Singing the Vision

Mandala by Christopher Thomson

To All Angels, Faeries, Fools,
Generic Rainbow Healers,
Children of Light,
Disciples of Heart, and All Who Trance-Form Life:

Songs from Myriad Sources
Which Celebrate
the Glory of the Presence in All,
Move Us Through
the Ridiculous to the Sublime,
and Invoke
Our Soul's Song United

- The Gorilla Choir Songbook



Oh the Song of the Soul
Shall Not Die Nor Grow Old
But as Ages Fly Onward
New Chords Shall Unfold
New Melodies Meeting
Inspire Us to Sing.

SouledOut Songs

Peace Prayer (1:05) Windsong
Rite of Passage (2:00) The Gorilla Choir
Celebration! (3:01) Michael & Myrica
St. Francis (4:35) Sat Nam Singh/Singh Kaur Khalsa
The Inner Glow (0:59) The Gorilla Choir
Longtime Sunshine (5:08) Sat Nam Singh/Singh Kaur Khalsa
Find Yourself in Harmony (3:37) Michael & Myrica


Listening to audio on the site

These audio clips are available here in MP3 format. If you are unable to hear them when you click either on the song title/link, you probably need to set your preferred application within your browser. And, if your browser creates an interfering window when you click to listen, you should be able to bring the window forward to follow the words, while the song plays.

Two recommended softwares are available for download by linking to them from here: Quicktime and RealPlayer.


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* From "The Song of the Soul," Rev. Henry A. von Dulsem
in the hymnal Songs of Redeeming Love © 1882
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