Aquarius Cycle Impressions
In response to's 2004–2008 Meditation Focus


The following vision by one of the Safe Space ministers was the inspiration for our 2004 meditation cycle on Light ~

There was the sense that we had climbed or attained a higher place or space. There was some light, enough to see, but certainly not an abundance of light. When suddenly there was light, off in the distance, it was as if a new dawn had broken, a brilliant light poured forth in all directions. What was once in the shadows or in darkness was revealed. Whatever we looked upon was now seen in a wholly (holy!) new light. No longer just a reflection showing color and shape, this light revealed the true essence of all. It was the light of the Life of all things, the essential energy.

The thought then came, that this light, although it appeared like a dawn, was not due to the earth's rotation and the seeming appearance of a sun rising. What had risen was us, Humanity, We had climbed to this new height, achieved a new place and space. This gave us a new vision, a new way to see.

The "Light" is there awaiting us, it will illumine and reveal our Divine path. It remains up to us, we must rise together as one and we will see the dawning of a new light of a new age.


*    *    *

The Sacred Fire within was ablaze. The physical environment without became holy ... anointed. On the inner planes the Group Soul gathered in a unity of countless individual lights. The unwavering One Note was sounded by all and held strong. Hope, trust, confidence, love and life entered the human kingdom. The dawning of a new age was truly experienced.

Reading the articles of the Aquarius Light Meditation stoked the fires of my Spirit. I love!

Thanks to all the Full Moon participants. This experiment in group work has been evolutionary!


*    *    *


Gratitude to the great sky

My overall impression is that of Gratitude.

The Aquarian lights are very special for me as this is the time I am becoming more and more aware of group work. My dear friend has always spoken to me of the work you folks are doing, but it wasn't until this special cycle that it woke me up to greater than myself, to the soul of group work.

I definitely feel the magic out there, beyond the little apartment I live in. I hope my point of light from here connected with others out there. Thanks to you and yours!


*    *    *


Blessed in turn with the Starry Night ...

Blessings upon all ceremonies of heart.


*    *    *


"Only the first glimmer of the dawn of the Aquarian Age is with us yet, but the full flood of the Light it will bring is inevitably on its way towards us." (From The Plan and The Path, Eastcott & Magor, p. 76)

If we act "as if" ... then it's here now!


*    *    *


2006 New Moon Impression

Today I was driving a Handy Andy truck south on Aurora. There was lots of traffic, and many long stops at red lights. During one stop I became aware of the slow moving cumulus clouds. They were quite low and moved like billowy molasses. I started to melt into the liquid movement in the skies......... and then it happened......... I began to feel as though there were a sky of cloud floating through everything and everyone in every car, people on the streets, myself.......... A floating phenomena.......... I am supposing that just as there are octaves on a piano there are octaves in the material universe......... and as I was watching the bottom octave of cloudiness......... it resonated with the cloudy octave of emotional impressions. Being a higher octave of material.......... Or was it a mental or a spiritual octave of cloud......... all I know is that I am feeling the CO-EXISTENT SKY of some wondrous level of being.

Feels kind of Aquarian to me.

Pass this through our friends,
Dav*d Hargrave


*    *    *


2006 Full Moon Impression

Felt a strong light grid connection down into the Earth.
My heart wings are flapping with the flock!


*    *    *


Impression, Tuesday, 1/15/08

The last number of full moons I have been doing some long distant healing with Judy ....

Now I don't know whether any of this is useful to anyone else or whether it is general knowledge but this is what came to us today.

We need new energetic structures for our bodies. Our individual Astrology charts are our personal Medicine wheel — an energetic blueprint / energetic form for us individually.

We are going to 'build our own large astrology wheel' using whatever objects i.e., crystals, feathers, symbols etc. that resonate for the houses, the constellations and the planets and asteroids of our charts as part our full moon preparation. We will then meditate with our bodies in the + position in the centre, with the intention of Activating our energetic medicine wheel with Aquarian Light force.

Crazy or not, it resonates strongly for us. Perhaps it can be of use for someone else??

Lynne Belfry


Friday on St. Brigid's day I found myself praying for the salmon on the Pacific coast. The Pacific Salmon are depleting quickly. In a salmon fishing village on an Island we couldn't buy Salmon this year from our neighbours. All about Fish Farms, Atlantic Salmon pens and escape, sea Lice etc. On the West Coast Salmon means life...when they go upstream to spawn, their corpses replenish the Land with important nutrients. The bears bring the nutrients further off the river banks. The Orca will only acknowledge Pacific Salmon as a food source...Hundreds of independent fisherpeople loosing Lifestyle/source/income

In the prayer I saw a Pisces energy with the salmon----the symbol being Pacific Salmon and Atlantic salmon. I saw the energies melding, like a vibration that contained both Pacific an Atlantic Salmon...I saw an evolution, Becoming One, Birthing a new Life Form...not just species, A much higher frequency of Spirit Salmon. I was aware of the Pisces to Aquarius vibe in the prayerVision diffusely. Reading this gives the prayer Vision more clarity, as though I hear a 'true keynote' of this Transition time.

Blessings of Light Love and Laughter

If you care to respond send e-mail to:

Lynne Belfry



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