Moon Dances
For the Northern Hemisphere
September 8- October 7, 2010

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Look Up! The Moon, waxing and waning, impressively promenades across the dark sky, partnering with the sparkling stars and glowing planets. Who is the Moon dancing with tonight?

9/8 ~ A New Lunar Cycle Begins
9/10-15 ~ Luna Visits Venus and Grows Among the Stars
9/21-24 ~ Jupiter, Uranus, the Harvest Full Moon
10/1-7 ~ Last Quarter Luna Among the Winter Stars and More!
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Current Phase of the Moon

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New Waxing Crescent First
Full Waning Gibbous


9 / 8 / 10   9 / 14 / 10   9 / 23 /10   9 / 30 / 10  
3:30amPDT 10:50pmPDT 2:17amPDT 8:52pmPDT
10:30 UT 9 / 15 / 10 09:17 UT  10 / 1 / 10
  05:50 UT   03:52 UT

Note: When the right side of the Moon is illuminated, the Moon is increasing or waxing. When the left side illuminated, the Moon is decreasing or waning. (Of course, this only works in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere the effect is just the opposite!)

Moon and Sun Data
One Specific Day
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Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

UT Time Conversion


A New Lunar Cycle Begins
Wednesday, September 8 – 3:30am PDT (10:30 UT)
Baptism by Fire


Image: Distant Suns / Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

east–left, west–right, north–top, south–bottom

The New Moon can be thought of as a no Moon! Its sunlit side is facing away from Earth toward the Sun. The side that is facing Earth is not getting any sunlight, leaving it dark and invisible to us ... no Moon to see! A New Moon lies between the Sun and Earth. Helpful Image + Description BTW: The only time a New Moon can be seen is during a solar eclipse, when it passes directly in front of the Sun, visibly showing off part or all of its entire dark disk.

Note: For those living in San Francisco this New Moon takes place below the eastern horizon 3.25 hours before sunrise. The Sun, New Moon and planets are located in the same constellations for other parts of the world; these constellations, in differing time zones, lie in a different location above or below the horizon.


Reflections ~ New Moon

With every New Moon our soul goes into meditation and aligns with the inspiration of the Nirmanakayas; a potential is enlivened and a seed of consciousness is formed deep within. Take some time to create a sacred space. A new cycle is beginning.

The Sun and New Moon lie in the constellation of Leo the Lion between Regulus, the Lion's heart star and Denebola the tail star. The Sun and New Moon also lie between Mercury in the constellation Leo and Saturn in the constellation Virgo. Above (north) we find Ursa Major (the Great Bear) and its Big Dipper asterism. Mizar at the bend of the Big Dipper's handle influences the new lunar cycle. Review map above.

Leo the Lion, Mercury
Saturn in Virgo the Virgin

Solar fire comes from Leo the Lion, for the Sun rules this constellation exoterically, esoterically and hierarchically. In addition, the Sun transits Leo the Lion through September 17. Leo's solar fire is associated with soul consciousness, the fire of higher mind. This Lion's eternal flame burns within us, purifying the lower mind. Its highest expression is the fully integrated personality who stands out from the "herd". It is the Self who is ignited by the fire of Divine Will and filled with the inspiration of heaven, the human who has become the "five-pointed star”. Five

Leo aligns humanity with the Law of the Soul and therefore with our essential divinity, the True Self. The energy of Leo’s sickle-shaped asterism, forming the Lion's head and heart, helps us cut through confusion and clear out anything hindering the application of the Spiritual Law, the expression of the Christ consciousness, the quality known as love-wisdom.

When Mercury lies in Leo the Lion, creative powers are very strong for those tuning to the soul. Mercury remains in this constellation through September 30.

Mercury represents the Son, the Son of Mind, the Son of the Divine Idea of Manifestation. When Mercury is found in this position [in Leo the Lion] ... There is an immediate and totally intimate connection with the process of thought, and the manifestation of that thought process into an externalised expression. Esoteric Mercury in Leo

Saturn in Virgo the Virgin ...

The Soul-centred purpose of this position is to build the correct structures in life (as always with Saturn, they are centred on the mental plane) for the unfolding of the Christ consciousness. The urge is to create those patterns of interchange that foster the process of synthesis, and thus serve a healing capacity. From the Soul level, this position gives an intuitive perception of what ~works~ in a given life situation. Its focus of practicality comes from knowing what will create an inclusive wholeness in life. Esoteric Saturn in Virgo

The Great Bear, Mizar

The seven stars of the Great Bear's Big Dipper are esoterically known as the Seven Rishis and correspond to the head centers in the body of a Great Being. Each of these stars transmits a ray of energy into our solar system. These seven rays are the givers of life to all on this earth.

Our New Moon of September 8, 2010 occurs in sidereal Leo and conjoins fiery and expressive Mizar of the Great Bear (Ursa Major) ... Mizar of the Great Bear, the overseeing and predominant star, articulates raw fiery energy that must express one way or another. Mizar must have a creative outlet, but for its proper expression, we must apply it with creative vision. Mizar brings attention to use of our creative energies; creative and destructive tendencies, and the fear to create lest it may result in destruction. Here we learn the nature of such volatile forces. Mizar, with averted alignments is also known for catastrophic fires or massacres. Mizar can however express quite artistically--just as gunpowder can express as beautiful fireworks or devastating explosions. The expression of Mizar tends to express in a grand way, in character with showy and dramatic Leo. Nick Fiorenza 9/8 New Moon


In Summary

The New Moon in Leo the Lion roars with the fire of Divine Will. This purifying fire brings the higher mind and soul into manifestation. It subjects humanity to the eternal flame that brings forth new life. The Law of Spirit with its quality of love-wisdom, and the joining of the head and heart heal any burn one might encounter.

Creative powers are strong and fiery now. We are being divinely ignited in a baptism by fire and raw volatile energies are looking for creative expression. Use the Lion's sickle to cut through confusion and clear out what does not align with the integrity of the soul.

Consider the Whole. Create patterns of interchange that foster synthesis and healing. Tap into the intuition for what truly "works" in life, that which creates an inclusive wholeness. Become the five-pointed star, the human ascending into its divine expression on Earth.

Libra Global Meditation
This meditation, which culminates at the
Full Moon during Libra, begins with this New Moon.


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Young Luna Visits Venus
Seek the Shapeshifting Triangle and Saturn

Friday-Saturday, September 10-11

Watch Luna Grow and Rise Among the Stars
Sunday-Wednesday, September 15

Image: © 2010 Sky & Telescope / Sky at a Glance 2010 9/9-18

* Printable Image *

Soon after sunset on September 10th and 11th, Venus and the crescent Moon guide the way to some much more difficult sights. The visibility of faint objects in bright twilight is exaggerated here. These scenes are drawn for the middle of North America. European observers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date. In the Far East, move it halfway.
Sky & Telescope diagram

Note: Binocular eyes and a little darker skies aid in seeking the shapeshifting triangle: Venus, Mars, Spica. Binoculars really pull out the planets and make vivid the colors of rouge-gold Mars and bluish Spica. Good luck in spotting Saturn; it's being swallowed by the Sun! Binocular Stargazing Tips

BTW: You'll need right timing and an unobstructed horizon to see this sunset skyscape. The Sun sets around 7:30pm.

Approximate Set Times
Saturn 8:10pm; Spica 8:40pm;
Mars and Venus 9:00pm;
Moon: 8:30pm; 9:10pm

Rise/Set Times ~ Major Bodies
Generate exact times for your area.

9/10 8:15pm Sky Chart
As Venus sets in the west, Jupiter rises in the east


As the Moon grows in the light provided by our Sun,
we too grow in the light of our Soul.

Reflections ~ Waxing Crescent Moon

Overcoming obstacles to the new incoming awareness begins with the waxing Crescent Moon. What was conceived at the New Moon, Baptism by Fire, (review above) is now in the process of waxing or gestating.

September 10-11, Friday-Saturday, slender Crescent Luna activates the shapeshifting triangle of Venus, Mars and Spica found in the constellation of Virgo the Virgin. With or without Luna these two planets and brightest star of Virgo continue to brew an evolutionary elixir within the Virgin's celestial chalice and therefore within humanity. As this potent potion percolates, the passionate driving will of Mars the warrior is unifying/cooperating with the understanding creative wisdom of Venus the goddess of Love; both are being imbued with divine qualities from on High, and the hidden essential divinity of humanity is purposefully being midwived into manifestation. Spirit's creative fires are indeed burning within! As above so below.

September 12, Sunday, slim Luna, Venus and Zubenelgenubi (zoo-BEN-al-je-NEW-bee) of the constellation Libra form their own triangle in the southwest. Map/Text

Libra requires a point of balance where neither spirit nor matter dominates. Zubenelgenubi is a star that has the potential of stimulating the fires of revenge or repairing a relationship. Choose up by healing a wounded relationship. This spiritual balancing act requires yielding on all non-essentials and finding common ground.

September 13-14, Monday-Tuesday, growing Luna, leads us into the burning ground of Scorpius. Monday Luna can be seen near the Scorpion's fiery red heart. 9/13 Map/Text Tuesday she's above the stinger; here Luna lies in the constellation of Ophiuchus the medicine man. 9/14 Map/Text This 9/14 9pm Star Chart shows all of Ophiuchus and Jupiter rising in the east. Additional View of Scorpius: 9/13-14 Map

Note: Tuesday, September 14, look for Luna in the day sky. She is low in the southeast at 3:00pm and due south at sunset. For those in the Pacific Time Zone, First Quarter Luna is bound to be "half-Full" and colorful as she sets low in the southwest around 11:00pm. Her First Quarter phase is exact 9/14 at 10:50pm PDT (05:50 UT 9/15).

Luna and the cosmic Scorpion are fanning the flames of our baptismal fire and activating the transformative power within us. Scorpius tests us to reveal our illusions, when these burn away our consciousness expands. Luna is asking us to be Firewalkers, to "walk on fire" and purify our lower mind through the use of solar fire, higher mind, the soul consciousness. Feel the Scorpius sting or burn? Call upon Ophiuchus the medicine man.

September 15, Wednesday, look for First Quarter Luna growing Gibbous in the day sky. Today she's low in the southeast at 4:00pm and low in the south from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Luna lies near the top of the teapot asterism of Sagittarius. Constellation Image Nearby, lies Pluto and the New Horizons Pluto-bound spacecraft! Learn more with this Map/Text.

The cosmic Archer Sagittarius, with Pluto upon his bow takes aim, zeroes in on the Light and Truth and knows the way to go. His emanations illumine the useful intellect, allowing intuitive perception to see a new type of goal, one that unifies the dualities into a Divine re-union. Aim the arrow of the mind toward the intuition.


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Jupiter and Uranus at Their BEST ~ Tuesday, Sept. 21
Gibbous Luna Near Jupiter and Uranus ~ Wednesday, Sept. 22
Harvest Full Moon Transits Algenib of Pegasus ~ Thursday, Sept. 23
Full Moon Exact: Thursday, Sept. 23
, 2:17am PDT (09:17 UT)
Looking East 9:00pm
Tuesday-Friday, September 21-24

Image: Starry Night Online / Adapted with Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

Generate Star Maps
Just enter your zip code!

Jupiter and Uranus at Their BEST!

The Moon in the vicinity of Jupiter's now extra-brilliant beacon of light is a sensational celestial delight all night long. The view will give a rise to your spirit. Check it out. Look Up! Jupiter our gaseous giant rises when the Sun sets, around 7:00pm and can be seen setting when the Sun rises around 7:00am. Approximate Moonrises: 6:00pm, 6:30pm, 7:00pm, 7:30pm. Rise and Set Times ~ Major Bodies

Jupiter near the circlet of Pisces has a planetary companion, blue Uranus. Both planets at opposition are at their closest, biggest and brightest Tuesday, September 21. However, one will not notice any decline in their appearance a couple of weeks after this date. Uranus normally telescopic can now be seen with the unaided eye in a dark sky!

Jupiter Is Extraordinary Now!
Learn several reasons why.

September 22/23 marks the autumn equinox, which occurs during the sign of Libra (9/22-10/23). At this time the Sun is located in the western part of the constellation of Virgo the Virgin, at the head of the Virgin. Autumn Equinox Solar Point This year Jupiter and Uranus, positioned at the circlet of Pisces, are opposite the autumn equinox point. They are near the Vernal Equinox Solar Point during the autumn equinox! Check out this 9/11 Star Map; click its constellation icon to see an image with annotations.

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Full Moon is exact Thursday, September 23. However there are 5 Harvest Full Moon nights, September 21-25. During this time one can participate in an International Peace Day Vigil, a Full Moon global meditation and several autumn equinox global meditations. Click Harvest Moon to learn more.

BTW: The night of the Harvest Full Moon, September 23, sunset Venus is at greatest brilliancy, magnitude -4.8. 9/23 7:30pm Map

Note: Be sure to look for the striking diagonal line-up of the Harvest Full Moon, Jupiter, and Fomalhaut our Southern Royal Star located in Pisces Austrinus. Fomalhaut travels alone close to the southern horizon. Click the following link.

9/23 9pm Sky Chart
View the sky horizon to horizon.
Vary the sky chart's time and date.
Generate Sky Charts for your area.


Reflections ~ Jupiter, Uranus, Pisces, Pegasus

Jupiter and Uranus, in close proximity to each other with an exact conjunction September 18/19 are also in a close approach to Earth, reaching opposition September 21. This portends a strong, joint planetary effect upon our lives. As a friend of mine says, "if you could express the qualities of this pairing in two words it would be BIG CHANGE."

Jupiter's orbit of 12 years now brings this luminous planet to move in alignment with Uranus. Jupiter expands and exaggerates Uranus' expression. Together they jump-start vision, rapid change and a leap in consciousness. On June 8, Jupiter and Uranus joined together at ... the [exact] point of the Spring Equinox. This marked the inception of unprecedented change that will continue to rise and mount with added complexity and challenges as Saturn and Pluto are deep into the mix. The second conjunction is Sept 18, this time in Pisces [near the point of the Spring Equinox]. We're back in the cosmic ocean where things don't make sense from a logical standpoint. We may learn something new by moving with the currents and waves as chaotic Mystery speaks louder to us now. Jacqueline Lasahn / AstroFlash 9/17/10

Expect surprises and sudden opportunities, as well as the feelings to express youthfulness and freedom.

Whatever the effect of this transit, you can expect a sudden broadening of the scope of your life and the opportunity to encounter life from a new, richer and broader perspective. This may come about through a major transforming event or through a series of minor ones that collectively have a large impact. At the very least you could expect to be exposed to completely new aspects of life. Robert Hand / Planets in Transit

Jupiter and Uranus are located in the dim constellation of Pisces, the constellation of the World Savior. It is interesting to note that Pisces, lies beneath the Great Square of Pegasus, which the ancient Babylonians called "The Doorway to Paradise." Review map above. Today astronomers travel through this doorway or "window" to the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy and go beyond to other galaxies!. Likewise, the Doorway to Paradise opens, and new dimensions of reality are experienced, when the Light of the World, the World Savior, frees humanity from subservience to the form, ending forever the darkness of matter.

We are reminded of the Christ consciousness, humanity's essential divinity, the awakened heart and soul. Jupiter is brilliant and illuminating in this celestial position, for it is the brightest light in the night sky after Venus sets. The giant planet is ultimately bound to be light for our world, expanding our hearts and minds. The call to humanitarian service is strong with Jupiter in Pisces. In this location Uranus also sheds its light upon our world by surprisingly shifting humanity into a new reality with new visions of the greater whole, freeing us from the outdated, limited form-life. This lunar cycle reminds us of the purifying baptismal fire, which brings the higher mind and soul into manifestation. We are above all else the Children of Fire for within us is a peculiar quality which burns and destroys all that hinders our essential divine expression.


Reflections ~ The Full Moon

Any Full Moon experience can offer us greater illumination of our essential divinity. Issues worked on since the New Moon come to a climax. If the restrictions of the past have been released during the waxing Moon, then the Full Moon can bring fulfillment. If not, the Full Moon might bring serious mental conflicts, possibly affecting the physical body.

The Full Moon is exact September 23 at 2:17am PDT (09:17UT).
This is just 6 hours after the September 22 equinox.

Full Moon Global Meditation
Full Moon: Thursday, September 23 invites you to participate in the
Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation During Libra.
We at are meditating the preceding night,
Wednesday, September 22 at 9:00 pm PDT (04:00
UT 9/25).
Participate at this time or as you are inspired.

What was conceived at the New Moon, Baptism by Fire, review above now comes to fruition and is birthed into the full light of our conscious minds.


Reflections ~ Full Moon's Position

The Full Moon resides in Pisces, the constellation of the World Savior. It transits Algenib the wing star of Pegasus the Flying Horse, north of Jupiter and Uranus. Review map above.

… fortuitous Algenib of the Great Square of Pegasus ... Algenib, the wing of Pegasus, inspires us to lift ourselves above the emotional dramatics of the mortal world which feed our fear and keep us entrapped. Nick Fiorenza

Humanity, as the World Savior, is inspired to rise up by riding the wings of the soul toward the guiding Light and through the gates of Paradise (The Great Square of Pegasus).


Reflections ~ Full Moon's Illumination

The Full Moon during Libra is illuminated by the Sun positioned in Virgo the Virgin near Saturn.

Libra is the point of balance in the zodiac, where spirit and matter maintain a poised equilibrium. Libra demands we walk the razor edged path of balance, the path of the soul and the awakened intuitive mind.

Virgo nurtures humanity's inner seed of divinity, so that it may grow and emerge, ultimately giving birth to the HU - man being * , a God - man, a Christed ONE on Earth. The Sun positioned in Virgo bestows the forms that can demonstrate a consciousness having a greater sense of the whole. Saturn positioned anywhere in Virgo the Virgin conceives the structures that exteriorize the unfolding Christ consciousness.

The Full Moon's illumination supports the whole, all of who we are, and guides us toward a balanced manifestation of spirit and matter. Solar fire not only lights up this Moon; solar fire is giving birth to Homo luminous and its new creative forms and structures.


In Summary

As one season ends and another begins much of humanity will be looking up toward, and aligning with the light of 5 Harvest Moons and an extraordinary Jupiter in conjunction with the now binocular Uranus. Sunset Venus at greatest brilliancy will also be catching our eyes and hearts! In addition much of humanity will be in meditation for International Peace Day, the Full Moon and the equinox! All this looking up, going within and lunar / planetary impression is bound to create BIG CHANGE in our world.

The alignment of the Sun, Earth, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus is occurring with the shift of the seasons and the Harvest Full Moon. The Sun lies at the autumn equinox point, while the Full Moon, Jupiter and Uranus lie at the spring equinox solar point. A new 13.5 Jupiter-Uranus cycle begins with this current conjunction. The previous one began in March 1997.

The coincidence of these events creates a primary shift in our current planetary timeline--in the tone of the expression and unfoldment of human consciousness; and in the evolutionary events occurring in our lives and in our world. ... --all promoting a dynamic and revelatory shift in the evolutionary currents upon which we ride. ... The Mobilization and Expansion of Unexpected, Spontaneous and Radical Change. Nick Fiorenza 9/8 New Moon

There is a fire of new life energy rising within each one of us. This is a time of accepting uncertainty and opening to new awareness. It's not about feeling ready, life prompts us, even pushes us. There may be an emergency where we respond with our reflexes. We may be surprised with new opportunities for growth that take us beyond our imagination. We are called to be authentic to our own vital core, rather than depending on external security. It is time for us to take the initiative, to be courageous and bold, to acknowledge our vulnerability, to step out, to step up and to make a difference. Jacqueline Lasahn / AstroFlash 9/17/10

This lunar cycle and its Full Moon help us integrate the whole of who we are in a baptism by fire. As Children of the Fire we are reminded to balance matter and spirit, the personality and the soul. The Libran Way governs the razor edged path between polarities. When spirit and matter, light and dark interact it is our compassion that unites them in right relationship and poised equilibrium. If we are successful in this balancing act, our harvest will be full, nourishing and serve the greatest good.

When we make earthly challenges heavenly opportunities for At-One-Ment, we tread the path; we become the path. With each step we save and transform our world. We fly with the wings of the soul, experiencing new dimensions of reality.

The Balance is attained,
Divine Love will sustain.
Form has served and wanes,
The Soul rises and remains!

2010 Libra Global Meditation


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Last Quarter Luna Among the Winter Stars

View: Friday, October 1 – 2:15am ~ Moonrise: 12:00am
What can you identify before and after midnight?
Look Up! October 1-7

Image: AstroViewer / Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

Note: The view of the sky appears to move west 15°/hour *.
(180 in 12 hours=horizon to horizon ... 180/12=15)


Look Up! October 1-7
What can you identify before and after midnight?

10/1 7pm Sky Chart
Vary the sky chart's time and date.
View the whole sky at different times.
Follow the morning's waning Crescent Moon
Generate Sky Charts for your area.

Last Quarter Luna rises at 12:00am October 1 and by 2:15am appears low in the east as shown in the sky chart. It is positioned in the constellation of the Gemini Twins, within the Great Winter Hexagon, north of the Winter Triangle. Luna and the "kool" winter stars move westward as the morning unfolds. They can be seen overhead just before dawn's early light. Look any morning for the winter stars. Orion's 3-star belt points to our brightest star, Sirius, in the South and reddish Aldebaran, the eye of illumination, to the north.

The Big Dipper in the north guides us to Polaris our North Star in the Little Dipper. Just after sunset the Big Dipper is located in the northwest, just before sunrise in the northeast.

Mira, a variable star in the constellation Cetus, changes in brightness during the year, making it visible or invisible to the unaided eye. Mira, reaching maximum visibility in early October, can now be viewed without an optical aid. Look for this variable star east (left) of Jupiter 11:00pm to dawn.

Jupiter also guides us north to The Great Square of Pegasus the Flying Horse and south to Fomalhaut our Southern Royal Star. Fomalhaut, Jupiter and Algenib of Pegaus diagonally line-up. The normally telescopic Uranus, in close proximiity to Jupiter, can now be seen in a dark country sky with the unaided eye; use binoculars for easier viewing. Eye-catching Jupiter is in the east at sunset, due south around midnight and low in the west about an hour before sunrise.

The Summer Triangle lies overhead around 8:00pm and low in the west around 2:15am as shown in the map above. Look for its Northern Cross (Cygnus the Swan) standing upright on the western horizon between 2:00am - 4:00am. Vega, the triangle's brightest star, lies opposite Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens. Vega sets when Sirius rises.

The Sunrise Planet Is Sinking Out of Sight
Catch the last morning glimpses of Mercury.

The Sunset Planets Are Sinking Away
Mars and Venus are close October 1-3

Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies


Reflections ~ Last Quarter Moon,
Gemini Twins, Mebsuta, Wasat

The Last Quarter Moon can bring a crisis in consciousness as the Moon squares the Sun. This cycle's experiences have culminated and one must now prepare for rebirth by initiating change. This lunar phase is exact September 30 at 8:52m PDT (03:52 UT 10/1).

The Gemini Twins though opposites, innately cooperate for the benefit of the whole. Castor the mortal twin represents the form. Pollux, the eternal twin representing the spirit, is associated with the fulfillment of the soul's greater evolutionary purpose. The Gemini Twins are a sacred union of the earthly and divine fires within; these "twin flames" unite as one in the heart. Together they are and do something greater than either can alone.

Mebsuta and Wasat

Last Quarter Luna journeys between the Gemini stars, Mebsuta and Wasat. Review this Constellation Image and the sky chart above.

Mebsuta, the knee star of Castor, means treading under feet. This relates to triumphant Castor the mortal one. With his heart ablaze, he transforms evil into good and overcomes death because of the sacred covenant he has with his divine twin. We too can establish a sacred bond with our divine twin, and in daily co-creation, share in the glory of Heaven on Earth.

In the midst of Gemini is the star Wasat, Delta Gemini ... the umbilical cord or connecting link between Castor and Pollux ... the means to bring the pieces together, a link that unites those on Earth with their greater destiny and acts as a catalyst for their evolutionary fulfillment. Wasat is of planning and coordinating, assembling the diversity of parts and personalities into a workable and demonstrable model. Nick Fiorenza

This lunar cycle's baptism by fire (review above) is now requiring that we initiate change, one that unites the "twin flames" of spirit and matter within a cooperative heart. This requires effort and an aspiration to unify the soul and personality. The Gemini Twins and Last Quarter Luna are giving rise to this heartfelt human effort. The time has come to create a cooperative spirit in the world, to celebrate diversity, to set hearts ablaze with goodwill, to establish right human relations.

This lunar cycle is ending. Be reborn. Transform evil into good. Shine on Homo Luminous!


October 7, Thursday, a New Moon occurs at 11:44am PDT (18:44 UT). Stay tuned for the next edition of Moon Dances.


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with Celestial Delights and Treats!
Susan Sun


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