Year of the Fire Dog ~ 2006


The year of the Yang (+) Dog teaches the lessons of watchfulness, defense of the weak and fair play. International justice will be the order of the year. Causes, protests and the righting of wrongs defines Dog years. Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.


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The Dog year and those under its influence are protectors of morals and defenders of the weak. Causes, revolutions and human-rights are on the agenda for the Dog year.


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The Dog is rich in Chinese history and tradition. Whether shown guarding ancient Buddhist temples or depicted as protector of sacred buildings and a defender of law, the Dog is known for its loyalty, tenacity and watchfulness. Many times displayed in a powerful guarding position, the Dog was the protector of peace and serenity in the sanctuary it was guarding.


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The "Foo Dog" is a popular representation and is known as the Celestial Dog or Happiness Dog. It is a symbol of energy and value, and is often displayed in a male / female pair. The male holds a sphere that symbolizes the Earth, while the female holds her offspring.


Quotes are from Chinese Astrology: Exploring the Eastern Zodiac by Shelly Wu
(emphasis is added)


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