The Divine Truths Revealing
The Soul of God


Introduction to's synthesis of these Basic Divine Truths


The Fundamental Truths shared by all known religions were the foundation for a four-day meditation retreat held by a group of ministers affiliated with over the period of December 28, 1999 through January 2, 2000.

The very tale of how we found the space for the retreat is a miracle in and of itself, let us begin there. During a weekly meeting the idea of a retreat was first mentioned ~ a quiet space in nature with a fireplace was needed, room for six or seven, with a space suitable for meditation. It was only 65 days before the millennium new year and so finding such a place could prove difficult. It was suggested that two members who live in Northern California near Clear Lake might find such a space on their walks. Within two weeks a perfect mountain cabin with fireplace, plenty of room and an adjoining Chapel for meditation and rituals had been found. Not only was it available, we were made to feel most welcome by Father Leo, the Episcopal priest who designed, built and is guardian of the retreat space.

Now that we had been blessed with the miracle of such a perfect space, let us turn to the purpose of our retreat. We had seen and felt that there was much confusion and doubt in the minds of many as the millennium approached. How should we respond, or is it our place to respond? The information poured through: let us use the place and space to cultivate a message of spiritual evolution and unity.

In our studies we had come to understand that these Fundamental Truths are shared by all the world's revealed religions. Our intention during the retreat was to study, discuss and literally become one with these truths. We share that effort with you now.

Each minister chose a truth, then for two days studied, pondered, and meditated on its essence and message. We then came together in the chapel on New Year's Eve. After an opening statement of our intention, each member read his or her truth and offered insights about it. We all then joined in further discussing and illuminating each truth, allowing it to come alive in our presence. The energy of each truth was real and potent in our midst. Then in a focussed group meditation we became a transmitting agent spreading this energy around our world. (TJR)


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