Moon Dances
For the Northern Hemisphere
May 3 - June 1, 2011

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Night Sky Visitors ...

My 2011 sabbatical continues. In this abbreviated edition of Moon Dances I offer the following to keep you looking up and tuned to the wonders above.

Susan Sun


Look Up! The Moon, waxing and waning, impressively promenades across the dark sky, partnering with the sparkling stars and glowing planets. Who is the Moon dancing with tonight?

May 2/3-5 ~ Wesak's Lunar Cycle Begins
5/17-18 ~ The Wesak Full Moon +
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Current Phase of the Moon

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New Waxing Crescent First
Full Waning Gibbous


5 / 2 / 11   5 / 10 / 11   5 / 17 /11   5 / 24 / 11  
11:51pmPDT 1:33pmPDT 4:09amPDT 11:52amPDT
5 / 3 / 11 20:33 UT 11:09 UT  18:52 UT
06:51 UT      

Note: When the right side of the Moon is illuminated, the Moon is increasing or waxing. When the left side illuminated, the Moon is decreasing or waning. (Of course, this only works in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere the effect is just the opposite!)

Moon and Sun Data
One Specific Day
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Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

UT Time Conversion


Wesak's Lunar Cycle Begins ~ The Wesak New Moon
Heralding the Festival of the Buddha ~ Festival of Shamballa

Tuesday, May 2 – 11:51pm PDT (06:51 UT 4/3)
Intuit Ideas ~ Make Divine Choices ~ Take Action


Image: Distant Suns / Adobe Photoshop

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east–left, west–right, north–top, south–bottom

BTW: The Moon enters Taurus May 4, and during the first two weeks
of May
the Sun remains in Aries and all 5 planets remain in Pisces.

The New Moon can be thought of as a no Moon! Its sunlit side is facing away from Earth toward the Sun. The side that is facing Earth is not getting any sunlight, leaving it dark and invisible to us ... no Moon to see! A New Moon lies between the Sun and Earth. Helpful Image + Description BTW: The only time a New Moon can be seen is during a solar eclipse, when it passes directly in front of the Sun, visibly showing off part or all of its entire dark disk.

Note: For those living in San Francisco this New Moon takes place below the western horizon almost 4 hours after sunset. The Sun, New Moon and planets are located in the same constellations for other parts of the world; these constellations, in differing time zones, lie in a different location above or below the horizon.


Reflections ~ New Moon of Wesak

Wesak the second of the three major spiritual planetary festivals, takes place in the Himalayas at the Full Moon of May (Taurus). It is said that at this Festival, at which all the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews His touch and association with the work of our planet. The Wesak Festival is spiritually known to be the supreme moment in the annual cycle, when the Buddha and the Christ come together in a sacred ritual, releasing forces that spark the spiritual fires of initiation. The Festival's lunar cycle begins with this New Moon.

With every New Moon our soul goes into meditation and aligns with the inspiration of the Nirmanakayas; a potential is enlivened and a seed of consciousness is formed deep within. Take some time to create a sacred space. A new cycle is beginning.

Review the New Moon map above. The New Moon and Sun are located in the constellation Aries, while 5 planets reside in the constellation Pisces. Andromeda and Cassiopeia lie to the north, Cetus and Eridanus to the south.

New Moon ~ Aries Constellation

The light of Aries, the light of life itself, is at the center of all beings. Aries reveals how each of us may become a vessel for divine expression. The emanating energies of Aries give birth to Divine ideas and new cycles of emerging opportunities. The New Moon and Sun positioned in Aries underscore new beginnings.

Both the location of the New Moon and Sun and the Wesak lunar cycle open a channel of direct communication between humanity and Deity, enabling aspirants and disciples to contact guiding forces for the purpose of divine expression on Earth.

New Moon ~ 5 Planets in Pisces Constellation

Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Uranus add potency to the emanations of Pisces, the constellation of the world Savior. At its highest manifestation, Mars in Pisces has the potential to direct divine will/purpose into any situation, thus transforming lower energies. With Jupiter in Pisces "the universal application of Love for the salvation of humanity is demonstrated." Mercury in Pisces awakens intuition, relating mind and love, making way for the love-wisdom of the Christ consciousness to manifest. With Venus in Pisces wise love conquers all opposition and difference. Rebellious, telescopic Uranus in Pisces rejects the current state of reality and strips away illusions shifting us into new visions of wholeness.

5 planets in Pisces streaming forth their energies during the daylight hours, beginning around 4:00am and ending around 6:30pm, for the first 2 weeks of May, potently prompt humanity to awaken to its essential divinity to save the world.

New Moon ~ More Alignments

In addition, Nick Fiorenza points out further alignments of the New Moon that influence this lunar cycle.

The New Moon of May 3, 2011 occurs in initiatory Aries. It lies over the Head of Cetus, our techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. North are the feet of Andromeda, Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus. South is Eridanus, the River of Life; Horologium, the pendulum clock; and Dorado, the golden fish. Impending time invites us to take personal responsibility for our human condition rather than leaving it to the bureaucracies of the world, which would lead us to our demise. The Sun is exalted in sidereal Aries creating an empowering lunar cycle. It is a cycle of initiation, leadership, and of initiating creative pursuits for self. ... This entire lunar cycle motivates personal action to move and expand from any disruptions that may have occurred in our lives, or from an antiquated way of life or mode of living. Nick Fiorenza: 5/3/11 Lunar Cycle


In Summary

This is a time of the illumined mind. It is a time to intuit new ideas, make spiritually aligned choices and take divine action.

With nothing tangible to lean on, there is something rather exciting (when it's not daunting) about leaning on the massive Invisible Energy that positions itself in the rarified air all around us ... To choose to change every experience we are having into one we would prefer is the epitome of self realized consciousness.

The way this works is that each time you have a brand new experience, first hold that experience as sacred and fresh. Next, breathe into the experience, just noticing it. Then, find the vibration of neutrality inside of yourself before you step further into the experience.

Compare your experience to nothing of the past, and rush nowhere into the future with it. Finally, quietly ask yourself, the higher part of yourself, the God of yourself, "how do I choose to experience this experience?" That question will begin to break the trance of former choices, presumptions and reactions. Patterns you've held for your lifetime will begin to melt, as you begin to embrace the Masters that you are, the powers that you have, and the true stewardship you hold for your life. You choose. You are the Creator.

Experience is always going to ask you to make choices. Use your powers wisely and choose up. Use your powers, not your reflexes of the past. Maureen Moss / / "You Choose"

During this Wesak lunar cycle become a receptive conscious channel for the down pouring of energies from the higher realms. Allow the mind to be illumined. Tap into the vision of your soul.

Lunar Theme: Intuit Ideas ~ Make Divine Choices ~ Take Action

Power of the People
Personal Action with Global Awareness

Nick Fiorenza gives insight to this lunar cycle.

Taurus 2011 Global Meditation
Celebrating the Taurus Full Moon Festival ~ Wesak
Festival of the Buddha ~ Festival of Shamballa
This meditation, which culminates at the
Full Moon during Taurus, begins with this New Moon.


May 4-5, Wednesday-Thursday, look for slim smiling Luna in the west about an hour after sunset. Dusk Young Moon Map Binoculars bring out the twilit celestial bodies; be eye-safe by not looking at the Sun with binoculars!

Invoke the illuminating Light from on High as the Crescent Moon lies near the Pleiades star cluster, which channels the light of higher mind to Earth, and near Aldebaran our star of enlightenment.

"Let Light descend on Earth." Celebrate and align with the channel of communication that exists between humanity and Deity, especially now as the Wesak lunar cycle unfolds.

Celebrate Astronomy Day! ~ Fun Informative Video
Saturday, May 7

Planetary Treats
Mark your calendar for planetary treats!
Saturn is our only evening planet.
Venus, Mercury Mars and Jupiter are a morning delight.


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The Wesak Full Moon Festival
Festival of Shamballa ~ Festival of the Buddha
Full Moon Exact: Tuesday, May 17 - 4:09am PDT (11:09 UT)
Is the Moon Fuller on Monday or Tuesday?
Waning Gibbous Moon: Tuesday and Wednesday Evening

Image: Distant Suns / Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

east–left, west–right, north–top, south–bottom

The Moon moves eastward, toward the constellation Scorpius.

Note: For those living in San Francisco the exact Full Moon takes place low on the southwestern horizon 2 hours before sunrise. The Moon is located in the same constellation for other parts of the world; this constellation, in differing time zones, lies in a different location above or below the horizon.

Is the Moon Fuller on Monday or Tuesday?

North Americans see a fuller Moon Monday evening. Those living in Japan, the Philippines, Australia, or New Zealand see a fuller Moon Tuesday evening. Learn more from EarthSky. BTW: The fullest Moon is seen at the exact time of its Full phase, however it is below the horizon for many observers at this time.


The Wesak Full Moon

Exact: Tuesday, May 17 at 4:09am PDT (11:09 UT)

The Wesak Full Moon inaugurates the second of the Three Major Planetary Festivals. The Wesak Festival releases forces of enlightenment from our highest spiritual planetary center, Shamballa. These forces spark initiation and are stepped down for humanity through the Buddha, the Christ and the Spiritual Hierarchy. An ancient legend speaks of the gathering of these great Beings and the Buddha's blessing at the time of the Taurus Full Moon.

Any Full Moon experience can offer us greater illumination of our essential divinity. Issues worked on since the New Moon come to a climax. If the restrictions of the past have been released during the waxing Moon, then the Full Moon can bring fulfillment. If not, the Full Moon might bring serious mental conflicts, possibly affecting the physical body.

What was conceived at the New Moon: Intuit Ideas ~ Make Divine Choices ~ Take Action (review above) now comes to fruition and is birthed into the full light of our conscious minds.


Reflections ~ Full Moon's Position

The Wesak Full Moon is positioned in the constellation of Libra the Balance. Libra was once a part of two constellations, Scorpius and Virgo. Review map above.

During the time of Julius Caesar the Romans created Libra as the twelfth constellation to represent Roman justice. They made the two pincer claws of Scorpius, the Zuben stars, into the arms of Libra the Balance. Libra was once considered the scales of the goddess of Justice, which Virgo the Virgin represented.

Hmmm ... Libra demands justice and the perfect point of equilibrium, where neither spirit nor matter dominates. It's as if the "missing claws" of Scorpius create Libra's razor edged path.

The path that is trodden by the Server is the path of fire that passes through his heart and leads to the head. It is not on the path of pleasure, nor on the path of pain that liberation may be taken or that wisdom comes. It is by the transcendence of the two ... that the goal is reached ... The Rays and The Initiations / The Path pg. 761 ... Online Reference

The Libran Way synthesizes duality with compassion and the right use of opposites. Libra leads between the two great lines of force, allowing the scales of justice to come into balance.


Reflections ~ Full Moon's Illumination

The Full Moon during Taurus is illuminated by the Sun in Taurus. Taurus provides an opportunity for enlightenment, to attune to the penetrating Light of the Path.


Wesak Energies ~ In Summary

At the spiritual high point of the year, when the Forces of Enlightenment pour into the world and the fires of initiation rage, the Wesak Full Moon is demanding we balance upon the razor edged path of spirit and matter. As we look for unity beyond duality, we begin to synthesize the pairs of opposites with compassion. Spirit and matter come into a balance where neither dominate, enabling us to bring forth "cutting edge" ideas, make spiritually aligned choices, and take action that transforms our world and offers new beginnings.

This is a time of the illumined mind. The Wesak Moon opens a channel of direct communication between humanity and Deity. Unity or oneness with Divinity enables humanity to rise up from the initiatory fires, blessed and whole.

Wesak Safeguarding


The Holy Grail of All Faiths

The Full Moon during Taurus is an opportunity to participate in an ancient, living, sacred ritual and celebrate the blessings that come to all of humanity at this time. It is important that groups of all faiths unite globally, invoking the divine in everyone. Together we are the Chalice, the Holy Grail on Earth, prepared to receive the outpouring from on High.

Wesak Full Moon Global Meditation invites you to join us in meditation
the night before the Full Moon at 9:00pm
Monday, May 16 (04:00 UT on May 17),
or choose a time within 12 hours before
or after the full moon to participate.

World Chant Day: May 17, 2011
This is considered the most powerful full moon
of the year. In some traditions, the consequences
of positive actions on this date are believed to be
multiplied by a factor of a hundred million.
Chant for unity and harmony on our planet.
Heart opening video includes
chants from several religions.

The Work of Buddha, Christ and Humanity


May 17-18, Tuesday-Wednesday, though Luna looks very full Tuesday evening, she's past her exact Full phase and technically in her waning Gibbous phase. During these two nights Gibbous Luna transits Scorpius, first near the cosmic Scorpion's fiery red heart star, Antares, and finally above the stinger. Use the Full Moon map above for orientation.

In the transformative burning ground of the Scorpion, the dualities of death and life serve each other in evolution's ongoing spiral dance. The fires of Scorpius harmonize humanity with the inner Divine One. Allow the forces of initiation to bring death and new life.

Note: Our mornng planetary show continues 30 minutes before sunrise around 5:30am. Venus and Jupiter are brilliant. Binoculars and/or telescope bring out the dimmer, twilit Mars and Mercury. Click here for NASA's article and planetary animation through the end of May. Walk in the planetary light shining down during the morning and afternoon hours. Be a Light in your world. Namaste


I'd like to know your thoughts about The Night Sky ...
send me an email.
May your Night Sky traveling always be filled
with Celestial Delights and Treats!
Susan Sun


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