The Existence of Jesus Christ


While meditating on the existence of Jesus Christ, the words of a song by Sting (the singer / songwriter) came to mind, "We are spirits in the material world."

Truly, the better part of my life finds expression through my spirit. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ are brought alive in my life and throughout much of our world, through the impression and expression of his spirit.

As to the life on Earth of Jesus Christ: do I feel he walked among us? Definitely, Yes!

There is no single life that has influenced the western world more than that of Jesus Christ, and no book has had such an effect on the world as the New Testament. Jesus Christ, through his teaching and through the living of his life on Earth, brought a new way of being to our world. He had to be of this world to know our ways so very well ~ our propensity for good as well our ability for evil.

A word often associated with the Christ is compassion: the higher way of the heart which liberates and heals. There are stories after stories about how he opened his heart, extended compassion to those in need of loving, and in doing so, showed us how to truly love. The stories of the Woman at the Well, the Prodigal Son, the Mustard Seed, the Roman Centurion, the Sermon on the Mount and the Feeding of the Five Thousand, and so many more. The words, "judge not lest you be judged," "let thou who has not sinned cast the first the stone," "love thine enemy as ye love thyself," "I am the light I am the way."

So potent the teaching! And there is such amazing detail about one who lived so long ago. The first to be written of these vivid accounts of the life of Jesus is that of Mark. Even this book was not written down for many years after the death of Jesus Christ, at least 40 years. It is based on a great oral tradition of storytelling.

Have you not been touched by someone, perhaps a teacher or mentor, that showed you a new way, that taught you a truth that remained with you throughout your life? As you tell a story many years later, perhaps a detail has been added or combined with another experience, this does not make the teaching false or mean that it never happened. In fact it could be said that you are evolving the teaching, that truth, with your own life and spirit.

These great works remembered of the master Jesus find common ground with many of the world's religious traditions. They speak to our essential unity and our Divinity.

Unfortunately there have been people in institutions who have attempted to use, or better said, misuse, the life of Jesus Christ for their own gain. Adding words, deleting words to put forth a personal or political agenda. Much of this is unfortunately now tied to Jesus Christ in the form of church doctrine. This I feel causes many to discount and / or doubt the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

There remains in me however an essential belief in the life and the teachings of Jesus Christ. This belief is a shining light in my life. It came not because someone told me so, it evolved through years of study, years of meditation, and working in close spiritual rapport with fellow seekers ~ Christian and those who follow other paths.

All this has told me that Jesus Christ walked on this Earth, and his works inspire me to this very day in a most wonderful and Holy way.

- Ted J. Rucker


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