Joy in the Workplace

Endeavor to work joyfully


The long and arduous task was assigned to them ...

The mountainous volumes of research, the hours of meetings, the agony, the seemingly unanswered cries for help, the tears, all leading to Wisdom and enlightenment through JOY.

Let’s start at the beginning: Leslie and Lorin found themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation. The talents they shared with their friends, family and especially their coworkers (we do give to those coworkers, don’t we?) were being exhausted. Seemingly, the more Leslie and Lorin gave, the more people expected.

Each new challenge added to the load they were carrying. Each new request seemed impossible to fulfill. Weeks went by ...

At the end of a seemingly terrible day, they both looked at each other and realized that all their hard work, the long hours, the endless pulling on their resources had caused a wonderful expression of their creative talents to be squelched.

When did the fun stop? When did it cease to be enjoyable? What caused the turn in their attitude?

They weren’t really overcoming any more obstacles than they had in the past. What changed? They did! After a long discussion one day with a lot of tears and emotional sharing they realized: They didn’t laugh anymore, they needed to laugh again. They didn’t like their jobs, they certainly used to. Something had to change: them! Suddenly the past two months came into perspective. What used to be fun, wasn’t. Since the tasks didn't change, Leslie and Lorin realized that they had. They were not working in present time, because they were working on being creative. They were working on being spiritual. They were working on relationships with others, instead of just "being" creative. More importantly, they were working their way away from the reason they took the job and all its responsibilities anyway ... they used to love it!

Leslie and Lorin could be any of us. There are several principles that we must all keep in mind in any task we are undertaking. We trust that the following will assist you in finding Joy in the Workplace! Endeavor to serve joyfully. If we do not have Joy in each task the process will be directly affected by our feelings towards it. If a doctor walks into an operating room feeling or thinking negatively towards the surgery or any situation, these feelings could affect the outcome of the patient’s health. It clearly would assist all workers if they would take a moment to cleanse the state of their minds and emotions as thoroughly as doctors scrub and cover their physical bodies. We are all performing operations (of a sort) in all our daily tasks. What we do will heal, hinder or hurt t he project, the task, or the people around us, depending on our state of mind.

If your workplace has become like Leslie's and Lorin’s, let us suggest that you consult the voice from the silent place inside for the direction in finding a way towards JOY!

If you dread the service you're about to perform:

• Change your environment ~ Take a walk outside, breathe fresh air, observe the plants, look up! Do the project outside, if possible.

• Are you hungry? Eat some fruit, nuts or a favorite fun snack, and revive those creative juices.

• Play some of your favorite uplifting tunes in the background as you perform the task.

• Is there a person desiring the experience? Trade jobs!

• Substitute another task in present time that's in harmony with your current energies.

• Meditate, and picture peace, harmony and enjoyment swirling around you and the project.

• Use colors! Visualize the hue needed to transform the moment. What color? Experiment! To discover how colors affect the situation (or you), try the following color exercise: Visualize each color individually pouring over you and the group, then observe the energy change!

Clear Observe your experience. Feel lighter?
Red Now take notice of how you feel: willful, energized, or overstimulated?
Orange How are you feeling? Astrally cleansed, mindfully purified, or overwhelmed?
Yellow Take notice again of how you feel. Less mental?
Green Do you begin to feel why green is such a healing color?
Sky Blue Blue is very soothing to all those rough edges. Ready to fly?
Indigo Blue How do you feel, full?
Violet Observe your energy. Fully synthesized?
White Fully purified; mind body and soul energized!!!

• Do group work ~ Ask your co-workers to assist you in the visualization of this exercise:

• If you are a leader, manager, or whatever the title, organize your co-operators to do a daily, weekly, or monthly creative meditation restating your present group purpose, goals and desires. Do this in a physically, emotionally and mentally cleansed environment. Allow everyone who desires to participate in the preparation ritual.

• Take the entire group project on a retreat.

Give it all up to a higher power and allow the creative energies to flow. Remember ...

The energies and thoughts you put into each and every moment of the task will be there forever.

Endeavor to serve joyfully.

Offer your very highest and watch the magic! Transform your workspace into a sacred space, where Right Human Relations exist in present time.


Blessings to all workers who are
cooperators in the work of the Great Ones!


- A Joyful Worker


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