leadership
Tuition-free, internet-based education program for students to become consciously aware, heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world


Manifesto 2000
UNESCO's Global Movement for a culture of peace and non-violence: Manifesto 2000 bears the signatures of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. You, too, are welcome to sign it.


New Waves of Light
Messages of light and love for the coming new age, dedicated to spreading the word about the Externalization of Hierarchy, the coming new era and the Reappearance of the Christ


The Peace Alliance
Empowers civic engagement toward a culture of Peace


Peace Is the Way
Deepak Chopra's global community vision


Helping the world work together for the good of all, TEAMHumanity offers a vision for humanity and its future and is designed to be a portal for the wisdom of humanity; Get Involved.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights
In 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Vision of Humanity
Focus on the major issues facing us in the 21st century, relating to the need for cooperation and peace on a global scale


See also ...

Path to Peace Links's linkups to websites for peace


Global Meditations's list of links detailing current and ongoing global meditations and significant global days


Global Experiments


The Blessing Way
Watch the May You Be Blessed movie and join this experiment; also offers the Blessing Way Blog.


Go Gratitude Experiment
As we proceed deep into the heart of Gratitude, our lives will radically change as we begin perceiving Gratitude in all things, more deeply.





Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide
Internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore and religion ~ including Encyclopedia Mythica and numerous other references


World Clock
Information on time and statistics related to the global and U.S. communities, in Flash format



Lend a Helping Hand


The Animal Rescue Site
Millions of animals are rescued by shelters every year. Your daily click provides food for an animal in a shelter or sanctuary.


The Breast Cancer Site
Click on the pink "Fund Free Mammograms" button daily to help fund free mammograms for homeless, working-poor and uninsured women.


Providing free kibble for animal shelters to feed their hungry dogs and cats


The Hunger Site
When you click the "Give Free Food" button (once a day per person), this simple action gives over a cup of fortified food to a hungry person.


Heifer International
One gift turns into many as more lives are transformed through Heifer's cornerstone of "passing on the gift."


Humanity Healing Network
Healing project with no denomination embracing people from different backgrounds and all walks of Life


The Tithing Tree
Contribute to organizations and others in need, as part of holiday gift giving.


Wish Upon a Hero
Online community offering a platform for people to help people



Metaphysical ~ Futuristic Ancient Wisdom
Kundalini awakening, alchemy, elemental magic, Kabbalah, lost language of Atlantis, energy medicine ascension and more


Saviour Behaviour
Behavioral techniques to accelerate spiritual development


Time Travel Made Easy
Knowledge and techniques provided by the Time Travelers Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness



Network Sites Online Communities


Architects of a New Dawn
AOAND is a project inspired by Carlos Santana, to create a new global network, featuring uplifting and positive media content.


Act On Wisdom
Creating change through individual actions, based on Healing Wisdom


The Gold Ring
Wiki website for Wayshowers to express and be teachers of light; features videos, readings and Game of Enlightenment


Peace & Collaborative Development Network
Free professional networking to foster dialogue and sharing of resources for international development, conflict resolution, human rights, social entrepreneurship and related fields





Silent Unity
Unity is a worldwide movement that helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Submit prayer requests online here.


World Prayers
Prayer archive



Create your resume for free in less than half an hour, all formatted and ready to print out or send electronically.


Inspirational wisdom from a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham, passed on through lectures, tapes, seminars and newsletters
Massage therapist in Marin County, California offering deep tissue, relaxation, stress reduction, sports massage, energy work, and structural alignment


The Clyde Fund
Hospice and sanctuary for homeless senior animals in USA and Canada


The EarthStewards Network
Humanitarian aid organization founded by Danaan Parry


Era of Peace
Includes inspiring videos and articles by visionary Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


Healing Light Seminars
Provides licensed health care providers with training and other resources to achieve clinical excellence in laser therapy


The Light Party
Dedicated to "Health, Peace and Freedom for All"


Path of Light
Synthesis of Alice Bailey teachings including seminars, forums, and healing, along with related sites and


Satya Center
Community website focusing on alternative health and healing, healthy relationships and global news


The Simple Living Network
Tools, examples and contacts for conscious, simple, healthy and restorative living


Students Rising Above
Dedicated to providing educational resources to high school students who are overcoming staggering obstacles to pursue their education and their dreams for a better life


Tea & Tarot
Insight on the use of Tarot cards for spiritual growth and purpose. Working with the Tarot activates the imagination which becomes the instrument to the Higher Self. 


World ME & FM Prayer & Meditation Day, the monthly multi-faith, global meditation event supporting people around the world who have ME/CFS/CFIDS, PVFS, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and related conditions


Bury Me Green ... Celebrate Life with a Green Funeral


Colorful Coffins
Provides an economical alternative to current end-of-life practices and promotes environmentally sustainable burial sites through the use of biodegradable products


Grave Matters
A  journey through the modern funerlal industry to a natural way of burial, from journalist Mark Harris; Fresh Air 20-minute radio interview





Aquarian Age Community
Subjective community, seeking alignment with all Spiritual Beings who inspire the evolution of life on planet earth


The Global Meditation Focus Group
Semi-monthly global Meditation Focus to focalize attention and healing energies of meditators worldwide onto situations and crises in need of peaceful resolution and spiritual succour


Global Meditations Website
Extensive global calendar of spiritual events plus links to unique inspirational, informative article


Maitreya Project
"Construction of the statue is not the goal ~ it is the method for achieving the goal. The goal is to benefit as many people as possible for as long as possible."


Meditation Mount Ojai
Sharing Principles and Laws to prepare the world for a new era


Mayan Shamanism
Honors the Mayan traditions of healing and sacred geometry


OHM Spiritual Center
Sanctuary to assist with meditation, mind and soul nourishment
Spiritual alternative directory and information resource, e-cards


OMTimes Magazine
Holistic, green eZine with a spiritual, self-growth perspective


Sophia Foundation
Cultivates deeper understanding of Sophia, Divine Wisdom, through philosophy, religion, science and the arts


Spirituality Network
Ecumenical organization, serving people both within and outside of religious institutions with Spiritual Direction referrals


The Spiritual Unity Network
Raises awareness about the emerging need to enhance humanity’s impact upon the planet and to promote a widespread conviction of our collective responsibility for the welfare of all


Shamballa School
Online resource for new teachings on the Will


Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection
A journey into the Sacred Temple of Lord Mikaël and His Divine Complement, Lady Faith ... the Sacred Realm which is both inner and outer



Wisdom of the Ages Texts Online


Blavatsky Net Foundation
Helena Blavatsky's Theosophical works, featuring study aids, research tools, original texts, and supporting evidence


Internet Sacred Text Archive
"A quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship" includes the major religions plus ancient near east, Native American, neopagan, Tarot, Baha'i, Nostradamus; myths and much more


Theosophical Online Documents
Publications by the Canadian Theosophical Association, whose mission is to make the knowledge of divine wisdom available to whoever wishes to approach it with respect


Theosophy Library Online
Dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment of Humanity


Theosophy - Online Most Important Books
Focusing on the study of writings of Theosophists Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant



World News


Global Village News and Resources
News devoted to Positive Planetary Transformation


The Good News Network
Positive news stories from around the world


Independent World Television
IWTNews is the first global independent news network, and offers independent news and real debate from professional and citizen journalists ~ without funding from governments, corporations or commercial advertising.


Sanat's World News
Blog with links to religious and spirituality related stories from a variety of sources



World Religion


Interfaith Directory
Open Directory Project's listing of interfaith seminary, interreligious dialogue, and retreat center websites


Internet Sacred Text Archive
Archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric


United Communities of Spirit
Global interfaith network, features a comparative anthology of sacred texts


See also ...

A World Religion
Navigation for's world religion resources



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