Joy in the Workplace

There is joy to be found while traveling


Sitting on another delayed airplane in a small town in Iowa, June reflects about the number of times something delayed her travels. June has been traveling for business for some 14 years. She certainly has had some ups and downs, if you don’t mind our using that term for a frequent flyer.

When she first started traveling her territory was seven states. After a couple of years and a few promotions her responsibilities grew to 40 states. Needless to say, she’s traveled quite a bit!

We all have the opportunity to travel. Some people travel for pleasure, but the majority travel for business. Whether commuting by car, train, bus, or plane, we are all traveling through this life. What happens when this trip through life requires an individual to spend time away from the safety of the workplace (and your home for that matter), and conduct your work from different spaces and places?

Six years ago June stepped on the path of enlightenment. As her training progressed and she became more aware, she found traveling psychically drained her. Breathing the recirculated air, renting cars that did not fit, awakening with backaches or ill feelings after sleeping in beds that others had slept in, going to restaurants eating items that she did not like, and frequently meeting with people on the road throughout the country often left her very ungrounded. Sometimes she felt euphoria after visiting a place, but more often she completed her journey feeling twisted around by the frequent varied vibrational adjustments. It would take her two or three days to come back to the reality of her day-to-day life. June’s spiritual teacher recognized the toll that the traveling was taking on her, and suggested several techniques for her to try. After experimenting June came up with a few ideas …

So, you weary travelers who are yearning to be free, the following are some suggested techniques to help your physical, astral and mental bodies remain clear of excess energies so your focus may be held continually in the light and the strength and power of the soul will permeate your service.


Staying in Hotel and Motel Rooms


Room Selection

When staying in a motel, avoid staying in rooms that have been occupied by numerous people or pets. If possible, ask for a reservation on the second or preferably the third floor. The first floor rooms are rented the most. When you are planning a stay in a hotel, the rooms on the top floors and near the elevators are rented most frequently. The rooms on the bottom and thirteenth floor are rented least.


Sound Sleeping

To avoid sleeping in the same position that others have slept, lie upside down or sideways on the bed. If you feel you might get vertigo from sleeping upside down on the bed, you could flip the mattress. Pull all the linen and blankets from the bed and shake them and remake the bed by turning the blankets over and around. (Hotels and motels do not always change or launder the blanket or bedspread with every guest.) You can even pull the mattress from the box springs and put the mattress on the floor; your back may thank you! If there are two beds in the room, try them both out and see which bed feels the best. Remember that the bed nearest the telephone and bathroom is usually used more frequently.

Bring and use your incense, sage, crystals, inspiring books, favorite uplifting music, or even a candle in a jar to change the energy of the room. Watching educational channels on the TV keeps one focused, or try a comical, fun show to relax. (June uses the Discovery Channel quite a bit).

Open the window or door and turn on the fan to circulate the air. See old and un-useful energy leaving, and place an indigo blue band around the perimeter of the room forming a ring-pass-not, then see your energy surrounding the room. Look over the room and sit in the least available chair. Create a sense of balance by placing your toiletries and personal articles throughout the room. Rather than walking around the room in bare feet, bring slippers or socks that you use especially for grounding. Call your service or the office to allow a different energy to come into the room ... or maybe for some of us, that’s not such a good idea! Better yet, call an enlightened friend! You could read inspired writings ... try reading out loud. Also remember that in these new spaces, meditating can be extremely satisfying. Try room service when you're hungry, the food can taste better in the privacy of this newly grounded room.

When you are leaving the room, remember to bring your energies with you and return the room’s energies to the room, or see the energy leaving the room and ascending into the heavens.

Know that you can refuse a room, ask to inspect another room, or get a refund and go to another hotel. Trust your intuition.


Dining in Restaurants

You can select the seat. Seat yourself in a comfortable place, perhaps facing a window or desirable view. You can select the meals, so don’t be swayed into the "special" if you normally do not eat that type of food. To enjoy a good and satisfying meal insure that you have a few small grounding tools in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. When eating alone, bring some reading material and enjoy your reading. If you wish, you can always get the food to go and enjoy it in your own environment.

Whether flying or driving to your destination, give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination or departure gate. There are a lot of people who are rushing around in a panic to make the flight or drive to their appointment, not to mention those who fear the flight! You can avoid this by taking your time, plotting your course and taking a moment to collect yourself prior to setting out for the trip.


Travel Tips

If you are leasing a car for the trip, try a convertible this time! That may add fun and new energies to your trip. If you are flying, when you are seated on the plane it is not required that you talk with the person sitting next to you, but they might be truly wonderful and you may strike up a terrific relationship. The choice is up to you. If you feel uncomfortable with a seat or seat-mate, ask the flight crew to move you. You control the situation.

Bring your cassette or CD player and listen to soothing, meditative music. The airlines frown on using AM and FM frequencies on the airplanes. Occupy yourself with a great article or book. Write an article for a journal. Think of any delays as re-routing opportunities. There is a reason for them. Don’t fight it. Relax. Look out the window and allow yourself to vision. June likes to take an atlas with her to track the trip either in the air or while driving.

When you deplane or drop off the rental car, take a moment to ensure that both feet are on the ground. It may take a minute to recapture YOU. If you feel ungrounded, you can also go to any rental car counter at the airport and ask for a map of the surrounding areas. These agencies are also required to give you directions, yes even if you are not leasing a car with them. To find out where you are, study a map of the area. You’ll thank your geography teacher for your knowledge of the map and the grounding you receive.


At the Meeting

Be early and give yourself plenty of time for delays, road construction or unforeseen surprises. Upon arrival at your appointment, sit in an adjacent chair at an angle to that person. Discuss the reason for the trip and any business items. They don’t need to know every little personal item about you, nor do they need to know the itinerary of your trip. Conduct your business, know your purpose and hold it in focus. Observe the meeting; if the conversation seems strained or argumentative, change your position to their opposite side ~ the entire meeting can become more harmonious. When you shake hands at the end of the meeting, see the other person’s energy return to them, and return your energy to yourself. Remember, give yourself adequate time to arrive at your next destination, your nerves will thank you!

There are thousands of good and magical ideas that you can use to provide a safe, secure, and LIGHT trip. Traveling can be fun, restful and yes, even inspiring. If traveling is draining you, experiment with some of these techniques. Remember to remember to use them!

What’s that June sees in the airline’s on-board magazine? Could that be a story and picture of Buddha? Huh, he pops up at the most wonderful times!


A lot of good can come from traveling.
Things happen for a reason.
This piece was written during an airplane delay.


May your travels be adventures in enlightenment!

Blessings from Above!


- A Joyful Worker


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