The Libran Way

"Compassion is essentially the right use of the pairs of opposites." (1)


Much in the spiritual year is significant about the sign, and constellation, Libra. On the Cardinal Cross, Libra brings order, rhythm, and eventually equilibrium.

Libra pertains to freedom: freedom from the personality, freedom from blindness, or freedom from all the seven planes of our planetary existence ~ the planes which are sometimes referred to as the arenas of human and superhuman evolution.

Libra governs the Way to the Middle, the razor-edged middle path. Uniting apparent duality, Libra brings balance to the pairs of opposites. These polarities constantly act and interact, and for us humans the pull of the great dualities is most potently felt.

Light and darkness interact, as do pleasure and pain; good and evil meet, and poverty and riches are offset, one against the other. Alice Bailey’s writings tell us these so-called dualities form the "playground of the Gods."

For disciples and aspirants, the primary interaction between dualities is between the soul and matter, its vehicle. Yet there are many lesser dualities, all playing their parts.

Bailey also tells us, "the secret of liberation lies in the balancing of the forces and the equilibrising of the pairs of opposites. The Path is the narrow line between these pairs which the aspirant finds and treads, turning neither to the right nor to the left." (2)

This theme is the significance of the Libra star grouping, between Virgo and Scorpio. Between the form expressed in Virgo and the burning ground of Scorpio, Libra governs all interludes, including the transition of the Piscean Age into the newly emerging Aquarian Age.

When a person balances the forces of their own nature, and when they can discern the pairs of opposites, then they have found the Path and become the Path. Now they can work with the world forces, as they preserve the balance and the equilibrium of the energies of the three worlds: physical, astral / emotional, and mental.

As the person undertakes initiation, so they become a co-worker with the Masters of Wisdom. As the soul becomes more fully integrated with the individual’s personality, freedom is related to all of the initiations sought by the soul-infused personality.

Esoterically, Libra is connected to the circumpolar constellation Draco, the Dragon. Our solar system and humanity are evolved in the way these two star groupings emanate energies animated by wise compassion. For Draco oversees the advanced human being on the Path to Higher Evolution.


The Way to the Middle (3)
(also known as Rite of Passage)

The way to the middle is guarded by
Those dangers imagined so grim.
The reward is greatest for those who find
Joy. In their hearts.
Who with eyes and hands wide open
Journey within
Give up, give in
Giving up our control
For a more harmonious hymn.
We know the One without
To be the One within.


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Synthesis derived from
Alice A. Bailey's A Treatise on White Magic (p. 25),
The Rays and The Initiations (p. 684–685),
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (p. 1244–1247), all
Lucis Publishing Co., 120 Wall St., 24th Floor, New York, NY 10005


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Way to the Middle graphic: "Compassion" by Jonathan Quintin

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(3) Song lyrics: Bill Fahr, Music: Keith Stafford
© 1987 Gorilla Choir from cassette Cookin' at Mel's
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