Joy in the Workplace

Joy While Unemployed


Imagine just for a moment ... you are at your place of employment, counting on that job to provide your living and pay the bills, when suddenly your boss announces that you are laid off. Or visualize yourself unemployed for months and months, without a job in sight and no visible means of paying the bills. Or even imagine yourself so fed up with your present job that you rashly hand in your resignation, without having another job to replace it. What do you do? Whom do you turn to? How do you deal with this situation and maintain faith that all will turn out well in the present, repressed economy?

Fear not. The answer to these problems is to apply the spiritual process of employment, and all will be well! The spiritual process of employment is positive and allows one to see themself and the world in a more expanded, authentic way. The first thing you can do when experiencing employment dilemmas is to realize that there is a divine reason that you are out of work or laid off, or even fired. There are larger forces at work here ~ God and your soul ~ overriding your personality’s needs and desires.

Instead of panicking, worrying, or being overwhelmed and distraught, open your heart up fully to your soul’s and God’s desires for your right employment and livelihood. New doors that you may never have dreamed of will open up for you.

Accept responsibility for creating your present employment problem; if you didn’t create it, then your soul did. Saying to yourself "I accept, I surrender," opens the door for truth to flood you with light and knowledge of what is truly so.

There is a divine timing to jobs, and maybe you aren’t presently employed because the right job isn’t available yet. So you have to … wait. Yield to it. The waiting itself could be a test from your soul, so that you develop patience. It’s been our experience that the right job really is worth waiting for. What a blessing!

You may be unemployed because your soul wants you to have a rest ~ an interlude before you go back out into the world to serve. An interlude from jobs may be uncomfortable to some people financially, but it doesn’t have to be. Give your survival up to God or your soul, and ask that they provide for you while you are in this interlude. Have they ever let you down yet? They have taken care of you so far!

The purpose of an interlude is to give you a rest and let you recharge, so you'll be better able to serve and radiate positive energy to those around you. An interlude provides you with valuable space for creativity, skills, new directions and goals to blossom in your life. Blessings indeed are these interludes!

Being unemployed could be karmic. Your soul and God could be giving you many lessons through unemployment.

So if you want to proceed and receive good and right employment, don’t resist the thoughts, emotions and changes that come up for you during your unemployment. Put yourself in God's hands and all will be well!

All of life is a cycle. You are also in a cycle: a cycle of work ~ not work ~ work, and so on. Yield to the flow. LET GO. Trust that the timing of your employment is perfect. Keep seeing yourself employed, and you will be. Serve God first, and employment will follow! God always takes care of those that serve God. Realize that God is always with you, especially in the present. Love God, love yourself, and love the process of employment (you are not required to like the process, but you are required to love it). Fear not. Don't worry! Work is an illusion anyway. If you’re alive then you are working on yourself, and that’s a huge job!

Be patient. Be humble. Keep hope alive and fill up. Tell God that you are empty and fill up from head to toe with good, right employment ~ don’t complain when you get your wish and you are inundated with employment and jobs, because you will get it. We know. It happened to us. God Bless!


- A Joyful Worker


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