The Divine Truths Revealing
The Soul of God


Opening to's synthesis of these Basic Divine Truths
from's ceremony held New Year's Eve, 1999–2000,
see Divine Truths Introduction for additional background information


We have gathered here in this most wondrous and sacred space, and I think we should take a moment to honor Father Leo for this expression of Divinity. (Moment of silence)

We are here with purpose, in ritual, as a group to honor all religions, and to invoke the true nature of humanity, which is one of inclusiveness and unity. We are here to sow the seeds of hope for a new millennium, a new age, a world religion.

The teaching of every great religion has within it an idea of a spiritual order. It is concerned with the development of humanity's one soul. Operating under the "Law of Compassion" our human family is now ready to focus its attention on the inner structure which will provide the form to facilitate our "Progress." At this time of culmination, the end of a year, decade, century, the millennium questions arise from the masses: "Is there enough? How to end the suffering? How shall we act? What shall I do?"

The answers are to be found in the loving heart of God, who meets our needs with the "Continuity of Revelation." Sending the messages with His avatars, teachers and world servers ~ the Maitreya Buddha, the Christ, the Divine Adventurer of the Moslem World to name just a few.

Our new message will ring clear as a bell. It sounds of one language, one faith, one soul. It will cause us to lift our hearts and minds, our very essences, ever and ever higher acknowledging the "Fact of God." This continuous outpouring of God's love will invoke the "Inevitable Response of Humanity." Humanity will truly embrace its kinship to God. In doing this we will reach a state of "Transcendence." With this act humanity will surmount the limit of so called natural law which binds us to this planet.

Let us here tonight sow these seeds. The seeds of a new millennium, of a new age, of a world religion. Holy Spirit, anchor these truths in us and in humanity. In doing this we will set up a powerful vortex of energy. Expressing the Divine, this energy will encompass our planet and bring us all closer to the heart of God. (TJR)


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